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Royal Fucker2-Chapter14


Royal Fucker2-Chapter14

Theme: He's the real plug

Rated 18+

 ©Mulikat munay berry

Ivy Powell
After my little conversation with kellie I figured that I needed to do the needful.

I came to school abit earlier waiting for kay to ride into school and he did but he looked kinda grumpy today.

Just around the hallway I jumped on his back.

"Wtf get off me creep." He half yell but I wasn't moved.

" nope I won't you'll have to give me a piggy back ride." I smirked evilly.

" please please just get off me I don't really have time for you okay I give up are you okay now?" He surrendered but still am adamant about helping him.

I bit his earlobe and he almost went nuts I guess that's his most sensitive part.

" jeez get off me I don't wanna hurt you." He panicked.

" you'll have to take me to class like this else I wont stop taunting you." I chuckled softly.

" you don't give up do you?" He sigh sadly and ended up carrying me to class that way.

All eyes were on us while some girls were seriously glaring at me.
Well I don't really care.

He dropped me by my desk before walking out ta class.

On a normal day he would try to fight with me but today he seem lost and calm.

I trailed after him shortly. I stopped infront of his private classroom . didn't bother to knock I barged into the class.

" what the heck do you want?" He glared at me.

"I want you." I smirked and close the door behind me and move closer to him

" I already said am sorry okay ? Why are you still troubling me." He grunts .

" sorry is not enough. You'll have to do something else before I can forgive you." I smiled sheepishly.

" okay what do you want ? Money ? Name your price ." he said with glossy eyes.

" I don't want money I want your friendship. Yes lets me friends." I giggle and move even closer.

" there's no way I'll be your friend you witch!" He spat.

I moved closer and brought my face closer like I was gonna kiss him only to whisper into his ears.

" then get ready for more taunting." I smirked and bit his earlobe again and his body reacted to it.

" can someone tell me what's going on here??" We heard a feminine voice from behind.

Mrs Knights
I heard car horns downstairs , jayden must be back.

Dropped the magazine I was reading when he walked into the house.

" darling am home." He smiled as I got into his arm and give him a kiss.

" welcome back sweetie let me help with that." I collected his briefcase and led him upstairs to the bedroom.

"Freshen up sweetie while i bring your meal ." i said and outta the room.

I came back to the bedroom with his meal. He was dressed in his casual and sat by his dressing table.

" thanks hun" he smiled.

I sat down beside him and kept his meal and the table and starts to feed him.

" so what do we do about Jenelle baby ? It seems like you've given your consent." I spoke.

He sigh and stopped what he was doing.

" actually baby I didn't give my consent , am just buying time to find more evidence of the whole thing. For some reason I believe kay won't stoop so low. I know he's a player but he won't do such." He smiled.

And I felt relief. I know my husband won't want his heir to suffer.

" wow sweetie what should i do to help?" I asked.

" well you Just have to keep pretending too , its left for Kay to find a girl quickly to help solve this puzzle . you can also help with that." He pinched my nose playfully.

" don't worry love I know what to do. Kel is working on getting him and the only girl he noticed at school closer ." I fed him his meal.

" aww I trust you my love but you have to be fast about it. Jenelle seem to be one step ahead in this." He sighed.

" dont sorry about Jenelle i have some May trouble for her." I peeked his chick.

" silly come here." He tickled me making me laugh crazily.

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