Royal Fucker2-Chapter13


Royal Fucker2-Chapter13

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Rated 18+

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Mrs Knights
I was repeatedly watching the video kellie sent to me and i must say that girl got some nerves tho .

Am sure my baby is somewhere sulking over his broken ego.

Not too long he walked into the house with a blank expression.

"What's wrong baby ? You look sad." Said with concern.

" ask your husband." He said with so much anger.

Haven't seen him this upset.

" hi mom." Kellie said standing by the door.

" hey dear what's up with your brother ? He seem infuriated." I asked with folded arms.

" erm actually maybe this is gonna explain why." She chuckled nervously and stepped away from the entrance only for Jenelle to walk in.

Oh my days! What is she doing here?

" hi future mom in law." She hugged me tightly and peeked both cheeks

Mom in law? Okay what's going on

" hello dear when did you arrived?. Kel baby can I see you for a brief moment?" I winked at her.

" sure mom.will be right back Jenelle." Kel faked a smile as I pulled her to the kitchen.

" mom in law ? Seriously ?" I raised my eyebrows.

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" well everything happened so fast. Jenelle came over to school and announced her wedding with Kay." Kel sigh..

" i know Jenelle wasn't gonna forgive your brother that easily but I never expected it to be this way. Considering what Kay did to her, we might actually be left with no other option untill a miracle happen." I rubbed my Temple.

" am sorry to say mom but I can't let my brother suffer in a miserable marriage. We all know whatever happened was a mistake . " kel said obviously angry.

" I'll try and talk to your dad about it." I assured.

" the witch is waiting mom." Kel chuckled and walked away.


kulture Knights
The next morning was a horrible one with Janelle clingying to me.
She insisted on sleeping in my room making me even more nervous around her.

I admitted that I made a mistake but she shouldn't torture me this way.

How I was able to escape her and come to school is a miracle.

I drove my Porsche into the parking lot and parked it properly as students gathered around just to drove over me.

Just around the hallway someone on my back making me give him or her a piggy back ride.

What the heck!!!!!

guess who it was ?

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