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Royal Fucker2-Chapter12


Royal Fucker2-Chapter12

Theme: He's the real plug

Rated 18+

 ©Mulikat munay berry

Ivy Powell

i angrily left the pool and went over for a change of clothes .was about heading to class when I bumped into kellie knights twin sister to that pervert of a prince.

"ERM you must be Ivy right?" She asked politely.

" so I heard." I said with so much sarcasm.

" chill babe am just tryna be nice besides i want to talk yo about something that's if you don't mind." She smiled brightly .

I felt guilty for sounding a bit rude earlier.

We walked quietly to her private relaxation class.

I must say its so beautiful and classy too. Indeed they're really rich .

" kindly seat. " she gestured me to a couch .

" thank you ." I muttered and sat down.

" so what should I get you miss?" She chuckled.

" a glass of water would do and its Ivy." I corrected .

She smiled and walked into a room like kitchen and came back shortly with a glass of water.

" thanks." Mumbled and took a sip before dropping the glass.

She sat down beside me and exhaled sharply.

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" I know you must be wondering why I called you all the way here."
 She started as she stared at me for a brief moment.

I nodded.

" well its about my brother. Am sure you guys have met." She smiled.

At the sound of his name I rolled my eyes dramatically.

" what about him ?* I asked with a shrug.

She brought out her phone and placed the Video of our first meeting.

I was trying so hard not to burst into laughter. This is so hilarious.
" I need your help Ivy Powell and I believe you're the only person with a warm spirit that can help my brother. His happiness depends on this." She said with a weak smile.

I suddenly became interested.
" what do you need me to do?" I asked.

She stared at me for a brief moment.

kulture knights
I left school immediately and drove straight to dad's company.

He has some explaining to do. When did I get engaged to Jenelle that I never knew about.

The last time I checked haven't agreed to the marriage proposal .
I didn't bother packing my car. I got out and walked into the building as the stupid workers were busy drooling over me.

Well thats the lease of my problems.

I went straight up to his office and got in without knocking.

" hey boy what's up with you?" He asked as he stopped what he was doing.

" how could you get me engaged to someone I don't love huh ? Am sorry but I won't agree to it." I went straight to the point.
He sigh and stood up before backin me

" am sorry son I never wanted you to find out like this but all of this is for your own good. You'll be getting married to Jenelle in order to save the company from the mess you created." He said calmly.

" but dad I can't. Am not ready for any relationship talk more of getting married yet." I objected but it seems like he has made his decision.

I left angrily slamming the door really hard.

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