Royal Fucker2-Chapter11


Royal Fucker2-Chapter11

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Rated 18+

 ©Mulikat munay berry

Kulture knights

I brought my face closer to hers , am gonna put my sexy charm into action. I know she wants me.

Just as I was about tasting her lips she gave me a punch that sent me flying deep into the water.

" you pervert!! Touch me again and am gonna kill you." She grunts and walked out ta the pool.

I brought my head up and massaged my cheekbone. Wtf its so painful.

Does she eat rocks at home?

" fuck you bitch!" I half yelled after she had gone.

" wow wow bro this is so fun watching you two fight ." kel came outta nowhere.

" shut up and go away twinkle toes." I grunts AND got outta of the water.

I walked to where i kept my towel , took it and dried my body.

" and click. I just sent it to mom bye." She giggled and waved her phone at my face before running away.

Gush can this day get any better?
My body responded to two cold hands that sneaked around my waist from behind.

Deep down I wanted it to be ivy maybe she has finally come back to her senses.

" you've finally come back to your senses yeah?" I turned around only to find Jenelle staring at me .

Wtf wtf !!!

" Jenelle?" It came out inform of a whisper.

" of course have come to realize how much I can't do without you that's why I came back here." She said smiling sheepishly.

" but...but." She shut me up with a kiss
Jenelle is my childhood friend, her dad's company and my dad's are striking a deal and wants me to get married to her to finalize everything.

Oops things are gonna be messy for me.

" i love you Kay." She broke the kiss.

" when did you get her and how did you know i was here?" I ignored her first words.

" come on Kay I know you better than anyone to know where you might be at this time of the day. " she smiled and face palmed me.
"But still you haven't told me why you had to fly all the way from Brooklyn to see me." I raised my eyebrows.

" well its about our engagement. My parents has fixed our wedding date baby we gonna be married in two weeks time." She broke the bomb

My eyes almost left their socket.


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