Royal Fucker2-Chapter10


Royal Fucker2-Chapter10

Theme: He's the real plug

Rated 18+

 ©Mulikat munay berry

Kulture knights

Payback they say is very sweet. Especially when Served hot.
Sasha is really good tho, thinking of keeping her.

"Give up?" I Smirked.

She stood up and walked towards me. I guess she has realized how much of a twinkle toes she is.

Maybe she's coming to kiss my feet.

" Give up you say?" She Chuckled softly.

I wonder what's funny.

" Yes bitch beg for mercy." I said proudly.

Instead of her to beg she gave me a punch at the forbidden zone and stole this keys from my pocket. Oh no not again.

I made a funny face and fell to the ground.

Sasha stood there looking at me like am some lost puppy.
"So long sucker!" She salutes before walking outta the room.

This stupid girl stood there watching the show.

" What are you looking at fool!" I lashed out at her.

I managed to get on my feet and walked outta the locker room.
I have swimming practice in few minutes. I went over to the poolside and took out my swimming suit.

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If there's one thing am a pro at is swimming. Won so many athlete awards.

Let's just say am the best at swimming.

My mind drifted off to that Ivy girl, I don't get why she's proving so sturborn.

Or maybe she probably likes me but is scared to admit it.
She's feisty makes me want her even more.

There's no backing out now. Am gonna make sure I get her into bed and make her scream my name all night long.

I was still lost in my thoughts as I SMiled to myself when someone pushed me into the pool unaware.

I managed to bring my head outta the water only to find that Ivy girl standing close to the pool.

She stuck out her tongue at me and showed me a fuck you sign.
" You again?" I growled as I slowly move closer and pulled her by the leg into the water.

She gasp and brought out her head.

She was gasping for air.
I pulled her closer to me and her hands landed hard on my chest.
Her small lips were slightly parted.

I slowly brought my face closer to hers.


© Muhammed Mulikat Munay

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