My Midnight Sexcapedes - Last Episode


My Midnight Sexcapedes - Last Episode

©Efe Bella
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..


  I ran into my car as hot tears blinded me for a second,I let them flow  down my face without bothering to wipe it off. Is this how my education is gonna end? After all the years I spent in school I have nothing to show for it all because of my reckless behaviour and nonchalant attitude to my books. How am I going to face my parents now? What explanation will I give them? I couldn't think straight anymore.
  I entered the car and drove home,I  increased my speed and almost ran into a vehicle.
  I got to my house,came down from the car and went into the house to pack my things. My parents will surely come and look for me,am fucking not ready to face them. It's better I stay away,I called Alhaji and informed him that I will be spending some time in his place till he gets back from his trip. He agreed and asked if the ceremony was over? I answered in the affirmative before hanging up. Didn't really need to pack all my things because my clothes were in Alhaji's mansion,his place was now like my second home. I was all ready to go,I told Mike I was travelling,got inside my car and drove off. I checked my phone and saw more than 25 missed calls from my mum,I just flinged the phone down and bit my lips in frustration.


    After about 30 minutes drive the mansion came into view as I sighed deeply. Even Anita who lured me into this graduated! I hit the steering wheel and screamed damn it!!!!
    The only comfort I have now is Alhaji,I just hope he won't leave me for someone else.
    I dragged my bag inside the house after unlocking the door. Yeah, Alhaji gave me a spare key to his house.
    The place was still clean,I dropped my bag in the room,took a shower and laid down on the bed.
    If only I could turn back the hands of time I thought,I won't make this mistake again. Thank God I didn't end up like Sandra.
    Not all that glitters is gold. What ever your parents can afford make do with it please.

     The end...
How was the story? Hope you guys learnt something from it?

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