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Lex - Chapter Twenty-four


Lex - Chapter Twenty-four


©Tz_ Chilest

She walked down the hallway with hair flying in the sky- she cat walked her way in like a damsel whose prince charming was awaiting her arrival. Her hair were braided- her lips so glossy- her purple mini gown fit so beautifully on her... She was indeed a beauty to behold.

Her beautiful captured a lot of hearts- the boys stumble at her sight... While the lecturers suffocate at her presence. Her topic had began to spread like wide fire in the school. With gossips about her beauty being spoken everywhere. Indeed, rare gem are so hard to come by....

Adam  was summoned by the principal... He had gone against the school dress code and had wore a denim pant with patches on it... That was the style in vogue and Adam was ready to feel among and be a fashionista.

Two hours detention after school was his punishment for breaching the school code of conduct. So when he was finally released by the principal after a lot of indulging on how the code of conduct was the one keeping the students stabilized and organized within the school premises, his mouth were gape at such an amazing beauty.... He wasn't just amused by her beauty, the young damsel looks extremely familiar... And he recognized her at once.

Instantly, Adam went in search for Lex- he drifted and headed straight to the classroom to look for Lex. On getting to there, Adam met Cole and Derrick in the class... 

"Where is Lex?" He asked.

Cole eye lit instantly- it was what he had always wished for. Since after their resurrection, Adam and Lex hasn't really being on good terms. So with Adam looking for Lex with so much empathy- that really lit up a lot of excitement in him.

"Lex should be on the field or so..." Cole replied after a lot of thought

"...what the hell is he always looking for in the field?" Adam asked, frowning.

"I wish I knew also-"

"I don't think Lex is in the field" Derrick said,  breaking his silence "I saw him went that way"

Derrick pointed to a path that led to the school kitchen. Adam raised a brow and gave Derrick a disgusting look.

"That way lead to the kitchen" Adam said, frowning.

Derrick nodded.
"Yes, I saw him go that way" he added

Adam was really eager to see Lex. It was like he just saw an angel that only lex could attest to. Her darting beauty was mesmerizing- her neatly shaped figure was crucifying... And behold, she was the same girl that.....

"Hey guys" the voice came from behind.

Adam jerked instantly at such a familiar voice. It was Lex- he was standing by the doorway ready to bail anytime soon.... But Adam just couldn't summon up any courage to face Lex.

"-Am off to the field" he added

"Field again? Everyday!" Cole protested, but it seems no amount of talks could convince Lex already made up mind.

"Why are you so interested in that stupid game?" Derrick backed Cole up.

Lex smirked... Knowing fully well that his angel was there- in the stadium, cheering those displaying on the field.

"Guess I now have some interest for that sport"

"Stupid sport!" Cole whispered

"It's called gridiron, Cole"

Cole waved it off by shrugging. He wasn't ready to take any lectures concerning the sport from Lex.

"Ohhhh Lex, Adam has been looking all over for....."

Adam cut him off instantly. That was the Olsen ego- it follows them everywhere. He didn't want to be the first to pick up a conversation- so he decided to stay mute.

"-shut the fuck up" Adam screamed.

Lex wasn't even moved by their scene- all he had in mind at the moment was Heather! Her beautiful captivating eye; her flying blonde hair; her eloquent body movement... He had seriously missed it all.

"Guess I should be on my way" lex announced, but Cole stopped him. He drifted in from of Lex so unnoticed. And drag Lex to their midst.

"Am seriously not liking this anymore" Cole began "we ain't kids anymore and shouldn't behave like one. Don't forget we have lived long enough to father all the kids in this class... Or are you still deceived by the teenage look we possessed- we are not a teenage! So drop the act and you guys should go back to the way things were- happily ever after!"

Lex scoffed.
"I saved his ass... And he blamed me for it! Sometimes I regret the action I made to saving him-"

Adam raised his head and turned to look at Lex face. He just couldn't figure it out but with the stability of Lex heart, Adam confirmed the story. His mind suddenly became so unrest- he just couldn't believe it. So Lex had truly regretted his decision.

"-that action made me kill someone for the first time. Maybe if I had ignored his call, I won't have hurt a wolf.... And he blamed everything on me! He tries to cover up for his weakness and mistakes by putting the blame on me"

Adam was really short of words. 
Yes! Lex was right, he tries to shift the blame on Lex so as to cover for his mistakes. So as to make Lex feel more pain- so as to reduce the pressure on himself. Adam cursed himself silently, he was the one to be blamed for everything.

"I feel remorseful everyday- I get tormented every night- I cry silently at every thought of the dead wolf. So you then decided to add to my pains by making me feel I had plenty choice to save you"

"I'm...... am sor.... Sorry" Adam stammered the words out. And it caught the boys as a surprise. They haven't heard Adam use that word before-

"Did you just say sorry?" Lex said, smiling. His playful nature had swallowed him once more.
"I know that word would have taken a lot of your nerve and ego"

Truly! It took a lot of nerves before he could finally utter that word. But the deed has been done- he has spat the word out already.

Adam smiled at Lex. The two boys gave each other a deep hug and they were ready to put any misunderstanding behind them. They just lifted a heavy burden from their mind... a burden which as weigh them down- A Northern Cross.

"Lex- I have something I want to show you...."

Adam led the way back to the hallway with Lex following closely from behind. Lex wondered what could have gotten Adam attention- he knew it must be something huge... Maybe a big fish!

They halted at the corridor- Adam turned around to look for the amazing girl but he just couldn't find her there anymore.

"Adam, what are you looking-"

"-It's a who..." Adam interrupted, at the sight of the amazing creature standing few metres away from him.

"Excuse me... Who?" Lex was so far from being found in the conversation... He was totally lost!

"Lex... Lex!!" Adam called, startling him "do you see the girl standing beside the locker wearing a purple mini gown?"

Lex sighted her at once- she looked so familiar. Even though they only met once, such an encounter and her beauty can't be forgotten so soon.

"Isn't that the girl from the ....." Lex paused, and pinched Adam.
"Why is she with the witches?"

It was Freya, she had finally resumed after weeks of mourning her mother. Leah had forced her to quit the childish act and come back strong; because that was the only way they would be able to achieve their greatest course.

"I don't know-" Adam said, simply. "I think it is best we approach her"

Lex paused and pondered why they should approach her. She had been compelled and won't remember anything from the night before. Why then should they make their presence felt.

"I see no reason why we should approach her- she remembers nothing from that night" Lex protested

"Then- its a perfect time to get acquainted" 

Lex pondered! He felt  the invisible force that drew him toward Heather.... The force called Love.  Adam has fell in love with her undisputed beauty and it was just too tough for him to ignore. Lex understood that feeling- that awkward feeling that makes a warrior a fool, the feeling that toy with ones mind- he could feel it disturbing Adam....

"-alright, but I won't stay for long... Gat a plane to catch!" He said surrendering to Adam.

They waited till she was done with those witches before they approached her. They were caught by surprise with the way she recognized them as they got closer to her.

"The mighty Adam Olsen and his right hand man, Lex!"

The surprise that ran in both their face was so unquestionable. They were so surprise- Adam particularly was astonished with the way she remembered him. Compelling is the easiest trick of a vampire. It takes just little effort before they grab their prey and whisper those devilish words to him. So coming from the lineage of vampires, compulsion was Adam easiest trick.

"You remember us?" Lex asked, surprisingly

"Oh! Yes! Don't be silly-" she started off, smiling "a northern witch can't be compelled"

"What! Witch?" Adam half screamed

"Yes dear! A northern witch has a great resistance against compelling"

"Wait a minute! A northern witch? Never heard of that before-" Lex said

"Witches are classed based on cardinals... And it appears the northern are the strongest of them all" Freya said

Lex slid behind Adam... He seriously didn't believe the philosophy that there was a creature somewhere that can't be compelled. Even a vampire can't resist compulsion- Why then will a witch... Northern witch resist it!

"I told you to clean your mess" Lex said softly into Adam ears as he dashed away.

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