In Love With My Little Sister-Episode Eight


In Love With My Little Sister-Episode Eight

®️Blessing D 

         Jason's POV

I've made up my mind to tell them once they come back from work today. I'll wait for them and talk to them no matter the time they get back.

I showered and stayed at home since the doctor said I should rest.

I started playing video games to get my mind off Amelia, I played for hours but still couldn't concentrate, the fact that she was angry  niggard badly at me.

I stopped with the video game stuff and decided to sleep - at least if I sleep I'll stop thinking about her.

I lay down on my bed and closed my eyes tightly to sleep off fast but sleep didn't come. I turned and continued turning until it finally came.


I opened my eyes and everywhere was dim , it's evening already.

I got off my bed and checked the time to find out it was 7 in the evening.

I went down and had some cookies with fruits juices. After eating I went back up to have a warm bath and after everything I came down to wait for them. While waiting in the couch I dozed off again.

I felt someone rubbing my cheeks and I fled my eye lid open to see mom starring back at me.

"Mom?" I called and checked the time to discover it was 8:30 pm.

"You came back early, I said cleaning my face with my palm."

"Yes darling, I had to, for you , she replied and sat down beside me on the couch."

"So honey, why are you not in bed?"she asked holding my hand.

"Em..I actually wanted to tell you guys something - you and dad, I replied and she smiled."

"Alright baby , I'll go freshen up while we wait for your dad okay?" She said and I nodded. She left me to her room and few minutes later dad came home.

"Dad? "I called standing to give him a hug.

"Oh my boy!" He replied and held my back.

"How are you doing?" He further asked.

"I'm okay dad ,but actually wanted to tell you and mom something really important."

"Oh! about your school?" He asked.

"No dad , not school."

"Your mom is back right? "He asked and I nodded, then he went up stairs and my mom came down later to set the dinning to her taste.

I was discussing with mom on other things while waiting for dad to come down. He came down few minutes later and I cleared my throat and started.

"Em ,mom , dad , I think I'm possessed."

"I need prayers, I further added."

"What is it son?" Dad asked.

"I think I'm in love with Amelia, I blurted stupidly and they both starred at their self."

"What?" What are you trying to say? My mom further asked.

I am in love with Amelia mom and its not just a brotherly love, I added and they kept starring at me quietly.


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