Game Of Love-Prologue


Game Of Love-Prologue

© Authoress Isabel

"Julie why are you like this?"

"Like what Ryan?"

"Stop being crazy"

"I'm being crazy because of you, I'm in love with you"


"But what??? You love me too don't you?"
"I... I...I.."

"I think I'm gonna hold onto the feelings I have for you"


"I know I made a mistake of not giving you attention but here I am, I'm not making that mistake anymore and my feelings is stamped"

Julie said as Ryan watch her leave the social room...
"Elena wait!"

I stopped as Ryan shouted
"Ryan what??"

"Elena please"

"You don't need to beg me"
I folded my arms facing him
"I'm in love with you"

"Then why can't you make that fact clear to her?"

I pointed my index finger to nowhere

"I just can't, I'm so sorry Lena"
He turned as he backed me

"Then nothing else can work!"
I walked away from his sight as a tear drop down from my eyes
Ryan keeps making things hard by not telling the truth

Julie keeps making things difficult by holding unto her love for him
This is a crazy battle of love!

Will Elena be able to win the battle?
Will Ryan gain Elena as his love?
Watch out and grab a drink!!!


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