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Game Of Love-Episode 9


Game Of Love-Episode 9


© Authoress Isabel

"Please we're hungry!"

Diane shouted at me as Mabel continued reading from her phone.

Mabel is this slow catcher that has to read a few more times before grabbing something into her head.

Without even knowing the text books, she has got them on her phone and started reading ahead.

But me,....

My luck
I read even a day to exams and still pass..
I'm a straight A student.

So much fortunate.

I'm not bragging but I feel like it.
I dropped the egg omelet on the table as I went for the chicken sauce..
I brought it as I settled to eat.
We're all having breakfast before going to school.

"Mabel drop your phone!"

I screamed when I noticed she wasn't ready to eat anytime soon
She reluctantly dropped it

"It would be nice if you dropped your glasses too"

Diane teased her
"So she could put the food through her nose"

We laughed out loud
Crazy friends I've got here!
Whose fault?

Not mine.

We make a party of three squad.
Lucky us

We started eating and no one said anything until the devil among us decides to break the peaceful silence.

"Who noticed that handsome guy during the introduction last night?"

Diane cut in the silence
"I did, wow... He was handsome"
I knew it was Ryan they were talking about but I pretended by not saying anything so I won't get caught

"Nice catch for you"

They both said as I looked at them in confusion

"What nice catch?"

I asked deliberately
"You guys match!"

Mabel shouted

"Just date him"

Diane said but it sounded more like an order than someone pleading

"I wanna tell you something!"
I dropped my fork as I looked at them

"That's Ryan"

They both dropped their forks simultaneously

"Don't tell me....."

Mabel tried catching up
"Yeah, that guy"

"Jeez! Elena!"

She screamed

"What Ryan, what guy???"

Diane asked as she didn't know anything about Ryan earlier
On and on I started explaining everything to her.

Right from the day I saw his message, to the day I met him and his girlfriend embarrassed me.


"Damn! You should have pulled her hair out yesterday"

Diane shouted
"He's just a player! That's all"

I picked up my fork to continue my meal

"How sure are you Lena?"

Mabel asked

"He has a girlfriend and still has the nerves to ask me out! More so I knew he was a player right from the day I saw his message on my phone!"

I stood up as I packed my plates to the kitchen

"So everyone is in Stanford?"
Diane shouted from the inner room

"Yes, that's bothering me"

Mabel replied on my behalf

"He's a player, nothing more"

I came out as I grabbed my bag
"What are you gonna do now?

" I have my plans, don't you worry "

I wink my eye at them both

The both chorus together
"C'mon guys let's go"

"Where are we to go?"

Diane asked

"Over there for the course allocation, I'll meet you guys very soon "

They walked to the place where everyone else is.

I went for a drink as I was nervous
Why am I nervous?

Because I'm gonna see Ryan??
Definitely not!


I heard my name as I looked back
"Wow... Mia??"

I hugged her passionately
Mia was a friend to our neighbor
We were quite close together until her family relocated.

She's grown a lot.

"You're gonna be attending Stanford?"

She asked me...


"Then I'm gonna be your senior colleague"

"For real?"

"Yes, C'mon I'll talk to you later. Bye"

"Yeah, bye"

I smiled widely before walking over to meet my friends.

I got there as everyone stared at me

I rolled my eyes
"You are??"

One of the guys asked me
"Elena Sanchez"

I replied him looking at Mabel
"Very beautiful"

He said as everyone agreed to him
"Just like Julie, but who's more pretty?"

A girl asked as everyone stared in confusion

I looked at Julie as she looked as if she owns the whole world.

"It's simple! There are two beauties in Stanford!"

The blond hair guy said as everyone laughed
"Julie is lucky, you have a handsome boyfriend and you're beautiful too!"

A girl with a red hair said as Julie nodded glaring at me
"Yeah, you could say that again"

Julie said as I noticed she got a tiny straight voice
"Not all beautiful and handsome couples match!"

Diane snapped as everyone smiled and nodded their heads

"Yeah, true"

Trust my friends with their crazy choice of words...

I stole a glance at Julie and hell!
Her cheeks were red as wow...
But who cares

No one actually!

But two beauties in Stanford??


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