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Game Of Love-Episode 8


Game Of Love-Episode 8


© Authoress Isabel

Everyone kept quiet during the drive. No one said anything to anybody.

Mabel and ken still kept throwing glances at each other while Mabel will quickly look away. They didn't notice I was staring at them.

My bad!

Even Diane couldn't notice. She's such a slow observer. Bad at observing things quickly.

Not her luck!

Ken drove into the college compound as I stared in utmost surprise..

Like seriously??

Even Mabel and Diane couldn't hide their surprise.

"Wow.. Like wow"

Diane exclaimed in surprise
"This is amazing"

Mabel tapped me asking me to look around
Sure I'm looking around.

"Yeah, it is surely amazing"

I replied her as Ken just kept smiling
Ken made a slow u turn as he stopped in front...

"Stare as much as you can girls"

He said placing his hand on the wheel

"We'll come back to stare, we have the college introduction later this night"

Diane replied him

He drove backwards as headed towards the entrance and turning into a street. He drove for 30 minutes before stooping in front of a large building...

'Stanford Cottage'
Everyone came down as I could notice every other girls taking their luggage up the stairs
Some stand in two's and three's talking about whatever.

Parents kissing their children and hugging them.

Would I get to see Ryan?

He got admitted to Stanford too and the same course
Maybe I'll get to see him this night
"Elena help with a bag"

Mabel brought me out of my thoughts

"A penny for a thought"

Ken smiled helping me bring my bag out of the car
"Nothing important"

I smiled at him back
"Then I wanna know that thing that's not important"

He stroked my cheeks as I flustered
"Tryst me, it's nothing"

I dragged my box as I followed Mabel and Diane
"Don't keep me waiting"

I nodded my head in response
We went to the second floor as we opened the door after putting in the pass code.

"The room is beautiful!"

Mabel screamed
She sure loves lovely things
Our beds stayed together in a room but in different positions.

It was beautifully arranged!

I went into the changing room, the kitchen, the balcony and other sections and I must agree with Mabel
Beautiful indeed!

I dropped my box close to the closet as I walked back to them
Diane Sat on her bed as Mabel kept looking around
"I wanna send Ken off"

I opened the door but didn't move out
"Wanna come along Mabel?"

I intentionally asked her
"Nor at all"

I nodded as I move out and closed the door gently
I went straight downstairs and after few words with him..
Off he went!

He has a flight to catch
He's going back to New York tonight..

I went back inside.

"An I cute enough?"

Diane asked us after putting on a short yellow gown with black shoes.

"You're here for studies and not for fashion"

Mabel eyed her while still busy with her lace sandals
"What's the essence of being brilliant without beauty?"

She picked up her bag

"Ask yourself"

I replied her
"Brains with beauty!"

She laughed us out
"Come on girls, or we'll be late"
I smiled at them as we made our way out
We got the bus to Stanford as we made our ways inside.

We got to our department as we entered...

We were late!

Everyone has been seated in a circle style.

We quickly made our ways in between..
My eyes got to Ryan as I smiled
Why am I smiling?


Then my eyes straightened out as I saw her
The same girl that embarrassed me
She stood up to give her own introduction.

Don't tell me...

We are all together in Stanford?

This is foolish!

"Hi everyone, I'm Juliet Andrews but you can call me Julie. I'm also Ryan's girlfriend"

Everyone shouted as I stared at her


That's what it is!


I saw Ryan as he was flustered...
Idiot beings!

I looked everywhere for Mabel and Diane
No where to be found!

I turned around as I bumped into someone mistakingly

I apologized as I looked up
"Hi Elena"

He smiled revealing his set of dimples


I said coldly
"That introduction was fake!"

He said as I didn't bother
"Who cares?"

"I do!"

He said
"You haven't accepted my request, be my girlfriend!"
He wink his eye

"Why should I?"

I asked
"Because I want you to, more so you flirted with me"

He said as if that was enough justification

"It doesn't matter!"

I snapped
"That's crazy Elena"

He said in disappointment
"You're automatically crazy when you have crazy female friends "

I said just like a whisper
"You say what?"

He asked
"Nothing, please excuse me"

I made my way to look for my crazy friends..

We need to go home
It's late!

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