Game Of Love-Episode 7


Game Of Love-Episode 7


© Authoress Isabel

"What else are you gonna pack?"
Ken asked as I stared at my room

I closed the wardrobe as I sat on the bed


Ken is here

Remembered he promised to come take me to college
Well he fulfilled his promise
One thing Iove about Ken
He won't make a promise and fail
"When are you leaving?"

He picked up his phone as he still stared at me

"In two hours, with Mabeeeel and Diane"

I intentionally stressed that e out.
He doesn't even know that Mabel has a crush on him

He asked in confusion
"Yes, you know her?"

I asked stylishly

I looked at him as his reply was sharp


I was cut short by a knock on the door
" come in"

The door opened as Maxwell walked in

"Hello baby sister"

I frowned my face as I looked away from his sight
"Why that expression??"

Ken asked laughing
"C'mon Lena, what's wrong?"

Max walked up to me
"You've not been having my time anymore Max, it's unfair!'

I folded my arms together
" it's because of c..."

"Cases right? I thought as much. Same thing everyday"

I cut him off
"I'm sorry Lena"

He faced me as I smiled
"I'm leaving today"

"I know, that's why I'm here"

He held my hands
"What about mum?"

I asked

"She left with dad earlier this morning, I suppose you guys have settled each other?"

He asked as I smiled

"Not everyone is busy like you"

Ken added as everyone laughed
"I love you Elena"

He hugged me

"I love you more Max"

I hugged him tighter as the door opened
We disengaged as Mabel and Diane walked in
Then I noticed something
Mabel got stuck at the entrance.

Ken stared at her in confusion
I thought he said he doesn't know her

There's something between these two
I must find out
"Mabel come in"

Diane pulled her inside

She stammered before walking inside

"You guys are late!"

"Hi ken, hi Maxwell"

Diane ignored my question as she hugged ken and max simultaneously
"Hi Diane"

Maxwell pulled her cheeks
"Hi max"

Mabel said quietly
"Hello gentle Angelo"

Max pulled her legs playfully

Ken said to her as she didn't reply him

What's wrong!

I'll need to know.

"Let's leave you ladies to enjoy"

Max said pulling Ken together with him

"Y'all should be ready soon"
Ken shouted before closing the door

"Are you through with packing?"
Diane asked

"Yeah, Ken helped me"

I said moving the luggage
"Wow...Ken is so handsome now!"

Diane said smiling
"Mabel is that true?"

I asked smiling at her
"I.. Do I know?"

She didn't even look up to me
"She's blushing!!!"

We both shouted as she frowned her face....

I looked at the house once more as I felt something
I'm leaving this house today again

I'm gonna miss mum and dad, Maxwell too
"Lena let's go"

Ken said as I walked towards the car.

I sat in front beside Ken as my luggage has been sent to the college hostel.

Mabel and Diane's too
"I can't wait to be in college"

Diane shouted happily
"Me too"

I said as my eyes caught Mabel's staring at the mirror in front
Then I looked at Ken staring at her too
This is!!



What's between them?

I don't understand...

I'll need to ask Mabel.

But that's later things
For now, let's focus on getting to Stanford.

It's just another step

# Anotherstep


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