Game Of Love-Episode 6


Game Of Love-Episode 6

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© Authoress Isabel

I hate myself for falling in love!
Love sucks!

Well, Julie's treatment as if I did not exist pissed me off!

Hasn't she heard that women are chasing after me all over the world?

Models and rich ladies choose to be with me just to be seen and noticed! They dream of being a date together with me.

I am RYAN MARCUS. Ladies pursue me not just because of my massive wealth but my looks too!

As far as I can remember, girls sought after me while I was in prep school. I can remember a mother instructed her daughter to befriend me.

I was actually what they call 'a rare gem'

However Julie Andrews was oblivious to these. She totally denied me attention as if I was a dirt on her shoes.

I was the one calling after her just because of love!

She should be lucky I agreed to date her. It was like winning the ultimate grand jackpot in the world

Enough of this crazy love!
I'm done

I won't date anymore or anyone at this moment.
I love my life! I'm not ready anymore to be tied down by a nagging love. I'll enjoy my freedom and be a player!

I'll play girls like there's none anymore!

I strolled nearer to pick my phone as I stared at the picture sharply.

A young lady wearing a peach off dress.

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Her hazel brown eyes, framed with long dark lashes. So compelling and magnetic.

Her hair was as brown as the mid day, long and wavy that fell in graceful curves down to her waist.

She looked like an innocent princess in a fairly tale movie..

I did some background check on her..

A socialite. A very fortunate girl who's likely to be the sole heir ness of multi billionaire Fredo Sanchez who owned the biggest agribusiness exporter in US.

She's not bad!



She's the one I wanna play. I'll play on her!

That's what I'm gonna do.

I pick my phone again as I sent her a message

"Hey Lena, be my girlfriend!"

That was it..

A message notification came into my phone as I picked it up..


I'm not viewing it.

That son of a bitch!

He's got courage to send me messages?

He's an idiot!

On the other hand, some thing tempted me to view the message.

I viewed it as I got shocked!



Is he out of his mind?

He... He..

He has the nerves to ask me out?
Well, not bad
I'm gonna set a trap for you!
I searched for his name to know about him...

Ryan Marcus.

A billionaire, a young one!
A future CEO of a multi million global chains of hotels, casinos and beach resorts

He was one of the world's top youngest billionaires according to bixhep magazine latest issue..

Not too bad!


I'm gonna set a trap for you...
And when you fall into that trap, I'm gonna hurt you.

Trust me.

I'll play you and make you fall madly in love with me.

Then I'll leave you to your wildest imaginations.

Then let's now sit back and watch which player is gonna play the best!

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