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Game Of Love-Episode 5


Game Of Love-Episode 5


© Authoress Isabel

I'm meeting with Elena today..
She's such a sweet person to be with..

Tho I flirted with her just a little.
But she's cool and amazing..
Her call came in as I picked up immediately..

"Hey baby"

I said with a sweet voice
"Hi, where am I to meet you?"

Her sexy voice creaked into my ear

"Transfagal square, just call me when you're there"

I picked up my hair brush as I did Justice to my head
"Okay, fine I'll be there"

She ended the call immediately
I'm getting attracted to her..

Day by day..

She seems pretty nice..

Her pictures look beautiful too but I wanna see her in person..

I can't wait till school resumes.

I picked up my jacket and phone with my car key as I dashed downstairs...

I'm off;!
I checked my wristwatch as I kept expecting her. I sipped from the glass of water before me.

I scrolled through my texts as I replied some messages.

I used that in eating up time..

I got so lost in what I was doing that I never noticed someone beside me until she tapped my shoulder

"Are you lost in thoughts?"

I looked up to behold such gorgeous figure who's holding such a sweet voice

"Wow.. Elena?
I asked again to be sure of myself
"Yes, Elena Sanchez"

She replied sitting down opposite me

"I.. I.. "

I stared at her lustfully
She's damn beautiful..

As in very beautiful
"Is there anything on me?"

She asked due to the way I was looking at her

"No, just that you're looking so beautiful"

I complemented her as she smiled
"Thank you"

The waitress brought a cup of coffee because that was what she requested for..

I started talking to her as I notice that she's somehow free..

She's nice and cool in person too.
"So you don't know?"

I asked laughing
"I Sincerely don't know it"
She smiled...

"Okay fine, drink your coffee"

I assured her
"Why can't you tell me now?"

She placed the coffee in her hands while staring at me.

She's just so cute.

"I'll let you know later"

She shrugged her shoulders as I smiled

I stared at her from her long brown hair to her straightened eyelashes down to her red crimson lips...

Very straightened.

She was about to say something when a someone sat in front of us...
I looked up at the unfamiliar figure



I called her in surprise
"Was this the reason why you refused to pick my calls? You cheater!"

Julie shouted as I stared at her
"I... I never knew you called Julie"

I stammered as I watched Elena
She didn't seem to be surprised
She only sipped her coffee gently
"How can you know? When you're lost in the world of a harlot!"

She said as Elena stood up to face her

"Excuse me I'm not a harlot! Mind your words!"

She shouted
"Just shut it!"

Julie shut her up immediately
"Why should....."

Julie shut Elena up by pouring the remaining coffee on her face...



I shouted as everyone in the restaurant stared at us
"You should know your place!"

Julie screamed at Elena!

Elena couldn't talk as she made her way out ..
I can't even stop her..

"Julie what have you done?"

I held her hands
"Don't you dare touch me Ryan! I'm off"

She walked out too...

What's all this?

Why should Julie call me a cheater when we ain't even dating?
Now she has hurt Elena!
Oh my!

"But why? Is she his girlfriend ?"
Mabel asked me
"I think so"

I replied her as I sat on the bed
"I was embarrassed Mabel"

I explained to her
"I know right"

She held my hands
My phone started ringing as I looked at it

"He's the one, pick up"

Mabel said as I folded my hands
"Hell no! I'm not picking up"

"Perhaps do you like him??"

She asked as I stared into space
Do I like him???

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