Game Of Love-Episode 4


Game Of Love-Episode 4


© Authoress Isabel

I walked back into my room in the night after Mabel and Diane left..

We've all had dinner together.

I showered and put on my nightie..

I was about to pick up my phone when my door opened..

Mum poked her head in
"Can I come in?

She asked smiling as I Nodded my head
She walked in as she sat on my bed beside me
"You're busy?"

She asked
"No mum"

I dropped my phone
"Your college will be resuming in two weeks"

She held my hands
Whenever mum is like this, there's only one thing..

She wants to cry.

"Yes mum, I'm gonna miss you"
I stared into her eyes
"I haven't been able to spend time with you ever since you came back from New York"

She smiled as I hugged her
"You've been busy mum"

I patted her back as I suspected she wanted to tear up
"I'm gonna miss you Lena"

She cried as I still patted her back
"I'll miss you more mum"

She disengaged from the hug as I stared at her
"Be a good girl and make us proud"

She smiled as I held her shoulders


"I'm not leaving today!"

We both laughed out together
"I know dear, let me leave you to sleep"

She stood up as I followed suite
I hugged her from behind as I felt her warmth
"I love you mum"

I said as I took a deep breath
"I love you more daughter"
She kissed my forehead
"Now sleep tight my dear"

She walked out of the room as she closed the door gently
I have the best mum ever and I love her so much.

I suddenly remembered the message I wanted to reply...

Ryan Marcus..

I wonder who he is..

I checked on my phone every now and then for her reply..

No girl has ever made me wait.
Not even when they see my name
Julie's call came in as I picked up with mixed emotions.


I asked her

"Why would you ask what? Am I not allowed to call?"

She pondered over the phone
"Be my girlfriend Julie Andrews please"

I tried begging again
"I thought we've talked about this!"

She seemed quite angry
"Okay, I'm sorry"

I said.
I hate seeing her in tears.

Not just her
I hate seeing anyone in tears
That's my weakness

She hung up on the call immediately
Not again Julie
I really do love her...

She just spoilt my mood entirely
I'll just go to bed!

I pulled the duvet over my head and was about to close my eyes when a notification pooped up in
I rolled over as I picked up my phone.


She just replied me!

Oh my God!

It's time now!

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