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Game Of Love-Episode 3


Game Of Love-Episode 3


© Authoress Isabel

I pulled my jacket over as I dumped myself on the bed.


Why am I horny in the early hours of today?

I'm Ryan Marcus. The only heir to Marcuse Family Business.

But who cares?

I'm damn in for the medical line. Dad has been on my neck to change my course but hell no!

I'm going for medicine and Surgery and that dream is coming true.

I've been admitted to study that in one of the prestigious college in US.

Stanford College!

Mum doesn't really have a say in the house. She listens to Dad all the time. He treats her just like the maid and that's why I never listen to Dad for once.

I proceeded to watch porn since there's no one who can satisfy my urges right now and I hate masturbating.

I only watched after few seconds when the door opened. Here comes her...

Julie walked in with her beautiful smile..
"Hey handsome"

She humped on me immediately
I grabbed her ass as I rolled my tongue on her face.

She stood up suddenly
"Ryan stop!"

She eyed me as I stared with confusion
"Stop what Julie?"lake lake
I asked
"Don't rush things"

She said destroying my mood
"Baby I'm horny, don't you understand?"

I almost shouted
"But I'm your friend!"

She said

"But I love you Julie"

"Now stop this!"

She picked up her bag.

"And where are you going?"

I asked in surprise
"I just wanted to check on you but I'm leaving"

She hugged me before walking out
Now this is the one problem I have.

Julie Andrews is the girl I love.

I love her with my heart but she's not giving me the green light.
She's not giving me the attention that I want.

But I do love her..

I breathe in so deep as I picked up my phone..

I need to cure this boredom..

I think I'm gonna flirt with a girl.


"Y'all should get out of my room!"
I shouted at Diane and Mabel.

They're my two female friends that I've got.

They also got admitted into Stanford together with me..

My problem is their problem and they're happiness is mine too.

"Get yourself a boyfriend"

Diane screamed
"Dian stop! I'm not having a boyfriend!"

I eyed her viciously
"Then a fuck mate would be nice!"

Mabel backed Diane up
"I don't want either"

I packed up my books into a rover bag

"You won't tell us about New York?"

Mabel asked as I smiled
"About New York or about Ken?"

I asked as Diane bursted into laughter
Mabel has a crush on Ken for over 3 years.

But she won't just speak her mind out..

"Sure it's about ken!"

Diane screamed as we noticed Mabel is blushing. Her cheeks is red!

"I know right"

I sat on the bed close to her
"Why not just fuck him till he falls in love with you?"

I asked smiling..

"I want a lover and not a sex mate
She held my hands

"Help me out Lena"

She pleaded smiling
"You should help yourself"

I stood up
"Guys haven't I told you about my new boify?"

Diane asked..
She's one who changes boyfriend every week. A sociable free soul!
"What's up about him?"

Mabel and I asked together
"He doesn't want sex! I seduced him last night but he denied it"


I shouted

"Or is he gay?"

Mabel asked
"No he's not!"

Diane face changed
."Then he's impotent!"

I laughed out loud that she got angry
"I hate you guys!

She rushed out of my room in pretense as Mabel followed her
"Diane baby"

I was about to follow her when a message came into my phone...
I walked back towards the bed as I picked up the phone and unlocked it.

2 new messages?
Unknown number?

I opened the messages..
"Hey Lena"

"Wanna flirt with me?"


Who the hell is this?

No name?

I scrolled down as my eyes saw the name.

"Ryan Marcus?"

I whispered to myself
Who could that be?.

I think I'm gonna have to play games by flirting....

I smiled to myself

Mabel shouted my name
"Yeah, coming"

I dropped my phone as I hurried out.


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