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Game Of Love-Episode 2


Game Of Love-Episode 2


© Authoress Isabel

I picked up the last sneakers on the shoe rails as I dumped it carefully into my baggage.

I pushed the rails back behind the wardrobe as I closed it.

I'm leaving New York today. Everything has been arranged. Dad doesn't want me to spend another day here.

If not for the love he had for Ken, I would have been at home a day after I got Admitted.. That sounds funny.

I sat back on the bed as I picked up my dairy. I opened the middle pages as I flipped through..

'Dear Diary; Dad called today as he takes some shit into my brain. I was....'

I opened another page.

'Dear Diary; I cried today when Ken brought home his pick up letter. I'm so happy for him but I'm sad for myself...'

Reading through my diary brings back memories:...

I opened a clean page as I started writing..

'Dear lovely Diary; I'm leaving New York today. Isn't it wonderful? I'm gonna meet my friends back. I miss mum and dad...... But I'm gonna miss Ken more"

I closed the diary, took a last look around the whole room as I dragged my luggage out.

I've sent some home already and this is the last one

I met Ken waiting for me by the car as I steeped out of the house..
"Hey beautiful! You're ready?
He asked all in smiles
I nodded my head as I couldn't look up to him.

He assisted with my luggage as I entered the car before he drove out of the compound..

I'm gonna miss this house.

I can't look at Elena or I might shed tears. She's my best friend right from childhood and I like her so much

I'm happy for her but I can't bear to see her leave but she must...
She really means a lot to me.
I could vividly remember the day my girlfriend cheated on me, Elena came over to my college as disgraced the bitch!

Or the day I got beaten at a club, she smacked the butts of every gangster that day..

What about the days I need someone to talk to, Elena was by my side.

But she's leaving..

Oh damn!

I stared into space as Ken speed off the highway..


I think I haven't said much about myself.

My name is Elena Sanchez. The only daughter of the Sanchez's.
My Dad is the one business man who runs US.

He has got a big enterprise and he's a rich man.

He has always want the best for his children.

Despite the fact he has got an enterprise we could manage, he still insisted on us studying our dream courses.

I've got a big brother whom I love so much.

Maxwell has been the best supportive brother ever.

He's a lawyer and he's good at what he knows to be best!


Well she's many things..

She's the woman in the Sanchez's world! Always ever Assisting. I love her so much...

There's Aunt Nina and Uncle Jones
Those are ken's parents.

My dad is an elder brother to uncle Jones.

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I love them so much..

Then there's Ken!

I looked at him as I smiled.. I'm gonna miss this dude a lot.
I got down from the car as Ken made his way to the back for my luggage...

I waited as he came back after 10 minutes..

"Come its time to leave!"

He held my hands as I didn't move an inch


He looked at me in surprise..

"Ain't you gonna say anything?"
I asked as a tear came down
He faced me as he smiled..
"I miss you baby

He hugged me as I held him tightly. I cried my eyes out
"Ken I don't wanna leave you"
I held his jacket.

"I promise to come check on you before you leave for school"
He said with an assuring face.
"Don't go to night parties, avoid clubbing and those crazy gangsters, eat early and visit the gym twice a week and don't...."

"What can I do without you Lena?"

He laughed out loud...

"Watch out for your allergies okay?"

I said trying to force a smile
"Okay ma'am"
I hugged him once more as he patted my back...

"Be a good boy okay? Don't go about fucking every girl"
I twisted his fingers
"I promise! Don't go about fucking every guy in US, go get yourself a boyfriend!"

He said as I smiled
"Boyfriend my foot!"
I eyed him

"Come it's time, you don't wanna miss your flight"
He held my hands as I walked towards the plane...

I stopped halfway as I waved him off
I entered as I took to my seat by the window as I rested my head.
The flight attendant warned us to settle as the plane will take off soon..

I closed my eyes before surrendering myself to sleep...

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