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Game Of Love-Episode 1


Game Of Love-Episode 1


© Authoress Isabel

The window blinds reshaped the design of the room through the rays of sunlight. The Zig zag lines showed on my wardrobe as I fully stretched on my bed.

My head thrived in a battling ache as I remembered how last night went...

"Come in Elena"

Ken dragged me into my room as I stood still blank

"Le..leave me, I'm not sleeping"

I stammered pulling his arm
"Elena C'mon you're drunk!"
He carried me in bridal style as he dumped me on the bed.

I pulled him by his neck as he landed on me..

"Stay with me Ken!"

I looked into his eyes as I winked my eye at him

"Babe you're drunk!"

He made a move to stand up but I dragged him back as I kissed him
He struggled for a while before he gave in.

I wrapped my legs against him as I played my hand on his chest since he was shirtless.

"Ken Griffey, kiss me so hard"

I whispered into his ears..

"Don't do this to me Elena!"

He smiled as I held his head.

I played my tongue on his lips as he unbuttoned my shirt.

"Yo..you lo...love me?"

I asked him as he brought his lips towards my ears.

I thought he was gonna say yes but I was disappointed when he replied me with a lullaby.

I ended up surrendering myself to sleep...


I drank myself to stupor and I did some crazy things with Ken?

Oh gosh!

Ken is my cousin and my best friend.

Right from childhood.

We attended the first grade together and high school also.

I've been living together with him when he got an admission to college to study medicine.

He couldn't stay all alone in New York City so I decided to tag along.

My head hurts!

I sluggishly dragged myself out of the bathroom as I put on my shorts with a white crop top.

I needed to free my boobs from a cup prison so I decided not to put on a bra.

I packed my hair up as I walked out of my room and down the stairs.

I need to apologize to Ken for any filthy behaviour.

I smiled to myself..

I walked up to him as I met him eating..

Ken is damn rich..

Apart from his dad being rich, he has his own business.

"Hello drunkard"

He smiled as I walked to him
I planted a kiss on his lips as he held my waist..

"Morning best"

I looked into his eyes
"I need a romantic kiss Lena"

He smiled revealing his dimples
"You need a slap to be brought back to your senses!"

I walked away as I Sat in front of him picking up a cup of coffee
"I should have slapped you last night when you almost.."

"I was drunk! Did I do something wrong?"

I asked cutting him short
"You kissed me so hard, if I hadn't controlled myself, we would have had sex!"

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He laughed as I was irritated

I screamed at him

He was shocked.
"Elena, what's wrong?"

He dropped his cup as he faced me.
"Dad's worried about my admission Ken, he ain't happy with me!"

I Said sadly

"Lena it's okay, trust me your admission will be this year"
Ken assured me as I stood up
"How? Admission is closed up!"

I said sorrow fully..

"Why bother choosing Stanford College?"

He asked

"Dad wants me there, I must do everything to make him happy!"

I complained bitterly
"It's okay Lena".

He consoles me

"Now this year is passing me by too! I...."


Ken's phone rang up cutting me off

Ken rushed to pick it up ...
"Here, it's your mum"

"Hello aunt"

He said happily
I couldn't hear what ever they all said but Ken started smiling after ending the call

"Idiot where's your phone?"

He asked as I pointed my hands upstairs

"Come, let's check something"

He smiled as he dragged me to sit
He logged in to Stanford college
I stared at him as he typed in my Nm number

"You'll give me a kiss after all this Lena"

He smiled

"What Ken?"

I was confused

"Congratulations baby"

He said handing the phone over to me as I watched tears falling out of my own eyes
This is too good to be true!
I've been admitted?

I saw it boldly written;
Elena Sanchez.

Medicine and Surgery
Stanford college


I screamed out
"Yes baby it's true!"

He laughed out
I hugged him passionately with joy as he hugged me tighter

"My prayers have been answered Ken"

I smiled almost in tears
"Now go fuck up all the guys in Stanford!"

He laughed as I hit him on his head
"We gat to party!

I stood up smiling
"Go get dressed"

I flew up the stairs as he shouted my name


I stopped halfway up

"My kiss?"

He smiled


I rushed up...


Here I come!.."

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