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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 8


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 8

Theme : The village Girl


I drove to Nora's house with the carrier bag full of the pastries Fiona gave to me.

"Hey baby". I pecked her and she smiled at me blinking her fake eyelashes.

"How was work today, love? ". She asked playing with my tie.

"It was fine... Here, I got you this". I said and handed the carrier bag to her, she collected it, look into it and frowned.

"I thought you bought something valuable, I have enough cookies and every other thing in here in the house". She said and handed it back.

"Oh common babe, it delicious. You gonna love it". I persuaded.

"But I just said NO! ". She said and walked off to the kitchen while I trailed behind.

"Let me go shower then, am spending days with you". I said to her and she suddenly turned to me.

"Days as how? Sorry you can't even sleep over tonight talkless of days. Am going on a trip". She said frowning.

"Common babe....... It fine then, I dont like it when you put that look on". I said and kissed her forehead.

She glance at the wall clock. "You should start going now, please". She said pushing me slowly towards the door.

"Go as how?I just got here, common Nora". I whined, this not the first time she's doing this to me though, like she's hiding something from me but am sure it not possible.

"Please Alex, just go. I'll give you a call later". With that she led me out of her house.

Okay ma, no problem. I'll send it to you.... I'll also add 5K to it so you can give it to Feyi on my behalf.

Thank you so much my daughter... You see, what your dad and I was saying then. Now, just look at us, we're living in a standard house, inlaw to a rich and famous man. Your brothers are attending private school and even me. A whole me, mama tomatoes and peppers having a provision shop... Is God not wonderful? Just be a good girl and dont ever disobey your husband ooo".

My mother said and I sighed, she did not even ask of my welfare. How am being treated.

Alright mom, I have to go now. My husband will soon be back from work, my regards to everyone". With that I hung up.

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I opened my Google and continued what I was doing before. I was actually surfing internet looking for tips on how to make your husband and mother inlaw love you.

Everything I was reading sound really useless so I just dropped my phone and went Downstairs straight to the kitchen.

The maid bowed at me and I smiled at her.

"Regina, I have told you countless time to stop doing that. Am also like you, okay? ". I smiled at her and she returned the smile.

"So what do you want to prepare for Alex? ". I asked as I watch her slicing tomatoes on the chopping board in the kitchen counter.

She turned to me still cutting. "It Jollof Rice ma, that is what on the timetable for today ". She suddenly cried out and my eyes saw her holding her hand. She has mistakenly cut herself and it was bleeding.

I rushed to her and held her hand. "Oh my God, you're bleeding ". I said almost crying. I hate to see people hurt.

"Dont worry Ma, there's a first aid box in our room".

"Let's go treat me then".

"Not at all Ma,don't worry ma.
Shade will help me with it".

"Alright if you insist then. Just go get it treated and take a rest. I'll cook the food".

"Wow.. Really?... Thank you so much ma". She said and walk towards the door.

I smiled at her till she was out of sight. I turn back to the counter, looking from one ingredients to the other. Where do I start from? Okay let's start with cleaning up this tomatoes. I need to dispose it in the waste bin because Gina's blood was all over it.

I licked my lips as I finished eating. I must say the food taste really delicious. So yummy and I asked for more and more til my stomach can't consume again. I have never ate this much.

I left the dinning and walk into the sitting room where Tiwa sat watching Zee world. I took the remote and changed the channel as I settled on the sofa.

She did not say a word. She just stood up and turned. I looked at her for the first time realising what Lewis talked about.

She's really blessed with curves i have never gotten a perfect view of her like this. She was about to climb the stairs when I stopped her.

"Rotimi and his wife invited us over for lunch tomorrow ".

"Oh.... O... Ok. Okay". She shuttered without turning.

"Listen, you should know I will never go anywhere with a village girl on own but Rotimi's wife kept disturbing and I dont have a choice.

And mind you, make sure you dress okay, though you have a little sense of dressing so I dont have a problem with that but you have to work on how you compose yourself.

At least you attended secondary school even though it a local one... So please dont go and be kneeling around when you get there". I said to her and saw her climb the stairs up.

Gina walk in the sitting room.
"Oh Gina, I really enjoyed my dinner. I must say, it really taste delicious and I think the best I have tasted so far".

"Thank you sir, but am not the one who cooked the food". She said bowing.

"What?... If you're not the one then who did? ". I asked curiosily.

"It Madam. Ma'am Tiwa, sir"

"What?!!!! ". I scream

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