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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 6


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 6

Theme : The village Girl



I stared at myself in the mirror by the wash basin. I just finish bathing and has to be her fast because Alex and I are going to his parent's house.

Mr Philips has insisted we should come today. He really so alot on the house he gave us. It well furnished. I remember my mouth went agape the day we moved in which was three days ago. The kitchen is and every other room in the house is very big. It a duplex with big wide compound.

We have many maids in the house. Mr Philips told me not to bring any stuffs from the village and I obeyed, I knew he has something in stock for me but I never expected to see a big closet full of beautiful dresses including underwears and shoes even a big makeup bag and I knew he had someone do the shopping.

"Are you gonna stay in there forever? ". I heard Alex say and I walk out of the bathroom.

" ummm sorry I want to dress up, can you pl-pl-please exc-cu-excuse.. ". I shuttered.

"Of course i'll do that before you ask and mind you, you have 10 minutes to dress up else... You know what that means". Then he walk out of the room.

I sighed as I walk over to the closet, I settled for a long black gown and a golden colour flat shoes from my shoe rack, I dropped it on the bed and moved to the dressing table, I sat on the stool. Dried my body and applied lotion, am not a makeup fan like I said so I just dress up and went downstairs where Ben sat in the chaise longue.

He stood up when he saw me, we walked into the compound, got inside one of the cars and the driver drove us out. The ride to his parent 's house was silent. Alex was saturnine as he get himself busy with his phone while I look through the window admiring the city. Wow wow wow i wonder if any poor people live around here because everything here smells of wealth.

Soon we arrived at a big black gate, the gate opened after a few seconds and the driver drove in. Wow.... My eyes grew wide. There were many guards and other workers dressed in the same uniform in the house.

The driver drove in the compound. Where are we going again? After another 5 minutes drive. We got to another gate, the gate opened and the driver drove in. Just like where we left, there were many guards here but they were much than the first.

We came out of the car and I stood admiring the big mansion before me. No it a paradise. I know Mr Philips is rich but not to this extent.

I felt someone grip on my wrist and drag me. I realise I've been standing for long. We walked into the mansion and if not for Alex that you was holding me, i'll wait and admire it. Lots of workers were inside. He drag me upstairs and I met lots of people who I assumed to be maids bowing to greet Alex who just ignored.

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We entered a sitting room and but he did not stop as we walked into another sitting room and met his parent sitting on the love seat. Their eyes glued to the TV. His mom saw us first but she rolled eyes at me and smied at her son.

"Who do we have here? I've missed you so much son". Mrs Philips said and embrace Alex pecking him on the cheeks.

I move to Mr Philips and knelt before him. "Good afternoon sir".

He smiled at me. "You're looking so beautiful Tiwalade, come". I walked up to him and he hugged me.

I disengage from the hug and turn to Mrs Philips. "Dont you dare come and hug me with your lowlife body". I felt a sharp pain across my chest immediately she said that.

"That was harsh Stella". Mr Philips said to his wife who rolled her eyes. I settled in a chair close to Mr Philips. He's the only one I have here.

"So tell me son, hope you're getting along with eachother".

A maid walked in and she bowed before speaking. "Ma'am i just finish steaming the fish for the Chinese rice and I have made the pepper soup".

"Okay you know what to do next so go do it". Mrs Philips said.
Just as the maid bowed and about to go. Alex spoke up. "Mom, am hungry". He pouted.

"Umm go get mackerels at the second kitchen and cook pasta for my son". Mrs Philips said majestically.

"Bring French fries and fish cake for my daughter inlaw". Mr Philips said too.

For God sake, which one is French fries again and even fish cake.
"Dont worry Tiwa, you're going to like it. The fish cake is actually from my bakery". Mr Philips said and chuckled, seems he saw the look on my face.

"By the way, the reason I called is that i'll be leaving for New York tomorrow ". He dropped the bomb and I flinched.

"Why? ". The word came out of from my mouth before I could stop it. And they all face me, I maintained my gaze on the floor.

Am going for a business trip which will last for a long time, I dont know when i'll be back. Your husband would've gone but he just got married and you guys have to spend time together". He explained and I felt a tear roll down my cheeks and I started sobbing.

"Hey witchy, what the hell is wrong with you? ". Alex said angrily and left the sitting room. His mom hissed and followed Alex.

Mr Philips came to sit beside me and held my hands. "I know how you feel.. Like am the only one you have right? ". I nodded fighting back the tears.

"You'll be fine dear, nothing is gonna happen. I'll always call you. I know my wife and Alex is giving you hard time but I assure you it just for the main time. They will soon love and cherish you.

You're a good girl and a daughter to me that why I united you and Alex. I dont want Alex to end up like me. You see.... I got married to spoilt brat because we so much love eachother but she gave me hard time.

I thought she'll change then but nope. She's spoilt, her parent are extremely rich and she happen to be the only child.

She's the reason we have just Alex even when I wanted more kids. She wanted only one and I obeyed her because i so much love her. So Like I said you'll be fine. My wife have a soft and golden heart even though she's grumpy and rude. Dont worry okay? ".

Now I know why Mr Philips has a rude wife. I hugged him tight, am so gonna miss him. I cried unto his shoulder and he rubbed my back softly.

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