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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 5


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 5

Theme : The village Girl


I stared at myself in the mirror and I can't still believe this is me, I mean.... I dont believe I can look like this. Wow,the makeup artist really worked on my face but it wasn't a heavy makeup because I told her, am not a makeup fan. It light but am looking like an Angel.

Feyi walked in and her breath was blown away as she stared at my face then to my dazzling wedding gown."Wow queen Tiwa".

Mere looking at it, you'll know it must've cost a fortune but it all thanks to my soon to be father inlaw.

"You're looking beautiful ". My mom said.

My dad walked in and met Feyi and I gisting, he adjusted his agbada. "See how beautiful you look... Come on my my princess let's go, you know am the one walking you to alter and its time.
I frowned but soon cover it with a fake smile.

I feel so nervous to enter the church. Am very sure it already full of rich and famous people because lots of elegant cars were parked outside the church. I held my bouquet of flower tightly.

"Dont worry Tiwa, am with you". My dad assured as the door opened and I walked in slowly trying not to fall. I've been practicing with this heels for two days now.

Am not seeing things clearly because of my veil but I could see lots of people in the church just like I have predicted. My family members were dressed in a very expensive wears. All thanks to my father inlaw.

I sight my groom standing at the alter in a black tuxedo with a golden colour tie. Same with my jewelries and shoe. I walk slowly to the alter. It a very big church.

I stood at the alter still have waiting for my so called bride. The door opened and she walk in with her dad who held her. They walked down the aisle with me and I forced a smile as she stood in front of me.

After reading stuffs from the bible, the pastor turned to me. "Do you Alex Philips take miss Ileola Tiwalade as your lawfully wedded wife? To hold, love and cherish forever? ".

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I look around the church and saw lots of friends and family including Rotimi and Lewis. Here I am standing on the alter about to marry a girl I dont love. I stared at her...

Am I really gonna marry her? Someone I dont love. I look behind her to see my dad sitting beside mom glaring at me.

"Yes". I said drying.

"And do you promise to be there for better for worse? For richer for poorer? Till death do your part?".

What nonsense. "Yes".

The camera men kept taking pictures. The pastor faced my village bride. "Do you miss Ileola Tiwalade take Mr Alex Philips as your lawfully wedded husband? To hold, love and cherish forever? ".

Her voice came out like a whisper. "Yes I do".

"And do you promise to be there for better for worse? For richer for poorer? Till death do your part? ".

"Yes I do". She said with her voice cracking. Such pretence mtcheew. Like she's not happy to be married to someone like me.

We exchanged rings and read our vows.

"By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you two as husband and wife. You may now kiss your bride. The pastor said and camera lights kept flashing.

What insolence do they have to include this kiss stuff. Arrrgh.. I opened her veil and wow. She's looking gorgeous. No she's not.

"You the most ugly thing have ever set my eyes on". I muttered to her and kissed her lightly.

Everyone cheered and clapped.

I watch Ben strip to only his boxers and then he left into the bedroom. After our wedding, we left the village. My family cried but isn't that what they want, Feyi was not there to see me off because she couldn't.

We lodged in a hotel while my in-laws left us. Alex had argued that he doesn't want a honeymoon but his dad disagreed and said we must even if it just a night and he later agreed.

I must say, Mr Philips is a very nice and generous man. He got me and every other member of my family Android phones. He told Alex and I that he's working on our house but because it not right for Alex and I to stay in their house because we're married and need to stay on our own. We're to move in the following day.

Alex walked out of the bathroom with a towel tied around his waist and walked up to me. I gulped down feeling very scared and nervous, am a virgin and I've always heard it painful. I've always wish my wedding night be memorable with someone I love but here I am about ti be disvirgined by a sassy husband.
"I hope it not what am thinking? ". I heard Alex say and I looked up at him.

"Huh? ".I arched an eyebrow.

"I hopeyou not thinking that am gonna stoop so low and lay on you? ". He smirked then chuckled while I just left my mouth open.

"Really..... You think am gonna do that? Hey listen, like I said I ave my own partner, I did this for my dad so dont expect anything from this marriage". With that he moved to the wardrobe and dressed up.

"I'll advice you to lock the door because am nit coming back, you'll see me tomorrow morning". Then he left the room.

I took the pillow and screamed into it and crying my eyes out. What have I gotten myself into??????


I knocked on Nora's door and she opened, after she did. She tried to shut the door but I blocked it with my leg. "Nora please..... ".

She stared at me for a while, hissed then went inside. I walk in and lock the door behind.

I left the hotel and came straight to Nora's place. I had to see her, she's the only one I love and not a local girl.

I sat on the sofa beside her staring at those beautiful eyes. "Nora......... I swear everything was my dad's plan. You know quite well I can never ditch you. I would never do such to you. You're more valuable to me than you think.... Listen she might be married to me but my heartbeats for only you and it you forever.... You're the only woman and wife I have".

She stared at me and I nodded. She cup my cheeks and kissed me and I returned the kiss, our lips locked in a wild and passionate kiss. While we were kissing, I had my hands in top working on her boobs, fiddling them. I felt her hand working on my dick too and I moaned.

"Lets go inside". She whispered seductively, we disengage and she winked at me. She stood up, swaying her ass as she walk into the bedroom and I followed suite.

Best way to spend my honeymoon rather than touching a village slut.

That girl is in for it because am gonna make her life hell.

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