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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 4


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 4

Theme : The village Girl


I sat beside Dad in the Local compound which stinks and reek of something I don't know. My bride's to be parent were there. And uptill now I haven't seen my so called bride.

"Dad, whats this smell? ". I whispered into his ears.

"Thats the smell of fermented cassava". He replied.

"Fermented cassava for what Dad?
It stinks why arent you closing your nose? ". I whispered again.

"It for garri known as cassava flakes or for cassava flour, stop asking me silly questions and keep quiet".

Why is Dad being like this? This my first time in a village, I've never been to any before.Dad made me prostrate and greet different people since we came. I brought out my handkerchief to close my nose and my Dad glare at me. I dipped it back immediately. I won't even dare this man.

Mom is at home(Village house) she said she doesn't want to come and witness shits. My wedding is in two days. Dad invited lots of people,friends and family,home and abroad. Even my colleagues including my friends are in the village now lodge in my Extended family's hotel. This whole thing is bull shit, I dont still understand why dad disgrace me like this. Gosh.........

"Your son has grown into a man, I must say. He was around 3 when you brought him to the village then, right? ". I heard her Dad ask and I forced a smile. Dad had given me lots of warnings. Do and donts before we came and I won't dare disobey him.

"Yeah he was 3years then, you were still sneaking to see tiwa's mother". Dad said they laughed out hard.

"Ummmm....... What about my bride? ". I asked curiosily because I really wanna see the so called bride, Dad chose for me
"Wow wow.... Looks like the groom to be is eager already, let me go get her". Her mom grinned and I scoffed. Eager Indeed.

Dad and the girl's dad(I dont even know her name) kept chatting about old times.

I brought my phone out. I have an unread message. My heart skipped when I saw it was from LOML(Nora).


I was suddenly sweating. I did not tell her anything because I dont know how to but I have my plans for her.

"Good evening sir.... Welcome sir.... Hope you had a nice trip, sir? ". I raised my head up to see a young girl in her early 20's dressed in a blouse and a dirty wrapper kneeling before dad.
She's pretty I must say. Looks an African queen. Dark, pink lips, natural beauty unlike Nora who always wear makeup. Wait... I can't be admiring her, right? Nope.
 I heard there are lots of witch in this village maybe she's probably trying to charm me. God forbid!.
"Son, do you heard what we said at all?". I heard my dad ask jolting me out of my thoughts.

"S-so-sorry.... Uhmmm... Am sorry, what were you saying?". I asked a little embarrassed because they caught me admiring the girl".

"We said you should look around the village with your bride to be so you can get to know eachother more". Her Dad said and I nodded.I think it a good idea though because I have alot to tell her.

She walk up to me with her eyes glued to the ground. Is she shy?? I scoffed.. Such pretence.

Immediately we got out of their compound through the backyard. Gosh this girl stinks... I brought out my phone,inserted the earpiece to listen to music.Putting my hands inside my pocket.

We got outside our backyard and we both walk slowly. His hands were inside his pocket and I couldn't dare to look him in the face because am the shy type. I just played with the tip of my blouse.

He did not even say anything throughout. He just kept following me. He should at least say something.

I dont even know where we should go.I'll just take him to a nearby river because the place is not always noisy.

People stared at us as we passed.Everybody in the village already know about my wedding because our village is not that big.
We passed a group of small boys playing football. I felt something hit me making me fall.

"Ouch". I groaned cos I bruised my arm.

"Anty tiwa, am so sorry for playing the ball at you. It wasn't international". I look up to see the boy. I smiled at him, he picked his ball and left.

Wait..... Am not alone... I look up a bit,my groom was standing in front of me. I couldn't even look him in the eye. I couldn't even expected him to at least say "take care" or even help me up but No.
I stood up,adjusted my wrapper and flicked dirt off my wrapper and body. I was walking when I discover something wasn't right. Oh no... My slippers has cut. Oh God. I have to walk on bare foot now. Gosh..... I picked my slippers, dust it off and kept it in my armpit.

Soon we got to the river, I sat on the sand close to the river while he sat on a neat rock a bit far from me.

I must reek of smoke now because I was frying cassava flakes (Garri) at Feyi's place when Olamide came to call me.

"Sorry am smelling bad... I was actually doing something that has to do with smoke wh......

"And you're telling me because?? "He said cutting me off rudely.
I stared at him giving him a proper look for the first time. He so much look like his dad. Not too dark, round fine lips, spot free skin, fine black hair, fine nose, tall and he has a fine body shape too. He's not bad after all...

"Are you done drooling? I know handsome so just save it. Not like you won't see me again". I heard him say and sincerely I confirmed it. Pride, grumpy and sassy like his mom.

I bent my head slowly and played with my fingers.

"Hey listen.... You dont have to start acting like a good girl because I dont like you at all. As in I desest you, you irritate me so much. This whole shit is my dad's idea so get it straight. I won't stoop so low to marry an ordinary village girl like you. For your information, I have my own woman whom I love so much, so have it in your mind that it nothing but an arranged marriage ". He said rudely and with that left me alone.

I move closer to the river,socking my leg in it allowing the coolness of the water to touch me.

Tears well up in my eyes and roll down my cheeks. I cleaned it immediately with my thumb but it kept coming and I find myself crying.

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