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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 3


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 3

Theme : The village Girl


My friends and sat in the restaurant. We came for lunch from work, my friends are my colleagues at my Dad's company. P-Links company.

"Seriously man, you are really gonna marry the girl? ". Lewis asked.

"My dad fucking seized my stuffs, my account has been freezed. You won't believe I came to work in a cab". I said sighing.

"Alex, you just have to have marry the girl, right from sunrise you know I dont like Nora, she's always after your money ". Rotimi said and munched his meat pie.
"What the fuck are you saying Rotimi, will he marry an illiterate? We all know how much he loves Nora". Lewis said angrily.

" That girl is not an illiterate, she has a secondary school certificate according to Alex. Dont forget to add that Nora is very very expensive and she acts like a slut". Rotimi said and that kinda annoyed me.

"Just shut up Asshole, why dont you marry someone you dont love too, or why did you marry a classic girl, huh Asshole? ". Lewis shot at him.

"I did not marry Taiwo because she's a classic girl but because she's a very decent girl, we all know how grumpy and sassy Nora is". Rotimi said and it annoyed me the more.

"Hey guys, please just stop....
 Okay.... I came for an advice but you guys are just adding to my problem". I frowned.

"You can't marry that girl, you have to make your dad understand that.... How can you marry a village girl? It not possible and I won't watch you do such". Lewis continued.

"Listen to me Alex, marriage is a very good thing unlike what people are saying that why you have to settle down with a decent person.You need to join the group too and stop getting silly advice from a bachelor". Rotimi said and eyed Lewis.For God sake, why will a guy be eyeing someone.

"Okay okay guys, the thing is I need my account back. I'll soon run low on cash and Nora wanna go shopping next week". I said ruffling my hair. I really don't wanna make Nora mad at me.

"You see what I was saying...... That girl will finish you. All thanks to your dad if not, you would've been at the security post working as one". Rotimi said laughing hard and choked on his drink.

"Good for you". Lewis said and he continued eating his fried rice.
What am I gonna do now?

I lay on my bed staring at the patch of moonlight on the wall.

It been two weeks since dad announced my wedding, lot of things had changed like my mom, Ayomide and Dad not having chit chats with me as usual. Only Olamide supported me but it of no use because dad already made his decision. I can't still believe i'll be marrying someone I dont know in a week time.

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I only know his parents cos they do come to the village especially Mr Philips.

Mr Philips is a friend to my dad. I heard they grew up together in the village going to farm and fishing together untill his uncle ovesea took him abroad and that's how he became successful.

He always brought things for us whenever he comes to the village,he's extremely rich according to what I heard. He has a factory and a company too.

He was the one that paid for my WAEC and NECO exams, he wanted to send me to school but dad refused that he has tried.

He's a nice man, I must say but his wife is the opposite. She has lot of pride in her and I wonder how he end up with somebody like that. Hmmmm..... I dont even know whose character their son possess.

I heard someone tap on my window. I know it Feyi. I heard her move. I got out of my bed and stood staring at the door. She tapped again, but only once. I went to the door and opened it. The house was very quiet, it 11:something i guess. Two steps and I was at our parlour's door. I turned the handle quietly trying not to wake anybody up. The door moved without squeaking.

"I thought you won't come". She whispered. The moonlight touch her face. I got out and close close the door behind me. I carried our wooden bench up. Only chirping sounds of bird could be heard.

"What about your parent, they might be awake". She whispered again as we both sat on the bench.

"Stop worrying yourself,everyone is asleep". I said softly.And immediately clung unto her crying.

"You have to atop crying, Tiwalade please....... ". She said comforting me.

"Feyisara...... I swear I still find it hard to believe i'll be marrying someone I don't know soon, it in a week time o". I said sadly.

"It okay dear, I want you to know everything happens for a reason. You'll be fine, okay? ". She smiled at me.

I returned the smile. "Am glad to have you as a friend".

"Can't believe you'll be leaving soon, how will I cope without you". She said and burst out crying, I couldn't hold back the tears too so we cried together.
We were like that for God knows how long untill we heard a baby cry.

"That must be your baby". I told her.

"Let me start going then"

"Yeah... Goodnight and thanks for coming".

"Common it nothing, goodnight". With that we hugged and she love ft. I dropped the bench back to it former position and went back into my room and got into my bed.

I lay staring at the patch of the moonlight on my wall again. I was wide awake, my brain was too active to sleep. So I just allowed the tears to drop freely.

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