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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 2


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 2

Theme : The village Girl


My family and I just finish eating dinner of pounded yam and melon soup so we sat outside. We always sit outside to relax after our dinner whenever we dont have fuel to On Generator.

Everywhere was noisy, generator noise from the neighbours, chirping sound of birds, dogs barking, cats slinking through the bushes and children playing around.

The streetlamps flickered leaving dark shadows and on the floor the black tarmac glistened from the rain that fell earlier and insects flying around.

Our lantern was on and different insects kept coming for because of the illuminated light. My youngest sibling, Temitope who is 12 years old sat close to it doing his assignment.

My immediate brother Olamide who is 19 years old sat close to my dad eating a roasted corn, my dad had his radio close to his ear, his attention was there.

Mom and I is busy folding the clothes I washed earlier in the day.
"Mum, how was today's sells? Am sorry I couldn't come to help you".

"Common tiwa, it was fine and I understand you couldn't come because you were busy. You're a good and hardworking girl and am so proud of you darling".
I smiled. "E Seun ke. (Thank you ma).

"Tiwalade ". My dad called. I turned and notice he has switch off his radio.

"Sir". I answered, left what I was doing and went to sit beside him. Everyone continued what they were doing but am sure their attention is on what dad wanted to say because my dad only call us by our full name when he has something important to say.

"You're getting married". He said and I burst out laughing, I laughed so loud but stopped when I notice I was the only one laughing.

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"Baba(dad) you're joking, arent you? ".

He pick up his cup of palmwine which was on the stool in front of him, he took it to his mouth and gulped down then he dropped it back. "Do I look like I am".

"Of course baba(Dad) I know you are, even though you're not smiling". I know how much he crack jokes but he's not smiling today. He can't be serious, right?
"Am not joking dear, you will be getting married in three weeks time". He finally drop the bomb and I flinched, my siblings were shock too but mum doesn't look like she is cos she focus on what she was doing.

"Baba(dad) What are you talking about? Getting married as how? In three weeks time? With who? Dad it will be better to stop the joke if you're because am not marrying anybody". I said boldly cos I was suddenly annoyed.

"Listen dear, you're getting married to my friend's son and not a anybody like you said".

"Mom.............. ". I called as I rush to her.

"Listen Tiwalade, you have to accept what your dad said, not like you have a choice though. This an opportunity for us to send your siblings to school and I won't miss that out. Am tired of poverty if you're not". I was shocked to my marrow when I heard what my own mother just said.

My mouth was wide open in shock, they are selling me out because of money. Really.........

"Are you guys selling her out? ". I heard Olamide asked angrily. We eachother's favorite, we dont joke with eachother at all. I fell on the ground crying as the word "sell out" rang in my ear.

"Will you shut up....... You dont talk when elders are talking. She is getting married and that's final". My dad said angrily and went inside.

"Mom please dont do this to me please,you're the only one that can talk to dad. Please convince him,I don't want to marry someone I dont love, please". I cried out but my mum just packed the clothes and went inside.

"Anty tiwa, please marry the man. I want to go to university and become a lawyer and am sure same with boda Ola". My youngest brother(Temitope)blurt out and rushed inside when he saw the murderous look on Olamide's face.
Olamide came to me and hugged me tight while I cried.

"What?! ". Mom and I screamed at the same time because dad just said the impossible.

"Yes son, you're getting married to the girl in three weeks time. She's the one for you not that whore that you go around with". Dad said and sipped his coffee.

"There is no way my son will marry that girl, she grew up in the village, she's a secondary school certificate holder,she's a village girl,she's local and dirty". My mom shot at dad angrily.

"I was also a village boy before my uncle took me abroad and mind you, am still a village man too. Listen I've made my decision and that's final. Am not going back on my words.You know quite well, am a man of my word". Dad said and brought out his eyeglasses to read newspaper.

"Dad, you can't be fucking serious. Am a graduate and not just a graduate but a graduate of Oxford university and you want me to stoop so low and marry a village girl. All in the name of you like her, if you like her then marry her because I won't do that, not even after my death. It Nora or nobody". I yelled pouring out my anger.

"Philips, you better don't try any shit, I won't watch my son marry a village girl. So get it into your head". My mum yelled at dad too.

My dad did not even act like we were talking to him or we were even there, he just focus on his newspaper. It annoyed me and I storm out of the sitting room.

There is no way, am going to marry that girl. No way!!

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