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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 19


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 19

Theme : The village Girl


After I finish washing. I sat down in the backyard folding Basil's clothes. Though Nora has been maltreating me, that never stop me from loving her son. He's my step son. Am the one in charge of Basil, am his nanny.

The boy has been falling sick for weeks now and I wonder what's wrong. He's too young. Lots of time, I dont sleep. Cuddling him.

"Madam Tiwa!! ". Gina called coming from the kitchen and I just stared at her. She came to me and whispered in my ear. I gasped.
"Are you serious? ".

"Yes madam, I was cooking when I heard Mr Alex's voice sounding so happy, so I peep and saw him.

I stood up immediately not minding the clothes on my lap which fell off because I stood up. I rushed through the kitchen, I stood midawat immediately I saw him.

"Mr Philips! ". I screamed happily and ran into his arms. Have missed him so much. Now that he's here. I know i'll be fine.

He pulled me out of the and stared at me. "Why are you so lean and........ ".

He was interrupted by Nora's presence who walked in majestically as always. With her baby.

"Hello Mr Philips, Welcome Back". She smirked.

Mr Philips stood up immediately and faced Alex who looked away. "What's Nora doing here?! Why is Tiwa so lean and looking worked out?! I need an explanation right now! ". He roared and I smiled.
"Calm down Dad. Nora is living here now and the boy, she's carrying. Is my son".

"What?! ". Mr Philips looked shocked. Wait... Is it that he doesn't know about it. "For how long has she been here? ".

"Since you left, Mr Philips". Nora replied.

"I wasn't talking to you, Whore!".
"Dad, just stop this already please. Am sorry for not telling you about it. But at least say hi to your grandson".

"Listen Alex.. The only woman I approve of is Tiwa and she hasn't born. It only her children, that is my grandchildren".

Nora burst into tears. Gosh this girl is nothing but a total pretender.Geez.... .. Alex went to her and put his hand around her waist.

"Listen Dad, Nora here is the one, I love and she's gonna born all my kids. So the earlier you accept that now". Alex said sternly.

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"No way Boy!. She must move out of this house.She must leave! How dare you bring a whore into your matrimonial home!! ". Mr Philips roared in anger. He pursued his lips and clenched his fists into tight balls.

"She's no whore, father. She's my wife". Alex yelled back.

Gross..... This isn't funny anymore. Both father and son were yelling at eachother. And that Witch of a girl, Nora is just busy smiling. It all because of me.

"Listen and listen good! Nora must leave this house today and I mean what I just said, else!! ". Mr Philips warned sternly.His body was shaking in fury like a volcano about to explode.

"She's going nowhere Dad, else what?! ".

"You choose between the company and Nora".

"Oh well then, I choose Nora". Nora was shock and she nudged Alex immediately.

"Then you're fired, you bastard!! ". Mr Philips said angrily.His face turned deep red.

"I dont give a fuck!! To hell with your company and the factory. I dont need your financial support anymore!!

You're not even my dad again, since you dont want what i want". Alex barked at him at the top of his lungs then he storm out of the sitting room with Nora.

I stood gobsmacked.How can Alex disown his own father, because of a woman. Gross..... Sadness crept through me like a wave of despair
"What happened to you, Tiwa". Mr Philips asked holding my hands, tears roll down my cheeks and He cleaned it.

Am not gonna hide anything. "I was maltreated. Lots of time I go to bed without eating. Your wife comes here and slapped me numerous times.

Nora always cause trouble and Alex punish me. I was not allowed to the kitchen again. I turned into their slave but you forgot me, Mr Philips". I burst into tears.

"Oh my God". Mr Philips place a hand on his head. "I always ask of you from Alex, he fooled me".

"Please Mr Philips, the reason am still here is because of you. Now that you're here, I want to go back home please". I pleaded crying.

"No, dont talk like that, Tiwa. Am here now, you'll be fine... I promise".

I shook my head in disapproval. "No sir, I really want to go home, please".

Yeah. I really want to go home or somewhere else but not this house anymore.

I've suffered enough and now that Mr Philips is not on good terms with his son, all because of me. Am going home o.

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