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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 18


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 18

Theme : The village Girl


Nora sat between my legs on the sofa while I caress her lovingly. I know she was rude to my mom few days ago but I couldnt bring myself to scold her because i cant afford to lose her no matter what. I love her so much.

My mom did not check in since then, she's always rejecting my calls but I know, with time she'll come back. Am her only child. She's only being stubborn.

Tiwa is probably in the backyard doing laundry as usual. That girl won't just go, I dont know what her problem is at all. Nora and I have been trying our best to push her away but she's been adamant.
"Honey... I wanna go weave my hair tomorrow ".

"Oh yeah that's nice but I thought you made this one last week".
"Yeah dear but I want to buy the latest Brazilian hair. That one is 300k and this one is JUST 100k".

"Oh yeah that's great then. I hope you still have enough money with you or should I just transfer to your account? ".

"No, not yet Love. Remember am going to Dubai with my friends next week. I want to give them a treat so save it till then".

"As your lordship pleases ma".

"Alex.....Can I ask you a question?". She asked softly.

"Yeah go ahead sweetie".

"How much do you love me? ".

I chuckled. "You know I love you more than anything else in this world, why did you ask? Is something wrong? Is it Tiwa again? ".

"No... Nothing at all. Umm how much do you care about me? ".
"Listen Nora, I love you so much and I care so much about you. I would give you the world in a heartbeat if I could". I said sincerely. Thats how much I love her.

"Be right back honey, let me go and check on basil".

Basil has been getting I'll this days and it bothers me alot. The boy is just a little boy".

Nora went upstairs and soon I heard the door squeak and I turned to see him with a big smile on his face.

"Dad!! Dad!! ". I screamed like a baby and hugged him tight then I pulled out. "Wow dad, you did not say you were coming today, am so happy".

"Oh son... I wanted to surprise everybody, I did not even tell your mom". He said grinning as he settled in the sofa.

"Wow dad, you so fresh. Now I know why you dont want to come back. Just Look at your skin. What have you been eating? ".
"Hahahaha, how is the factory and company? ".

"Oh dad... It not funny at all. I always have alot of things to do, I now realise working as CEO isnt easy. Just few months that I was the acting CEO I almost died of stress".

"Hahahahahah, son..... Am here now, so you have nothing to worry abou. Atleast you have experienced it now,so it won't be a problem when I heard over the two to you".

"Oh please dad.... Not even in the next 50years because am not ready to face all those stress at all. So tell me Dad, how was the business deals? ".

"Well well.... it went great. Am now one of the shareholders of Royal Company.... Tell me, how is your wife? I hope she's pregnant because that's the news I want to hear now".

Holy cow! The whole time, Dad has been asking about Tiwa, I have been lying. Always making fake excuses. I haven't tell him about Nora living in this house and the fact that I now have a son.
"Mr Philips!! ". I heard Tiwa screamed, she ran to my dad and hugged him

She was looking so lean and was sweating profusely.

"Why are you so lean and.......

My dad was interrupted by Nora's presence. She was wearing a very short bumshort and a crop top. She was carrying my son and she walked down the stairs.

"Hello Mr Philips, welcome back". Nora said and smirked.

My Dad turned to me and I gulped down. I bite my lower lips. Geez....
Oh God. Am not ready for this at all. Not now, am not prepared.

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