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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 17


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 17

Theme : The village Girl


Few months later......

Who is Tiwa to think she can just come from nowhere and steal my ATM. Yes Alex is nothing but my ATM. I dont even love him, not even 10% of me does.

All am after is his money which he's always ready to spend for me.
 I was disappointed when he got married, I thought he won't come for me again but fortunately and the fool he is, he came back for me. I was very happy when I got pregnant and just like I wanted, he made me move into his house
The day I told him, I was gonna give him a heir. I knew what I was saying but he's too dumb to understand. I want to bear him a son who will inherit all his wealth and then kill him.

Thankfully his mother accepted me though I dont like the woman at all because she has lot of pride and behave like she's the one in control of everything.

She really made things easier for me to maltreat Tiwa though she's still proving stubborn to leave. I'll just poison her one day and am close to doing that. The only reason I haven't done that is because Alex doesn't even like her.

Am the one responsible for the problem Tiwa is having to reach Mr Philips. I set his number and divert all her calls, she won't be able to call or receive or give him a call at all and the money he's sending from her. I want to make sure I send her packing or she die and that will surely happen soon.

And Mr Philips, am glad he's not back yet. That man doesn't like me a bit because I had dated one of his friend before who is in late 60's. He even told his son but Alex said it happened in my past and it can't change his love for me.

"Ma-ma". I heard my baby voice calling me immediately he saw me climbing down the stairs. He was sitting on his Grandma's lap. That woman come here almost everyday since I gave birth and even though I have been insulting, she still comes.

I pecked Alex's cheek as I settled beside him while my baby crawled slowly to me, he finally got to me and I carried him on my lap before pecking him. While he snoogled in my arm.

"Your skirt is too short, Nora". I heard Mrs Philips say.

"There is nothing wrong in what am wearing, you dont expect me to tie wrapper and dress like an old witch". I said frowning.
"Am only saying the truth, it too short for you. You're a mother already and...

"Then come and pull it off". I cut her off.

"What?! Alex, did you hear that? "

"Yes mom, there is nothing wrong with the skirt, I actually love it this way". Alex supposed and I smiled wickedly at her.

"Okay o, if you insist. So tell me Nora, when do you want us to come and see your parent". Mrs Philips said and I rolled my eyes. What exactly is her problem? She really thought I want to marry Alex. God forbid.. Am not planning to be a widow after I kill him.
"Alex is not complaining so I dont know why you taking it as your problem and carrying it on your head when you have your own but carrying it with your hand". I said sarcastically.

"You talking to me rudely, you know".

"If you dont want that then stop pokenosing in my affair, I never said am not comfortable like this. It you that should stay in your house and wait for your husband. Who knows what's keeping him there".

"Dont speak to me that way, am your mother inlaw! ".

"The last time I checked, am not married to your son. Am just his baby mama".

"Alex!!! Are you trying watching Nora talk to me that way? This not the first,second or third".

"Oh mom please, you're taking it too far. You started it". Alex said and burst out laughing because I couldn't hold it back.

"Seriously Alex! I can't believe this, you've been charmed!!! ". She yelled angrily and picked her bag from the table.

"Dont forget to lock the door behind o". I mocked and she glared at me.

"Alex, Nora is sending me out of your house! ".

"You're the one who picked your bag up and stood up and she said dont forget to lock the door. She did not say anything wrong".
Mrs Philips stood gobsmacked.

I overheard how Nora was yelling and insulting Mrs Philips then I left my room and came downstairs. She was too rude. Yes Mrs Philips has treating me bad but she's still my mother inlaw. She was about to leave when I spoke up.

"That was very rude of you Nora, and Alex, how could you sit and watch someone talk to your mother that way and all you could do is sit and watch".

Everyone was shocker that I spoke that way but I dont care anymore, I've been pushed to the wall and it time to face them back now.

"Attention seeker!! Dont try to impress Mrs Philips because she detests you alot". Nora laughed.

"She might detest me but I dont care and about what you said about impressing, you should know I dont need to impress anybody because I've faced alot in the house.

The only person I can impress is Mr Philips. Me, living in this house is because of him. So get it straight into your head. Dont ever in your life, talk to her that way again. Next time, you do that. I swear i'll make you regret it".

I said giving her a piece of my mind. Mrs Philips was surprised and she smiled at me for the first time. Nora couldn't talk again while Alex just stare at me and I went back into my room.

I heard a knock on my door.
"Come in".

Mrs Philips walked in and hugged me. "Oh my Tiwa, what have I done to you... Will you ever forgive me? Am so sorry my child... Am so sorry, oh Tiwa.....

She went on talking and talking and I just stayed in her arm unable to talk. I mean am just too shock... A whole Mrs Philips. I never imagined she could ever hug me.

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