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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 16


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 16

Theme : The village Girl


I sat with the maids washing clothes. Yeah ever since Mrs Philips had instructed me to join them and work, I've been doing that. I feel so broken not because of the works but because I was being maltreated and being use like a slave in my matrimonial house

Lots of times, Mrs Philips had slapped me. She does that everytime she comes to the house.

I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my head and I started shivering. What could be wrong again? Am tired of falling sick everytime.

"Are you okay, ma? ". One of the maids asked.

"No i think it my fever again and i feel something in my thro..... ". I was not able to finish my statement when I threw up. I made sure I emptied everything in me before I rinsed my face while Gina sprinkle water on my face. Everything I threw up was water because I haven't been feeding well again.

"You should take a rest now, you've been working all day".
I nodded in agreement, left them and opened the kitchen door. I hastened into the sitting room before walking upstairs. Yeah I have to do that to avoid trouble. Alex had warned me never to enter the kitchen so I had no choice.

I climb the stairs slowly and I heard moans coming from Nora's room. I got to my door and the moans became audible and very loud.Well that's how she scream Everytime they're having sex.

"Oh yeah.....



"Faster Alex...

"I love you Alex...

"Oh my God, Alex!!!!

"Awwn, please....



"Hit it hard baby....

"Yeah you so sweet...

"Alex!!! Oh my...

"Faster baby, yes yes yes.....

Nora's room is just opposite mine, I know she did that on purpose because she wasnt using that room when she first got here but when she knew where the matrimonial room was, she moved in. Well Alex doesnt ahare a room with me ever since she moved in.

I care less about that. I pushed my door and walk in. Geez... Am so tired.... Am not sure I can shower. I'll just sleep then when I wake up, i'll use my medications. I threw myself on the bed and slept off.

I watch Nora slap Tiwa across the face. She jerked up from her sleep immediately holding her cheeks with confused look.

"What is it this time? ". She asked with tears welling up in her eyes and they soon roll down.

"My favorite pant is missing and the maids said you were the one who washed my panties last". Nora growled.

"What are you talking about? Why will I steal your pant? We dont even use the same size. For God sake, Nora... Why are you doing this to me? Alex?

What have I really done? Do you think i wanna marry you too? Huh? I dont want to either.. Stop treating me like an animal. Am human too". She cried still holding her cheeks.

Yeah it true, her ass is bigger than Nora's but it actually a G-string so it possible she stole it. She's a Village girl anyways..

"Search her closet, ransack it!! Bring everything out! ". Nora ordered the maids.

I watch the maids ransacking her stuffs and brought everything out.
 Nora walked to the heap of clothes and she brought out her pant, holding it. What the fuck!! The maids gasped and so did Tiwa but I know for sure she's pretending.
"I did not steal that I swear". Tiwa crier looking at me but I turned away and left the room.

Nora and I is going for Rotimi's baby naming ceremony. His wife gave birth few days ago and they invited Tiwa and I but no way. I did not even take her to Lewis and Fiona's wedding. I went with My Nora.

I sat on the bed silent. Recalling everything that just happened. Immediately Alex left, Nora instructed the maids to leave then she stuck her tongue at me and a sly smile crept on her face.

"Why are you doing this to me? Alex dont even like me... So why are you inflicting pains on me". I asked crying, I couldn't hold back the tears.

"Alex knows how to screw very well. He always dig in my P***y very well to it depth. He's so big and I enjoy him alot especially when he suck onto my bobby". She laughed. "What exactly are you still doing here? Huh? Tell me... Just tell me... Arent you tired? The moans and everything...

Listen Tiwa or whatever your name is.... If you really want to stop suffering then leave na".

"I can't, Mr Philips loves me".

"Oh really?? ""When was the last time you heard from him? Huh? Listen he can't again... Am already carrying his grandchild and that is why he has turn his back on you". She smiled and rubbed her baby bump.

"The earlier the better, baby tiwa". She laughed then hissed before walking out of the room slamming the door behind.

She's actually right... Mr Philips doesn't call me again and I can't reach him too. He doesnt even credit my account again. Oh lord.....

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