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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 15


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 15

Theme : The village Girl


I heard a loud thud and opened my eyes to see Rotimi on my bed with Alex. He just saved me by pushing Alex.

"Leave me alone, let me beat this useless village girl, how dare her touch my Nora!!! How dare you!!! ". Alex kept yelling trying to break free from Rotimi who held him tight.

"What if i wasnt on time. You really wanna hit a woman. What has come over you, Alex? ".

I started crying, this exactly what I tried to avoid but Nora won't just stop.

Nora screamed all of a sudden holding her tummy shocking all of us because I stopped crying.

Alex rush to her. "Are you okay? What's wrong baby? ".

She burst into tears. "I swear Alex, I just came to call her to eat because I heard she has a fever. Only for her to start trouble". She took a pause and sniff. "She wanted to hit the flower vase on me but I dodged it and it hit the mirror.

She came to me and slapped me hard when I said I was gonna report her. Do you know what she said?". Alex shook his head. "She said, Alex can't do anything". She sniffed again. "She wanted to kill my baby, Alex..... Our baby... Alex.. I only have good intentions towards her but she has bad for me, why? Am leaving o... because I dont want to lose my life and my baby's life. What if she tries to poison me, huh? Am leaving this house before then".
I was gobsmacked. I never knew she could make up such lie.. What?!!

"You're going nowhere, Nora. If anyone should leave, it will be her not you. Henceforth, you're not permitted to enter the kitchen again henceforth!!! I dont want to ever see you near the kitchen!! Witch!!!!! ". Alex said angrily and carried Nora out in a bridal style.

"I swear Rotimi, she's lying. Everything she said is a lie.she's the one". I cried.

"It okay Tiwa, I know you can't do that. I trust dear.. Listen you have to be strong and careful, Alex can do anything when it comes to Nora". Rotimi consoled and I nodded gently still crying.

His phone rang from his pocket, he brought it out and pressed a button before placing it on his ear while I went to sit on my bed quietly..

"Ummm..... I have to go now Tiwa, my wife needs me to pick her up from her shop. Please take care of yourself please.... ". I nodded and he left.

I reached for my phone and dialed my mom's number and she answered on the third ring.

"Hello momo(mom)". I cried.

"Hello o, why are you crying? ".

I explained everything to her not leaving any stone unturned.
"your husband impregnated someone eh ehn? Is yours gonna be the first? I have seen lots of husbands who bring a child to his wife on their wedding telling her, the child is his. Nothing happened, they continued the wedding and live a happy life.

I have seen a husband who impregnated two women and brought the two few days after his wedding. Your own is just one and you're acting like a baby.

Listen Tiwalade, if your husband gets someone pregnant then all you have to do is find a way to get pregnant too. You have to face something in your matrimonial home, no matter what".

"Mom, I can't endure again. I want to come back home".

"Are you crazy Tiwalade? Come back where? Which home? Do you realise you're married now? Why are you acting like a baby? Your mates are in their matrimonial home managing it you're here saying rubbish.

Some girls are not up to your age and they are managing their home. Even your friend Feyi is managing hers too,sh has two kids already plus her husband and she's doing well.

Dont you dare leave that house!!! Have you gone nuts? Huh? Sho ya were ni(are you mad?) You want me to go back in selling tomatoes abi? Back to square one? God forbid!! It you, my enemies want to use against me. God forbid!!.

She kept yelling on the phone while I just listened in disbelieve crying.

"Dont come to my house o".Then she disconnected the call.

I walked into the bathroom and laid in the bathtub soaking my own body in the cold water. Thats what I need now because, am feeling I might collapse anytime.

" I'll be strong, whatever happens.... I'll be strong and face it. Yes I will face it... I can do it.. Though I dont know how long it gonna last but i can do it. Tiwa you'll be fine".

I kept motivating myself as I cried hard.

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