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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 14


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 14

Theme : The village Girl


"Seriously Alex, how could you do that to a woman? That was very bad". Rotimi said to me while I just sipped my wine.

Rotimi won't just stop talking about how I treated Tiwa the last time we went to his house.

"Listen friend, that's what she deserve. She's just a village girl and nothing else..... Talking about Lewis... I called him last night, said he just got to town". I said changing the topic.

"Oh yeah..... The groom to be is travelling around". He laughed and sipped his wine.

"I wanted to take a leave from work but I couldn't. You know dad isnt in town and I have to make sure everything is going well, both in the factory and company.

"Exactly pal, and I can't leave my pregnant wife either...... Talking about your dad, how is he doing and when will he be back? ".

"Yeah he's fine, said he'll be back next year".

"Next year?! ". He asked with wide eyes.

"Yes oooo, said he has lots of business deals, you know. And he's trying to sign a contract with Royal company to become a shareholder there".

"Oh yeah that's true, how is tiwa? I haven't.......

He was cut off by Nora's presence who walked in majestically as usual. She's carrying a big makeup box, she told me earlier that she need to buy a new box and I gave her the money. Well she has quit her job, that's her decision and I see no wrong because am rich enough
She came to me and kissed me on the lips before turning to Rotimi. "Hey Rotimi".

"Hi Nora". He waved back looking confused.

"I'll go in now sweetheart". She said to me and turn to Rotimi. "Enjoy your stay". With that she climbed the stairs up.

Rotimi rushed to me and sat beside me. "What the fuck is going on Alex? What's Nora doing here? ".

"Hey calm down bro, she moved in few days ago because she's carrying my baby". I grinned.

"What nonsense are you saying, Alex? You brought in another woman into your matrimonial home, just few weeks after your wedding". Rotimi half yelled.

"Hey stop yelling bro, she's pregnant for God sake and all you care is about Tiwa".

"Alex, you're married, behave like one. Marriage is not just anything. The last time I check Nora has an apartment. She fucking has a house, why do you have to bring her in?

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I dont trust that Nora girl, not even for a sec. How sure are you that she's pregnant? Huh?

And you saying that am supporting Tiwa is because I fucking have human feeling... That girl is like a sister to me. I have a younger sister who is married and I know I would never allow anybody..............


We heard a loud crashing sound or let me say like something was Smashed upstairs. I turn to look at Rotimi.

"I got this bro,i'll be right back". Then I hurried upstairs.

I laid on my bed relaxing. I have really missed my old happy self. Nora suddenly barge into the room, making me startled.

"Why can't you knock, Nora? ".

"I need you to go buy me recharge card".

"What?! Are you joking right now? ".

"Well I dont look like I am"

"First and foremost, there at least 5 maids in this house and moreover I have fever right now".
"Am not here for jokes or to know how you feeling. I dont care, just go get me recharge card now!! ".

"For Christ sake, you can recharge from your account. Why do you wanna disturb me, eh? ".

"Listen I dont have any money in my account that why I need you to get me the card right now, Tiwa!! ".

God.... I know Nora is lying. She can never be broke not when Alex is recharging her account almost everyday.

"Please Nora, I beg of you. Just go, I have fever". I pleaded not wanting any trouble. Cos ever since she entered this house, is trouble here and there.

I felt a hand across my face and I crashed on the tiled floor hitting my butt hard.

"Ouch". Nora just slapped me again for the third time since she entered this house.

She took the flower vase on top of the drawer and threw it at my full length mirror shattering it. What!!!

I felt anger rush through my vein and I stood up. Rush towards her and land a hot slap on her face. She looked so shock.

Alex barge in and I swear he was how I had slapped Nora. Nora rush to him crying hard. He looked at me with so much anger and charge towards me.

He lift his hand up and I close my eyes. Gbammm!!!!!

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