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DILUTED Bullet-Chapter38&39


DILUTED Bullet-Chapter38&39

Theme: Weeping Love



” you’re Oladele Junior, then P1, after, you’ve been called many names, but currently Ben Parker, a serial killers, an orders collector, home breaker, a liar, a thief, a deceit, a poisonous guy, an agent of The Mask but with a pitiable soul ” a voice was saying into my ear as different flashes of memories flooded my head.
I head my head in pain as I felt it tearing apart as the memories gushed into it, the pipe connected to my wrist disconnected from it and the drip hanger beside me fell down.
” what’s wrong with you” I read Gina’s lip, as she touched me trying to calm me. I couldn’t hear anything she was saying just the movement of her lip.
I remembered everything about her and about my ordeals in life including my childhood memories.
But the consequence was a severe headache which made me passed away at a point.
I woke up later with a blurry head, the oxygen mask on my face earlier wasn’t there again, just the drip pipe attached to my wrist.
” how are you feeling now and do you know me “? I heard a voice asked beside me, I winced in pain as I tilted my head to the side I heard the voice from.
” I’m okay and you’re David Gina the president daughter ” I said forcing out a smile.
” you scared me, thought you’re not going to wake up for another weeks again” she said heaving a sigh of relief with a smile which I only reciprocate with a smirk.
” you’ve slept for two weeks more after you woke up and passed out that day” she added with a tone that depict how she was scared.
” where am I and how many days have I been bedridden”? I asked weakly when she said I slept for two more weeks .
” you slept for a month and four days” she replied.
” what” I exclaimed.
” where am I” I asked remembering she only answered one of the two questions.
” in my dad’s house, precisely on the first floor, my floor” she added with a proud countenance.
” oh” I grunted in resignation to fate.
” the doctor just left few minutes ago, are you feeling any discomfort so that I can quickly contact him” she asked with a worried countenance.
” no, I’m alright” I replied her.
” good” she said.
Just then, Tabitha entered with a tray containing a glass of juice and chips on it.
” he’s awake” she exclaimed happily as she saw me.
” yeah” Gina replied her while I just stared at them..
” should I get him something to eat” she asked placing the tray containing the chips and juice on a glass cushion closer to Gina.
” care for anything” Gina asked me and I shook my head negatively.
” okay” Tabitha said as she exit the room but she gave me a kinda glare which kindof scared me.
A glare with the message content ” I knew what you did” in it.
Maybe she had remembered what I erased from her head.
But I wasn’t bother by that.
I was bothered about my safety, and Snap’s own, including Gina’s own .
I suddenly felt like I care for her, nope, it wasn’t ordinary care, it was like my inner emotion which I’ve did well in conceding for many days was let lose by some unknown factors.
I have breached my mission and I was sure someone else has already been assigned to it.
” but who could that be” I asked myself as I stared at her, I knew the person is already near or already working on it.
” thank you” I said to Gina still staring at her.
” you welcome love” she replied shocking me.
Her voice was almost the same as my anonymous lover whose voice raised me back to life.
” did you read the story of an immature angel and a girl named Tabitha to me” I asked with a calm tone in order not to looked anxious.
But “anxious”
That word seemed to be lost in my dictionary for a very long time, especially in front of a girl, could it be that the injury I procured from the blast was toying with my brain.
” I read it to you many times over and over again, but” she said suddenly staring into my eye with shock.
” did you hear me reading it to you” she asked with a disbelieving countenance.
” don’t mind” in retorted closing my eye.
” answer me nah, did you hear it” she asked sulkily feebly pushing and pulling my arm.
” I like Nina and Ben most, in it” I said smiling without opening my eye.
” wow, all my effort wasn’t futile” she said happily but that was all I heard last as I slept off again.
When I woke up, I think it was already night or midmorning tho the room with the lit bulbs in it says otherwise.
Beside me was Gina sleeping peacefully, she looked exhausted.
” is this how we’ve been sleeping together since I’ve been here” I asked myself as I found my hand massaging through her hair.
She was very beautiful as she slept soundly.
One of the greatest rule of the mask is avoiding attachment, especially in the form of love.
” f--k love, that shit makes you vulnerable” that’s our usual saying which was instilled into our consciousness.
I remembered about the dream I had when I was asleep, how we got married, living happily, even got a kid.
I smirked as I remembered it, that was the last thing that could happen in my life, an agent of the mask ain’t destined for happy ending.
It’s either we grow old in the work and get reinstated as an instructor or escape the from the organization and keep watching over your back for the rest of your life and trust me, the rest of your life is already limited, no escaping from the mask.
” why am I thinking of escape” I said to myself with a smirk as I got up from the bed.
I scanned through the large and beautiful room and was pleased with the atmosphere.
I love neatness.
My head ache a bit as I started roaming the room searching for nothing in particular.
My eye suddenly caught glimpse of Gina’s phone on one of the glass cushion inside the room.
I picked it and double tap the screen to wake it.
It displayed revealing ” enter lock sets” I smirked as I unlock it with my personal master code which I can use to access any phone. A master code I generated myself.
I dialed Snap secret safety digits.
” the number you’re trying is out of coverage” the network courier in feminine tone said to me and I smiled.
” guy come receive your call, na P1 they yan you” I said in pidgin language and the phone suddenly vibrated.
I moved it away from my ear and placed it in front of my face.
I knew he’s already hacked into the phone and wanted to be sure if it’s not a lie.
” P1, is that you” he screamed happily as I returned the phone back to my ear.
” yeah, where are you and what’s happening” I asked him checking on Gina to be sure if she’s still asleep.
” what am I” he asked not answering my questions.
I knew he’s trying to play safe.
” you’re not a human” I replied with an indifference tone.
” wow,it’s really you P1, but I thought the doctor said you’re going to lose your memory, how did you remember the safety digit” he asked curiously.
” just leave your questions for now and answer mine” I whispered to him as Gina changed her sleeping posture.
” well, I’m in Florida now doing some research on Toy, and another agent who goes by Mask tag, Flea has been assigned for the front role for the President mission, and you’ve two ranks deducted from your levels for indulging in a personal mission when you’re currently on a mission ” Snap informed me.
” okay, get back into the country today and I’m not awake yet” I said dropping the call as Gina woke up.
” how you sleepy head” I greeted her as I moved closer to her and sneaked her phone back to its former position.
” I’m fine” she replied.
” how are you feeling” she asked placing her hand on my head.
” I’m soundly healthy” I replied her smiling.
” but the doctor said you might be experiencing slight headache because you woke up before your head is completely healed” she said with a worried countenance.
” the doctor is wrong and he doesn’t know how strong I am, if he had known, he wouldn’t have said that” I said staring at her.
” wow, strong guy” she said as she tried to hit my head but I swiftly held her hand midway, I stared into her eye as she did into mine.
It was like it took a century as our head started moving closer to themselves,our breathing increased as I could hear her heart and mine beating fast, when our lips were just a few inches away from themselves, I suddenly stopped, swiftly tilted my head back ward.
” someone is coming” I said trying to steady my breathing.
” I don’t think so” she said looking disappointed, just then we started hearing beeps from the door side, followed by the robotic tone ordering whoever it was that was at the other side.
“Good morning Gina” Tabitha greeted as she came inside with a trolley with some stuffs covered on it with a white table cloth, while Gina shot me a surprised glare as she stood up from the bed.
” morning” Gina greeted Tabitha as she uncovered the contents inside the trolley.
” so it’s already six am” Gina asked staring at the contents as if trying to decipher if anything was missing in it.
” yeah” Tabitha replied.
” okay, thank you, I’m going to handle it from here ” Gina said taking control of the trolley as she wheeled it to my side and Tabitha exited the room but shot me the same kinda glare she shot me in the previous day.
” how did you do that or know that she’s coming” Gina asked as she sat down beside me.
“I heard her footsteps” I replied her.
” what” she exclaimed
” this room is soundproof, you can’t hear what’s happening inside it from outside and vice versa” she added staring into my eye like I was lying.
” I don’t know but I heard her footsteps” I retorted.
She gave me an indifferent stare before she started battling with the contents inside the trolley.
She handed me a glass of rich warm tea which she prepared and two slices of bread.
” I’m not hungry now” I protested not collecting it from her.
” the doctor prescribed some drugs and asked you to use it as early as six a.m but must not be taken in an empty stomach, tho he already said you’re not retaining your appetite soon but you’ve to force yourself” she explained with a caring tone as she pushed the cup into my hand, with the two slices of bread.
” my taste bud suck now and I think I’ve to brush my teeth first” I said dropping the bread and tea into the serving trolley.
The truth was that seeing the bread and tea made me remembered my mom and dad,I felt the urge to cry at that moment, so I quickly discard the urge by returning the tea.
She shook her head shotting me a blunt glare before she stood up.
” follow me” she said as she head to one of the shut door inside the room.
She opened it revealing a large bathroom with Jacuzzi .
She entered and I followed her in.
Here’s the toothbrush you’ve been using for the past six months ” she said showing me a brush.
But instead of giving me, she dropped it back to the toothbrush rack inside the bathroom.
” catch” she said as she threw a new toothbrush to me which I caught it successfully.
” come closer” she motioned to me and I joined her where she stood.
That was when I noticed that a big mirror was sculpted into the wall behind the sink which she stood at its front.
” let brush together” she said as she shifted a bit so as to grant me some space.
I dislodged the brush from its pack.
She added little toothpaste on it as she also did to hers.
She smiled at me as we started brushing our teeth.
” do you copy agent Dz9″ I suddenly heard as I started brushing my teeth.
I glanced at Gina who seemed to be engrossed in making sure her teeth remain sparkling white.
” I don’t think she heard it” I assured myself as I resumed brushing.
” let me see your teeth” she said as we finished brushing.
I reluctantly show her.
” looks like I did a good job during the time you’re asleep” she said with a satisfactory countenance, with a smile embedded on her cheek.
” good for you” I said as I exit the bathroom.
” now I feel much better” I said as I took the tea from the trolley.
” wait” she feebly screamed but it was already late as I’ve already gulped down all the contents inside the cup.
“Oops” she winced as I took the cup away from my mouth.
“You should have allow me to prepare another one for you, that one would have lost its hotness and even procured some germs because you left it uncover” she added as she took the cup away from my hand.
” it’s alright” I said as I picked one out of the two slices of bread,folded it into two parts and took a big bite out of it.
” I’m not going to talk again” she said staring at me while I just smiled at her as I ate the remaining bread.
” how should I use the drugs” I said as I took all the sachets of drugs inside the trolley.
” give it to me” she said as she collected all of it from my hand.
She popped out seven tablets from five sachets and gave it to me as she quickly fixed another warm tea for me, which I used for the drugs in my hand.
” I love the tattoo on your back” she said after I’ve relaxed for few minutes.
” tattoo” I asked surprisingly.
” yeah, the one with the picture of a python that possess half face of a Python and dragon” she said making me felt slightly worried.
” you saw it” I asked staring at her lip.
” yeah and it looked awesome and kinda very expensive” she said with awe.
Every agents have their own tattoo which is call mask tag.
It reflect ones character, from Goat, I heard Toy has the picture of toy gun on his back.
Like when we’re been selected by our mentors, we also have our own mask which is sculpted with our mask tag, and mine is the picture of Python with half dragon face, exactly like the art on my back.
We’re told that the mask is to be worn on special occasions which haven’t happened since I became an agent, because I’m always using the normal black mask for my missions.
” don’t tell anyone about the tattoo” I said to her with a calm tone in order to hide my real emotion.
” alright, but I think I’ve seen that kinda tattoo on someone’s back before but it’s a small one and different animal, but with the same quality as the one on your back” she said to me.
” She’s seen another mask agent” I said to myself.
” who is that” I tried to sound less coercive and excited so as for her not to get suspicious.
” I’ve also promise the person that I’m not going to tell anyone” she said to me smiling.
I decided to let go of the topic for another day for safety reason.
We chatted for few more minutes before I slept off again.
When I woke up, it was already afternoon, I knew this because of the ray of sunlight which was trying to force it way in through the pink cotton with pictures of Ariana Grande cotton that was placed on the window.
Gina was nowhere to be found inside the room.
I stood up from the bed feeling refresh.
I was experiencing zero pain all over my body and I felt like I was recovering all my lost energy.
I searched the room maybe I could find Gina’s phone but couldn’t locate it.
The 36 inches flat screen led TV inside the room suddenly came on by itself and Snap image suddenly appeared on it.
” no need searching for her phone, she took it with her” he said to me laughing.
” wizard” I said smiling as I saw his image on the TV.
” I caught you red handed” he said still laughing.
” have you been watching me” I asked as I sat on the bed facing the TV.
” yeah, you and your girlfriend” he said teasingly.
” idiot, poke nosing into what doesn’t concern you ” I said with a serious tone.
” first time I’m going to call someone your girlfriend and you’re cool with it” he said with a surprised expression.
” are you on your way back” I swiftly said with the mindset of changing the topic.
” I’m at the airport, will be in Nigeria soon, and I’ve got a great news for you” he said with a satisfactory tone.
” what’s that and I’ve also got a news for you” I replied him.
” I think I now know who Toy is, but he’s not a staff in the school, but his hacker is” he said surprising me .
” who is Toy” I swiftly asked.
” not sure yet but his hacker is Mr Dandy, one of the clerk in the VC office but I think Toy is also in the school setting, maybe a student ” he said surprising me more
” wow, this is getting more interesting” I said to myself.
” I’m going to get more information about it when you’re back” I said to him.
” that is soon” he replied.
” yeah, but what did you got about Flea the new agent taking over from me”
” her elevator is here” Snap and I said in unison.
” how did you know that” he asked me with surprise written on his face.
” I don’t know, we’re going to talk later but before you go, hear this ” I said to quickly garner his attention.
” help me make a little research on a couple named Oladele Thomas and Margaret, who lose a son named Oladele Junior fifteen years ago but have a daughter named Susan” I ordered him.
” who are they” Snap asked curiously.
” I’m going to explain to you later, switch the TV off” I ordered him.
” okay, see you in few hours” Snap said as he shut the tv.
” what’s wrong with you” I heard Tabitha asked Gina.
” is Ben awake” she asked her without waiting for reply.
I started hearing the door beeping, followed by the robotic voice.
The door opened revealing Gina with a worried face.
” secure the whole building” I heard someone whose voice resembled Wisdom’s own screaming.
” are you really a spy” Gina asked as she saw me.
” yeah” I replied her.

To be continue…

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