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DILUTED Bullet 2-Chapter1


DILUTED Bullet 2-Chapter1

Theme: Heartless Love



Previously on Diluted Bullet.

I’m Benjamin parker, a citizen of Canada but share ties with Nigeria from my maternal side.
I’m your new history teacher.
” finish her”
I feel sorry for Sophia one of my just concluded mission.
He’s very handsome, Kingsley is very ugly compare to him.
I’m ready to leave Khalid, my two rounds guy.
Do you think I didn’t know that you collected money from my husband in order to let me lose the case.
How can you both stoop so low and fall for your lecturer.
Who’s the lucky guy?
where’s Aminat
I’m saving you from humiliating yourself.
Get your death certificate ready.
Kingsley please don’t do this, please I beg you.
I’m just bearing P1, she’s the real P1 because she is the boss, always bullying me.

Yes, I’ve seen his face and he’s also seen mine.
She answered the questions in different manners and they all came out true.
He’s the first to make my heart flutter.
I’m not traveling out of Nigeria, dad.
You’ve been drawn against P2 for the final five contest.
I love you so much, I’m happy to sacrifice myself for you.
It’s for your own safety, you’re my weakness and I don’t think I can accept losing you.
I’m ready to travel to Spain but you’ve to get me a young tutor to teach me the language
Kingsley is dead but I don’t think it’s a natural one. I know mask handiwork when I see one.
Toy killed Kingsley.
He use toy gun to show his success.
I think he’s a staff in the school, just give me a week to decipher it.
I need a space in your heart.
Let me buy you lunch.
A call is on my phone showing a toy gun.
He’s going to use at least three months in coma and can probably lose his memory.
Ben has been kidnapped.
Please don’t leave me to heaven like the Ben in this story.
I think Ben is a spy.
Are you really a spy sent to hurt my dad.
Tabitha is a mask agent.
That’s toy and that’s Tabitha.
Chapter 1

” who the hell are these” Wisdom asked rhetorically as two bikes sped passed them and caught up with Ben.
They both occupied each sides of the car.
Wisdom was occupying his car in the pursuit while the rest of the force and the guards were occupying theirs.

Ben’s speed suddenly increased again but the bikes were unyielding as they made sure they’re at the same level with the car.

” what are we going to do” Gina asked Ben with fear clearly visible on her face, she was shaking vigorously as she tried not to look at her side.

” trust me” Ben said calmly changing the car gear, hit some keys on the button and the car released large amount of fumes, blinding the cars behind but not the bike.
Ben swiftly cornered to the right intersection following a lone road and the two bikes followed him.
Behind them was Wisdom who didn’t fall for the diversion trick.

When the bikes were at the same level with the car conveying Ben and Nina again, they both brought out a gun and aimed it at Ben and Gina at once.

” what the hell is happening” Wisdom asked rhetorically as he tried to caught up with them.

” no” Ben silently screamed as he saw the guns.

” tell me we’re not going to die” Gina asked staring at Ben.

” not today” Ben replied with a tensed voice.

The two bike both shot at the glass of the car at once and the glass cracked at each sides a little and Gina gasped in fear.

” they’re going to shoot at the same spot for four times, the fifth one is our death, so you’ve got to trust me on this ” Ben said as he focused more on the road.
He swiftly swerved to hit Tabitha but she swiftly rode her bike forward and Ben missed.
She pulled the brake to level up with him and she and Toy in unison shot at the glass again and it hit the same spot as the first, inflicting more crack on the glass.

Ben wriggled his face in frustration and pain as he tried to overspeed them but it was a futile effort.
He couldn’t make use of his two hands well because of the bullet lodging in his right shoulder.

Wisdom in utmost awe, watched the drama that was unfolding in his front as he tried his best not to lose them after he’s already made call to the rest of the force informing them of the two location.

Ben not knowing what to do again after seeing Gina weeping, started driving in a zigzag manner attacking the two of them together, but that didn’t stop them from lodging another bullet at the same spot again, beautifully averting Ben’s feeble attack.
Toy suddenly tilted his head back and saw Wisdom still following them.
He snapped his fingers and Tabitha alongside with him oversped Ben and were swiftly out of sight.

It was so sudden as they suddenly made appearance again, this time coming from the front, facing Ben car.
They rode at each others side and when they’re few meters near him, they aimed at Ben’s windshield.
Each taking on their targets again.
This time, the bullets was released at a row and Ben’s effort to dodge all was futile as four bullets hit the windshield, at both sides.

“” bend down now ” Ben screamed as Tabitha and Toy were few meters away from them releasing the last shot.
Ben swiftly got his hand to Gina’s head and forced it down.
Gina was lucky to escape the bullet by few inches but Ben was unlucky as the bullet grazed his hand which he used to swiftly held Gina’s head down .
Tabitha and Toy, when they’re few inches from the car, propelled the rear tyre up and climbed the car with the bike in a swift motion, when they got to the top of the car, Toy pulled hard at his clutch, adding a liitle weight to the brake and changed the gear at once, which made the bike propelled itself into the air while Tabitha maintained the road.
They both fired a shot in unison and before Wisdom could know what was coming for him, his car bullet proof windshield was penetrated by Toy’s bullet but, his swift reflex at the wheel made the bullet missed his heart and lodge into his shoulder.
Tabitha’s bullet hit the target as one of the rear tyre was burst and the car swerved off the road, and started somersaulting till it got to a point it exploded.

Ben, whose hand was scraped by Tabitha’s bullet aimed at Gina because of his swift intervention to save her, but was lucky to swiftly duck Toy’s own.
Seeing what was happening swiftly took the intersection leading to Herbert Macaulay way and was soon on the express lane as blood flow ceaselessly from his hand and shoulder.
It was a two way lane but lack demarcation.
Ben on getting to the express lane, sped pass numerous forces vehicle goin through the opposite direction which Ben was taking.
On seeing Ben’s car , they all made a U turn at once and once again, the pursuit continued.

” are you okay” Gina asked Ben as he seemed to be getting vincible.

” I’m alright” Ben replied focusing more on the road.
The sound of siren filled the atmosphere and in few minutes of pursuit, the sound of chopper {helicopter } could be heard above.
It was directly above Ben’s car.
And like a Phoenix, Tabitha and Toy’s bike rose out of the forces vehicles and caught up with Ben’s car.

” they’re back again” Gina said with fear, traceable in her tone.

” I know” Ben said almost screaming, in frustration.

Without much ado this time, Tabitha and Toy resumed their mission as the fourth bullet was lodged into each sides of the glass and the glass looked more vulnerable now.

Tabitha and Toy had almost fired the last shot when bullets was suddenly ushered down from heaven, precisely from the chopper.

Toy and Tabitha had to swiftly hit the gas in order to avoid it.

Toy spoke in sign language to Tabitha as he pulled back from the pursuit.

Ben knew what he meant as he also understand sign language as it was part of what they’re trained to know .

Toy was telling Tabitha that he’s going to take care of the chopper while she should take care of Ben and Gina.

He swiftly rode away, taking another route.

“Let’s reverse to meet my dad’s people, they’re going to help us” Gina said fidgeting as bullets was been poured down from above.

” just keep calm and trust me” Ben retorted swaying the car left and right in order to disallow Tabitha a clear shot from killing Gina because the glass of the car is already vulnerable.
Tabitha also gave out some misguided shot tho Ben knew she’s only buying time for Toy to come back and also felt sorry for those inside the chopper because their death is already approaching them.
Ben knew Toy is coming back soon and when he does, that’s the end of the tale, so he quickly made some calculations on how he’s going to escape.
He looked like someone who was going to pass out soon as his face was already pale because of the blood he’s lost.

The chopper suddenly stopped firing at them and its shooting focus was changed to another direction.
Ben saw from near distance as the chopper was going down with its tail emitting smoke, its pilot were trying to control it from crashing down but it was too late as it hit the ground with force and exploded.
Ben seeing this swiftly turned the car, facing the forces giving them chase from behind.
He pulled the right stuffs inside the car and sped towards them.
Tabitha looked confused for some seconds before she also turned and followed him.

The forces vehicles taking the front lead also looked confused as Ben looked like he’s going to crash the car against there’s with the president daughter inside it, with the speed he was driving at to meet them.

Gina screamed loudly as Ben was about to crashed the car into there’s but Ben swiftly pulled at the brake feebly, decreasing the speed of the car, then changed the gear, which placed the car in reverse mode.
He was driving back facing them while they’re driving towards him.
The windshield was already down, courtesy, Toy and Tabitha, so they could see Gina and Ben.
Ben took his gun and placed it on Gina’s head and made motion with his hand that they should clear the middle lane for him to pass.

Tabitha was already leveled with them but had to turn again because Ben was conveying the journey in reverse mode which is impossible for the bike to do.

The forces vehicle refused to yield to Ben threat as they brought out guns and started firing at Ben.
They’re cleared with their targets as they shot the driver’s side which Ben was occupying. This forced Ben to swiftly turn the car and hit the speed which Tabitha also did because she’s also proned to the bullets been released.

He hasn’t obtained much distance when he saw Toy speeding towards them from far distance .
But his bike was different from the one he was using earlier, and the new bike got a missile luncher near it silencer.
When he was like hundred meters away, he locked position with Ben’s car and released the missile.

The missile at high velocity was coming at Ben.
Ben also increased his speed and when the missile was almost an inch close to Ben, he swiftly swerved to the intersection at the right side of the road.

The sound of cars crashing and exploding was heard in few seconds.

Ben tilted his head backward to check on the situation and saw that the intersection which he took has already been blocked by the cars that crashed into each other due to the explosion.

” are we safe” Gina asked as she also turned her head to check on the situation.

” for now” Ben uttered weakly as he passed out and his head hit the car horn fixed on the car steering wheel, which blared out loudly and he swiftly regained his consciousness.

” we’ve to get to safety” Ben uttered weakly as he kick-started the car and wanted to drive but two black Lexus Jeep suddenly intercepted them and parked in front of them.

Some guys with guns came out of one of the two jeeps, aiming their guns at Ben and Gina.

Ben wanted to swiftly reversed and probably force his way through the crashed cars but his hands suddenly failed him as they started fidgeting on the wheel.

Ben eye was becoming blurred as he gave up trying to escape.

One of the guys holding gun moved closer to the second Lexus jeep and opened the door, holding it.
A figure’s leg with high heel depicting it’s a female was in view before the body followed.

” Sophia” Ben muttered as the person was in view.

Sophia with some of the guys moved closer to Ben.

” surprised to see me”? Sophia asked rhetorically with a wicked grin on her lip as she stared at Ben.

” time for payback” she added with a fierce countenance.
To be continue…

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