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Bane's Blade-Final Chapter


Bane's Blade-Final Chapter

Genre: action, romance.

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

Cyrai and I walked out of the airport with hands in our pockets and sunshade on. The guards surrounded us, few holding our bags and most sampling their guns to scare people away. Don't stress yourself, we are very popular not just because we are the children of Fern Hamilton, but because Cyrai runs a world wide charity organization. The first four months we spent away was gathering the girls and recreating a new us. Few girls left to start allover again, their memories and powers wiped but most stayed. Then the next five months was spent flushing out our...few girls including Cyrai's system. She was in a coma then and the rest was grand. She was revealed as Fern's daughter and heiress and I the foster sister. Sure no one gives me as much respect as they give her but still the same.

A month after she was exposed, she opened a charitable organization, for widows, motherless or fatherless children and orphans. Sick children, women, men etc. The UK government supported her course, soon many countries supported her. I mean, a small girl could make such effort, why shouldn't they. She however returned to her original hair, cinnamon with light ombre of gray, so she won't look too much like her dad. Her hood and glasses never left her head, not just by habit but for security majors.

We both still undergo important missions but right now, we are back as promised. I still communicate with Ivan, Shane – who is now my beloved boyfriend by the way – and the twins, we are solid.

'Miss Hamilton!' Sea of reporters attacked us. 'Miss Hamilton!'
'Looks like our secret coming isn't that much of a secret,' I chuckled.

'Miss Hamilton, a word please!'

'Noona!' I stopped and smiled, now I know how they knew. I snapped my fingers, the stone faced men made way for him with the help of his guards. 'Noona!!!' He ran to me shriekingly and jumped on me. I chuckled.

'Ivan, what's up?'

'I've missed you,' he whimpered, squeezing the life out of me.

'We saw last week, you came to my house uninvited.' I reminded him. He giggled and interlocked our arms.

'I can never stop missing my sister,'

'Where's Suki? She's usually behind you almost every time,'

'She travelled to China for a concert,' Suki now flies solo, no group. 'Unnie,' he smiled at Cyrai. She nodded, still don't talk much like the Cyrai she is.

'Where's Shane? I was expecting him to come welcome me with a kiss...'

'One of us had to stay back for one to go,' he looked at Cyrai. 'Kris is working.' Cyrai didn't flinch or act like she cared which she honestly don't. These past years have made her heart, body and mind focus on one thing; helping the less privilege.

'Where's Seo-Jun?'

'Jin-Ju wanted to throw you guys a surprise welcome party so he's helping her prepare,' he said with a boyish grin.

Cyrai chuckled. 'Surprise you say?' She smirked. Ivan cupped his mouth, I laughed quietly. 'Don't worry, we will pretend like we don't know.'

'Shane is going to kill me,' he whined.

Jin-Ju (Apple)
'Are you sure Ivan won't spoil the surprise?' I asked worriedly, trailing behind Seo-Jun with the heavy curtains.

'I am 0% sure,'



'If you knew, why let me send him! Shane should have gone!'
'One, we've talked about your pitch, no speaking above normal all the time except when really necessary.'

'Mianhae,' I murmured. 'Oppa,' I called softly. 'What if he ruins the surprise?' I hate talking quietly but "sooooomebody" won't let me shout in peace. He's always training me.

Jin-Ju, don't talk with your mouth full.

Jin-Ju close your legs when you are wearing a skirt.

Jin-Ju, don't sneeze into your palms, sneeze into a hanky or your forearm.

Jin-Ju, don't sniff other people's food
Jin-Ju, don't talk too loud all the time.

Jin-Ju, don't spray so much perfume.

Jin-Ju, always wash your hands after eating, after using the toilet and after applying makeup.

Jin-Ju, other people's fashion crisis isn't your business, mind yours.

Jin-Ju, don't be too quick to insult the happiness out of someone, your mouth is too bad.

Jin-Ju, when you meet someone new, don't get too excited and hug the life out of them.

Jin-Ju this, Jin-Ju that, what does he want from me!

Ji-Seon and Cyrai call it training but I call it bossiness. What's wrong if I squeal and talk loud a lot? What's wrong in not washing my hands! Is it his body that will contact germs!

'Jin-Ju, you are muttering and whimpering ten pace behind, keep up.' I ran to him and scoffed.

'Oh I'm sorry if your girlfriend isn't please to be dating a military officer instead of a guy!' I kicked his calf.

'I'm helping you,'

'Well sooooorry,' I drawled sarcastically. I stretched on my toes and dumped the heavy curtains on his head. He tumbled to the ground. I laughed joyfully, just as Ji-Seon joined us.

'Jin-Ju, can I talk to you?' Ji-Seon asked nervously, I knew what was bothering her. I nodded and walked away with her. 'Jin-Ju, I'm scared, what if Cyrai hates me....'
'She won't, she don't care and Lyiris assured you of that.'

'I'm dating her ex, it feels so weird,'

'Cyrai don't care, trust me.' I assured her, holding her arms tightly. Things got kind of complicated between Kris and Ji-Seon, he wanted to move on after Cyrai was announced Fern Hamilton's heiress and didn't bother reaching out for him.
Somehow, they ended up with each other and even though Lyiris knows, no one could tell Cyrai. I'm certain she's not blind because Kris flaunt her pictures like almost everyday so what are they hiding?
'The royals have arrived!' Ivan shouted from the living room. Ji-Seon yelped

'Breathe,' I whispered. She inhaled and exhaled. 'Let's do this.' She nodded, I took her hand and literally forced her downstairs. I haven't seen Cyrai in person for years but Lyiris, yes.

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Lyiris wore a pink jacket over a black sport bra, pink peg -legged trousers and black gladiator sandals. She cut her long pink hair to a mid length Bob with side fall and black tip dyed. Cyraila looked more outstanding, beautifully simple. She was sporting a ash high low top with black illusion neckline and white daises, black bum short and white Lita boots. A bright white pearl wrapped around the top of the illusion, matching her wristwatch, earrings and brackets. She had black shades on and a weird looking white hat which is pretty by the way. Expensive simple clothing.

'Cyraila!' I squealed running to her, I miss her more. She stiffened before I hugged her. 'I've missed you!'

'I still don't appreciate hugs and emotions, please keep your social distance,' I pouted at her. 'We don't have to be so close to share our compassion, please step back.' I chuckled, typical her. I stepped back with a smile and glanced at Ji-Seon who was still rooted to a spot.

'Ji-Seon, won't you come?' I asked.
'She's shy,' Ivan (the parrot) squawked. Oh no. 'Ji-Seon and that bighead Kris, sleeping in the bed, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Ji-Seon is dating Kris, Ji-Seon is dating Kris....'

'Shut up!' Kris yelled and whacked him with a pillow. Cyrai tilted her head to the side cutely, her hat bobbling.

'Is that why friend.... Sorry, I mean Raven won't come?' Cyrai chuckled. 'Do I look like I care?'

'You are not mad?' Kris out poutingly, he itched his head. 'I did promise to wait and...'

Cyrai raised her hand. 'I really don't care and neither will I appreciate it if this situation put any awkwardness in our unconnected friendship. I am making this clear right now, I do not mind being the friend to both of you, I have other things that are far more important to worry about. Please do not act awkward and do date freely, I jubilate with you over your relationship.
Forgive me if I show as little as 5% enthusiasm, I do not like over display of affections. It sickens me.'

'Are you sure?' Ji-Seon asked nervously.

'Yoon Ji-Seon, I will pull a bullet into your brain if you dare treat me differently because of this and Kris, next time you want to keep a secret, try not updating on social media or letting these two know.' She pointed at Lyiris and Ivan.
'Ya, what did I do?'

'You eventually gave us a long episode of how they kiss,' Lyiris said with an eye roll. Ji-Seon blushed. 'And I can't keep secrets from her for long.'

'Thank you so much,' Ji-Seon said walking to Cyrai.

'By do means, please transfer your affections to Lyiris, I will acknowledge from a distant.'

'What's with the new distant thing?' Kris snorted.

'Affection and....' He walked to and threw his arm around her shoulders. She whimpered. 'You have started again. Hands off.'

'Make me,'

'I'm back with the cookies!' Jin Ae shouted rushing in from the backdoor. In case you are wondering, our parents did start treating us right. Jin is the heiress since Ji-Seon don't care and me, I just model for the mean time. Ji-Seon acts, don't know why but that's it. Oh, the book Seo-Jun wrote for me, I'm still in love with that book. I read it over and over again every night and morning, like a daily devotion. Sure he added many things but it was and still is sweet.

'Wait, does anybody realise we forgot to scream surprise?' Ivan (the parrot) asked.

'Too l....'

'Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' I screamed at the very top of my voice. It made everyone flinch, except Cyrai of course.

'Jin-Ju!' Seo-Jun shouted. 'What did we....' I continued screaming, running away.

'Where's Shane?' I heard Lyiris ask while I ran and Seo-Jun chased me.

Ivan (human) and Shane were singing and holding each other's hands like lovers since that was what Jin Ae dared them to do. Kris was wickedly plucking all his bird's favorite feathers while the poor defenceless bad mouth creature rained curses on his future generations to come. I quietly watched them from where I stood at the foyer with a wine glass in my hand.

'Another song!' Jin-Ju shrieked clapping her hands. Seo-Jun growled warningly. She pinned her lips with her fingers.

'One more song Oppa please, please pleaseeeeee,' Lyiris pleaded cutely, she can't be cute even if she tries to.

'You are not cute,' Shane chuckled. 'But okay.'

'Yes! Kiss me like you mean it!' Ivan squealed. He quickly changed the song.

I want to love you
Give you that loving, baby
Take it high with you
Do what you like, baby
I got to find out
How you can be my lady
I got to do things
Do things to drive you crazy
He sang wiggling his brows at Shane. We laughed.

We got one chance and I want it badly
Do you feel like it's going the right way?

Do you know what you're doing inside me?

If you want that then bring that fire, baby
Yeah you got me, I'm dreaming about it
If you like that then we can go round it
If you need that then tell me right now, baby
'Cause I wanna know
If this is the last night
Baby, let's do this right
Kiss me like you mean it
If this is the last night
Baby, let's do this right
Kiss me like you mean it
He made a quick kissing lip movement and winked at Shane. We laughed again and then they cheered.

'I want to show you
Show you that good life, baby....''

'Really?' Ivan smirked, cutting Shane off. They laughed again.

'You got my heartbeat
Beating inside me lately
I'm watching your lips move
Can't hear a word you're saying
'Cause I want to do things
Do things that drive you crazy....'

'Awwwwn, that's so sweet!' Ivan squealed. Shane whacked his head with the microphone. 'Ow!' He paused the song.

'Stupid boy, stop asking me out, I'm not interested.'

'Why will I ask you out,' Ivan scoffed. 'You are not my type.'

'Then stop singing for me!'
'I wasn't singing for you, I was singing for noona,' Ivan lied. He played the music again and skipped to laughing Lyiris.

[Ivan: ]
We got one chance and I want it badly
Do you feel like it's going the right way?

Do you know what you're doing inside me?
If you want that then bring that fire, baby
Yeah you got me, I'm dreaming about it
If you like that then we can go round it
If you need that then tell me right now, baby
'Cause I wanna know
If this is the last night
Baby, let's do this right, kiss me like you mean it
If this is the last night
Baby, let's do this right, kiss me like you mean it.
He sat on her laps, flapping his eyes like a girl.

[Ivan: ]
Oh kiss me, oh hold me
Let's go to a place, we'll never be lonely
Oh I need you, I need you to hold me
Oh baby, kiss me like you mean it
If this is the last night
Baby, let's do this right, kiss me like you mean it
If this is the last night
Baby, let's do this right, kiss me like you mean it
Kiss me like you mean it, kiss me like you mean it
If this is the last night

Baby, let's do this right, kiss me like you mean it.

Everyone except Shane and I clapped and cheered, Kris was done pulling feathers and I'm sure he's not seeing the bird flying his way with a frying pan carefully carried with his feet. I turned and walked out, already knew where the balcony in my house was.

 Lyiris visited a lot of times and gave the twins spare keys, she's careless by doing that though.

Pang! I cringed at the sound of the frying pan landing on Kris's head. A loud scream followed and then arguments, they will never get along. And to think he is fighting with just a parrot.

I reached the rooftop of my house instead, it had a very clear view of the city, beautiful one. The wind beat against my skin in gush, it was cold and refreshing. I leaned on the rail and took in a deep breath, very deep one.

'Your father used to love doing this,' I flinched. I spun around, mom stood there in all her grace and beauty. 'Sorry,' she chuckled. 'Did I scare you?' I rolled my eyes and turned back to the view. 'I missed you so I came.' She travelled for a month, wasn't around when we left. She leaned on the rail too, took my wine, finished it, threw the glass away and exhaled.

'My group is gonna grow fast, we still have our connection and well, already have fame. Don't you think so mother?'

'Oh yes, you will all do great. Lyiris rapping have improved tremendously over the years. The Raven girl and fruit too.'

'Apple mom,' I giggled. She chuckled too.

'Sure you will be okay with the black haired guy dating your friend after you?'

'Pretty sure. His role as a boyfriend in my life is over, that page is closed. I know they will be happy together and honestly, I cannot date him knowing fully well that his grandfather is part of those that had my father killed. I do not judge him by that but I know my spirit will never agree to.any intimate union ever again. Will I find love like you did, mother?'

'At the right time my dear, at the right time.' I looked down as Lyiris runs out chasing Shane who was carrying a bowl of cookies. She's the reason I am alive today, the reason I can live normal. Almost nine years ago, she waltzed into my life and forcefully changed me, gave me a shoulder to lean on, gave me what I really needed, a family. I will never stop being grateful to her, neither will I ever throw away Kris's effort. I am no longer Cyraila Wood, Bane's Blade. I am Jewels Hamilton to the outside but deep within, I am Jewels Wayne; a fighter, a daughter, a achiever and a human.

Many more chapters of my life are yet to unlock but when it does, I will face each and everyone of them with head up and courage, because I have a family, a mother who would die for me, a sister who will always be there. Oh and of course, my two identical friends who will forever be supportive and a ex who I know will jump at the chance to protect me.

And maybe, just maybe, a future guy who will love me for who and what I am, and how I came to be.


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