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Bane's Blade-Chapter Twelve& Thirteen


Bane's Blade-Chapter Twelve& Thirteen

Genre: action, romance.

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

Kris (leader of K-I-S-S)

Ugh! My head, what happened to my head? Why does it....I must have gone partying with the guys and got drunk. Damn! Ivan (human being) must have already drawn something allover my face. I opened my eyes, bad idea! I turned my heavy head away from the light, who's the genius that thought turning the lights on is a good idea.

'Wait up sleepy head, it's past 10:15,' Ivan (the parrot) squawked. 'Drunk head, stand up,' I pushed myself up with eyes still closed, damn this headache. 'Wow, you are so awesome getting drunk and having your girlfriend carry you home...' My eyes snapped open immediately.

'How do you mean?'

'The pretty girl with gray hair that carried you on her shoulder yesterday like you were a sack of sand,' he said while holding his laugh.

'That's not....' My eyes widened. 'Damn! How could you let me get drunk and embarrass myself like that!' I shouted. 'Ow,' I groaned holding my head.

He whistled and squawked. 'Are you going to blame me?'

'I'm already blaming you,' I said softly.

'One, I'm a pretty gorgeous parrot, how can I stop you? Two, I was right here and you were there, do you have sense?'

'Ya,' I pointed at him. His open birdhouse was opposite my bed, his beautiful rainbow like feathers luminated by the sunlight. 'Don't insult me, I'm your master, not your slave.'

'And who said anything about you being a slave,' he rolled his eyes. 'I'm still going to mock you, a girl carried you, ha!'

'Ivan, shut up.'

'Blah blah, you're a sissy,' he sang doing a happy dance. I sighed and fell back on the bed, my head really hurt.

'What am I going to do? I can't face her,' I murmured. He whistled again.

'What is that to you? You got drunk, not ran naked along the streets of Seoul.'

'True, but she carried me.'

'You know your problem,' he said flying down to me. 'Your ego is worst than a peacock's, or maybe even ego itself. You have a really big problem Kris, throw it away.'

'Don't advice me, you are just a stupid colorful bird,'

'Again with the insult, I'm prettier than you. You are very rude kid,' he flew up and carried something away. 'As punishment, I'm seizing the medicine Shane dropped for you, die of headache.' He flew out of the room, I would have chased him but I'll die.

Cyraila (girl found at the dumpster
'So you are saying Alpha might be after Kris's father?' Lyiris asked as she wore her steel rings. We were still at home, neither of us had strength to go to school early. This school thing isn't going well for us, maybe because neither of us sincerely liked school. Friend Apple and Raven were bathing.
'Yes, why is what I do not know.'

'Cyraila,' she whispered. 'Stay away from Kris, he might be a target too. I do not want anything that will connect you to Alpha, that psycho will find you faster....'

'You are the only one who knows how I look like, that is one. I cannot let Oppa get hurt, if Alpha is indeed after his father, he will harm Oppa. I cannot let harm come to him, even if it will means me exposing m....'

'Cyraila, think about this decision very well. If Alpha finds out you are with him, he will connect your identity with Jin-Ju and Ji-Seon, everyone we love and care about will get hurt, we can't take that risk.' She stood up and walked closer to me.

'You told me to try and care, that caring matters a lot....'

'Not when our safety is involved, Kris don't really matter. He's a nobody and....' I pushed her hand off my shoulder, why will she say that?

'Oppa is not a nobody, he cares about me just the same way I have learnt to care....'

'You don't even know him,' she whispered yelled. 'How can you be sure he cares!'

'I believe we have a mental connection, some kind of bond that connects us. Coming from me, you will know that I am serious. I've analyzed it, checked it properly and I cannot think of any other answer to our disturbing connection.' I explained while clipping on my blue earrings.
'Seriously? You know you are Bane, right? What happened to love being a source of weakness?' She asked exasperatedly.

'I thought you were trying to change that, what is going on in that head of yours sister? I want to do something good for once in my miserable life, why can't you let me,' I whispered, my chest was tight and eyes heavy. 'I do not know why but I care for Oppa, in a way I haven't cared even though we don't know ourselves that much. I can still help, stick with him and find out valuable information while you assist. Can you do that for me Lyiris?' She ran her hand into her hair, cursing under her breath and glaring at the ceiling.

'Fine,' she huffed. 'I'll see what I can find out about him and his family, that would require me skipping classes but whatever. Just promise me one thing tho?'

'Anything for you,' I said smilingly, my heart was leaping with joy.
'Be free around him, try to smile more often and laugh like a human being, even if you can't, fake it.' My smile dropped.

'That would be hard t....' I paused as I remembered something, I am very happy when close to him so that might not be a problem. 'With just him or everyone?'

'Everyone but especially him, if he touches you in harmless places, don't break his hands.'

'I won't intentionally commit such error,'

'So you will unintentionally kill him? Cyraaaaai,' she drawled walking back to her bed.

'Fine, I won't.... I will try, good enough?'

'We'll see,' she smirked. Friend Raven (Ji-Seon) came out drying her hair with Friend Apple (Jin-Ju) nagging about how flat her ass is. She averted her eyes to me, eyed my outfit without a smile.

'What are you wearing?'

'Is anything wrong with what I'm wearing? I can swear it is okay.'
'Too much makeup, it doesn't suit what you are wearing and you are not going to a complicated funeral, add some colours sometimes.' She said walking to me, I smiled and shrugged.

'Black goes with all,'

'Not when you have green in one eye, yellow in the other. Black blush and orange lipstick, you look like the a mentally deranged woman.'

'Oh,' she took my hand and led me to her bed, Friend Raven was still drying her hair.

'I'm thinking your date went so well you decided to wear makeup,'
 Friend Raven chuckled. 'Is he that charming?'

'It was fun with him, I sang and danced like a wacko, it was just too nice and unusual for Cyraila.' I said shyly.

'Wow, love sucks,' she scoffed. I rolled my eyes shut and kept still as friend Apple wiped the makeup off my face.

'Ignore her,' Friend Apple said softly. 'She have been like that ever since Daniel dumped her. Daniel was her first love, left her for a pretty Australian girl.'

'I can hear you,' Friend Raven scoffed.

'So? Can you flog me?'

'Guys are heartbreakers, I don't plan on falling in love anytime soon.'

'You will when the time comes,' Friend Apple cooed. Raven snorted and walked to the wardrobe. 'So, what are you guys planning to do next?'

'I'm going to see him. Oppa had too much to drink last night, I must check on him.'

'I'm going to see Seo-Jun as well, maybe we can go together?' I nodded and sighed, thus is too much of a risk.

'Cyrai, can you help me track someone's phone number?'

'Who is that Lyiris?' I asked without opening my eyes.

'Someone keeps sending me messages, like a secret admirer, since yesterday. The number is private, can you track it down for me?'

'Do you really want to know? Secret admirers are cool, you shouldn't know about them.' Friend Apple chirped.

'Find out who he is Cyrai, please?'

Jin-Ju (Apple)

Cyrai and I made our way to the cottage the guys stayed at, I wore a green sunhat because the sun was really hot. I wore a pink floral dress with green flats. She, I had to force her to wear a dark yellow short tube skirt, black and white Grecian body con top with sleek hem and yellow and black bondage boots. I think I overdressed her but what she's just too pretty. Her makeup was light and dark, brought out her gray eyes very well.

'Have you ever thought of becoming a model?' I asked after admiring her walking steps for minutes. People kept staring at us, we are gorgeous. Her hair was up in a high side ponytail, one which I curled up so it would bounce more. We walked to the cottage after being searched, the securities here is high. They searched us, well, they couldn't touch Cyrai because of the way she looked at them. I ran the doorbell nervously, Seo-Jun wasn't in class so where else would he be?

'Who is it?' Someone asked in a singsong, it sounded like a parrot's voice.

'I'm here to see Seo-Jun Oppa,' I said chucklingly.

'I asked who is it, not who you want to see,' the voice squawked. The door opened, I was right, it was a beautiful almost rainbow parrot. I squealed, Kris Oppa's parrot! I've always wanted to touch his feathers, he's legendary.
'Oh me God,' I breathe covering my mouth. 'You are....'

'Yes I'm Ivan the amazing and gorgeous parrot, who might you be?'

'Blockhead, who are you insulting this time?!' Someone shouted, I think Kris. I have a crush on him, he's too cute.

'You are very stupid, dumb coconut head dummy!' Ivan shouted flying away, soon Kris walked to the door as they exchanged words, hard words I don't want to repeat.

'Nobody will be able to eat you, your meat itself is death to whoever consume it! I pray you get flattened by a car wheel!'

'Ha! A girl carried you!' Ivan laughed from inside. Kris huffed and rolled his eyes which landed at Cyrai. His mouth fell open slightly, as she chewed on her inside cheek blushingly. He was shirtless and she was hot, damn! Their connection is strong. I can literally feel their chemistry, really intense one.

'Cough cough,' I coughed. Kris snapped out of it and shook his head.

'XJ9, what are you doing here?'
'I came to check on you,' she said sheepishly, I don't think she realise she is blushing hard. 'Oppa had too much to drink last night so I came to see how he is faring, am I welcome?'

'Yes, very much welcome,' he opened the door wider. 'Come in.'
'Urgh!' Ivan groaned. 'Is that how to talk to a girl? Lameeee.'

'Shut up bird brain!' Kris shouted. Cyrai giggled which is the first time I've heard that from her.

'Are you seriously fighting with a bird?' She giggled.

'Aigoo! Have you met that incorrigible bastard! He have removed ten years out of my life!' Cyrai laughed out for real and pushed him inside.

'Wait, is Seo-Jun in?'

'Backyard, fighting with the vegetables, says they are evil.' Kris said, I nodded and maneuver myself to the backyard. Oppa was there trying to pull out some carrots, can you believe he is losing to some vegetables?

'Oppa,' I called gigglingly. He turned his head and looked at me, his face paling out.

'This just got humiliating,' he muttered but I heard it.

'What are you doing to those poor crops? Leave them alone.'

'Why? This carrots and turnips tried to eat me in my dreams yesterday, six times! They are very evil!'

'Now I get it,'

'Get what?'

'You are a secret psycho. That is a dream, how can vegetables eat you? Did you see a horror movie before going to bed?'

'Oh,' he murmured, he did. He itched his head sheepishly. 'Can we pretend like none of this ever happened? Please?'

'Sure, but you owe me ten gallons of chocolate milk....'

'For you and your friends?'

'Me, myself and I.'

'Are you alright?'

'Certainly,' I grinned dusting my foot. 'Why aren't you in class? You guys aren't taking this thing seriously, you might get fired.'

'What are you doing here?' He smirked. 'As a camper, aren't you suppose to be in class?' I bit my lip and looked everywhere but his eyes. He laughed and walked towards the backdoor. 'Let's do this, I have a laptop and some untouched chips, wanna join me see a movie?'

'Yes!' I squealed. 'Cyrai is inside though, the girl Kris is going gaga over.' He shrugged and walked in anyways. I followed him, he led me to the foyer and then his room.
'Go wait for me in the living room,' I nodded and skipped to the living room where eventually Cyrai was sitting quietly while Ivan blabbed. She looked like death was a better option than staying there and listening to a stupid bird.

'Where's Kris?' I asked leaning on the headrest.

'Dressing up, said he wants to take me to carnival or amusement park? What are those? It it a training ground?'

'No, fun place. Amusement parks are cute for dates and carnival, I think they are the same thing but I don't really care, as long as I can have fun.'

'Will I need to challenge anyone?' I blinked.

'Fun and war, different things.'

She turned her head back to Ivan who was still talking by the way. 'Talkative, are you aware of any reason why Kweo Min-Jun's father will be harmed?' Huh?

'Easy, he's too generous. Such generosity elicit envy. Last month, his car got bombed and Kris almost got kidnap. I still think they should lock him up....'

'Any idea who will want Oppa dead?'

'Give me a cracker and I'll answer that,' why is she asking?

'How about I wring your neck or pluck out your pretty feathers?' Cyrai asked with a sweet tone and then giggled. 'Mianhae, just tell me, please?'

'Park Dae Wong and Mr. Lee Shay. Those are my best guess,' Cyrai nodded but said nothing again. She stood up.

'Friend Apple need not worry about my motive, tell Oppa that I'll be outside.' With that, she walked off. Hmmm.

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