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Bane's Blade-Chapter sixteen


Bane's Blade-Chapter sixteen

Genre: action, romance.

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

'Stretch,' I instructed Jin-Ju, using my hands to stretch her legs to the limit. She groaned in frustration, she was sweating already. After I told them about our origin and why we ran away, they freaked out at first but then got over it. The next thing I knew, Jin-Ju was pestering me to teach her some moves for better self-defense, she can really pester, Ji-Seon didn't care though. So that is what we have been at for the last twelve days, yes, I said twelve.

What have happened for the last twelve days? Here
One, Cyrai was never around, she would disappear every morning before the break of dawn and return at noon, took few classes and disappear again. The only time I saw her was at night because she spend the evening with Kris in only God knows where. She's definitely up to something.

Two, apart from me teaching Jin-Ju, going to classes and having some few trainings myself, I spend my time with Shane. Eventually, I followed my subconscious manipulating advice and I must admit it was worth it. Shane is not entirely bad, he's soft, gentle and no matter how angry I get, he never lose his cool. He's like a block of ice, never melting, always cooling. The only annoying thing is that Ivan (human Ivan) keeps hugging me every chance he gets and chases me around calling me his noona. I tried to shake him off but he won't go, so eventually, I have a brother.

Damn! He's freaky annoying.

Three, Darcy have been on Cyrai's case for days, Kris apparently told her they were dating which wasn't truly true but who cares. Since Cyrai now moves like a ghost, a freaking wind, she can't confront her so she'll always attack Jin-Ju and Ji-Seon with insults but Jin-Ju's mouth is sharper than a blade and Ji-Seon never speaks. According to her, Darcy is an immature kid, she don't exchange words with children. The first day she tried snapping at me, my face scared her away. Cool huh?

Four, I was secretly searching for Cyrai's parents, my instinct told me to. I really wanted to know who they were and how they died, so I will know how to share it with her. I'd gotten the names of three women who might be her mother, all that remained was to search each. Peyton Dane, Fa Jun and Ruth Lee Wayne. Hopefully, one of them would be her.

'Ayai! How much further should I stretch,' she whined. She was standing with her hands, legs stretched wide apart from each other with vases at each foots.

'This is enough,'

'Why do I have to be upsidedown?'

'If things should ever get out of hand and you are tied upsidedown, this training will help sustain you. It's a teaching for endurance.'

'You know, if I die from my blood running into my brain, I will come back to drag your soul along with me to the land of the dead.'

'I'll like to see you try,'

'I've been here for over ten hours!'
'Ten minutes,' I corrected chucklingly. 'Keep at it lady,' I instructed humorously as I jogged away to answer my ringing phone. I brought the phone out of my pocket and picked it without looking at the caller ID. 'Lyiris speaking, who's the fish head I'm talking to?'

He chuckled. 'You will miss your blessing one day with your silly call answering method,' I smiled and looked at Jin-Ju who was still struggling to keep herself up. 'Good morning beautiful, haven't seen you around since yesterday, why?'

'I've been busy,'

'With what?' Looking for Cyrai's parents.

'Personal, what's up?'

'Nothing, just checking on you. Would you be at the cafeteria today?' I hummed him a reply. 'Do you have time this evening?' I looked at my wristwatch, I was going to search for Peyton which meant I was leaving Asia.

'Not really, I got an emergency call back home, I already took permission to leave this evening. I'll be back in five to seven days....'
'Seriously?' He asked disappointedly. 'Were you planning to share that information with me if I didn't ask?'

'I was going to tell you at lunch today,'

'Are you sure they gave you permission?' He asked with a very suspicious tone.

'Yes,' I lied.

'How could they give you permission to leave this evening when the presentation of the campers that have picked their group member is tomorrow?' Shit! Bursted.

'Oh, that,' I said nervously. 'Er...I just thought maybe I should leave today even though they said in two days time.'



'Why are you lying to me?'

'I'm not lying, I indeed am leaving.'

'I know but why? What are you leaving for?'

'I just told you, why are you suspecting me like this? Stop questioning me like a jealous boyfriend who thinks his girlfriend is cheating.'

'Where are you right now?'

'Must you know?' I sighed, see what I mean? Nothing ever annoys or offend him.

'Lyiris, where are you?' He repeated slowly.

'In my cabin,'

'Doing what?'

'Laying on my bed and trying to sleep before you interrupted.'
'Now I get it,' is that sadness in his tone? 'You are avoiding me.'

'Why would I?

'Because you have been lying to me, making up excuses when I ask you out, keeping your distant and not treating me like a person worth caring for even though I care about you a lot.' I rolled my eyes, if I didn't care, he won't be my friend.

'What makes you think I'm lying? I don't have any reason to l....'

'Turn around and look left,' I knew instantly that he was there, this is going to be a very bad day for me. He leaned on a tree, his left hand in his front pocket and right hand holding his phone to his ear. Unlike his happy contagious grin, he had a hurt pout on his face. I grinned sheepishly, just as Jin-Ju collapsed to the ground gasping for air.

'Unnie, I can't do it again, five minutes.' She gasped out, I ignored her and grinned at Shane. He hung up, turned and walked away.

'See the reason I said I don't need any guy in my life? I'm too complicated and now I have to find another stupid lie to cover up the lie that I lied that I used to cover up the other lie that covered the first lie.' I said to my subconscious accusingly. I know it's crazy but it helps me tell myself the truth.

'How about you stop lying?'

'And tell him I used to be an assassin,' I snorted.

'That you are looking for Cyrai's parents, it's not a lie if you don't go beyond that.'

'I'm not going to tell him that,' I huffed. I wish I was Cyrai, she would tell you the truth in a twisted way, one that will confuse you completely and end up picking the opposite of the truth. For example, the time I asked her if she was the one who burnt my crazy leather jacket. "I did not engage myself in the destruction of such valuable leather silk for it is not in my capability or entertainment to burn a fine piece of dirt covering material which is of dear value to my non-blood related older sister, Lyiris Shindler." I was really confuse and repeated the question. "The answer to your undeniably disturbing question lies within the first statement I did utter. If you press on, I will be force to believe that this is an alleged situation.' I left her unsure of what she was blabbing about.

To the main point, I ran after Shane, maybe I can try to twist things like Cyrai...nay.

'Hey Shane!' He turned around sharply, I'm a fast runner too. 'Where are you stomping off to?'

'Far from you since that is what you want. Remember I didn't befriend you, you befriended me.'

'I know,' I smiled, kicking some stones. 'I'm not avoiding you, I'm busy searching for Cyrai's parents.'

'Your sister?'

'Foster. I want to find out if her biological parents are still alive and surprise her,'

'Is that why you are leaving?'

'I got three names, two don't live here in Asia so I gotta go to them, find out if they are still alive.' He folded his arms, a suspicious glare in his face.

'And how did you find out?'

'I have my ways, believe me now?'
'No, I still think something is missing, something doesn't fit in with your lie.'

'Seriously! I just told you the truth!' He smiled and shook his head.

'Quarter of the truth Lyiris, a very tiny part. I'm going to get the full version out of your mouth Lyiris, just wait and see.' He turned again and walked out. Boys, they will never mind their business. Well, I don't have time for them.

Later at the cafeteria where Shane was totally snubbing me while Ivan munch his burger into my ear to provoke me and Jin-Ju flirt with another red hair dyed idol to make Seo-Jun jealous, Cyrai cat walked in. She wasn't wearing her hood or smiling, her usual plain face which I forgot she had with how recent she smiles these days. She leaned on my shoulder and whispered into my ear, completely ignoring Kris who was waving at her.

That's odd.

'Where are you going? I saw your bag.'

'Research,' I whispered back.

'What research?'

'I'll let you know with time, I leave tomorrow evening.'

'Can you leave the day after?
Father is coming tomorrow,' my eyes widened with shock.


'Today. I need you to stay back and protect our friends, I will handle him myself.'


'Trust me Lyiris, I know what I'm doing.' Something didn't feel right, what is she up to?

'Alright, be safe. Tomorrow is the....'

'I know, I will be there.' She straightened herself up.

'Helloooo, I'm waving here!' Kris drawled exasperatedly.

'I do not have time to converse with you, Oppa, I have more important things to attend to.' Kris's jaw sagged, even mine.
What's up with her? She turned and walked to the exit nonchalantly, that was when Darcy came and blocked her path.

'Aha! I finally caught you, the girl who have been manipulating my boyfriend, right?' Cyraila sighed and shoved her hands into the pockets of her flannie. 'How dare you think you are in same class with Kris! My boyfriend!'

'Daughter of Justice Dale, get out of my way.' She commanded plainly.

'It is against the rules to date an idol....'

'Darcy, stop embarrassing yourself and move out of the way,' Kris sighed. I pushed Ivan's head away, stupid kid. He turned his head over to Seo-Jun.

'I have rights to report you to the directors...'

'Darcy Dale,' Cyrai called with a tone I know very well. I stood up immediately and hurried to her before she would snap Darcy's neck. 'Get out of my way!' She snarled, Darcy wasn't getting that she was this close to death. I pushed Darcy out of the way and nudged Cyrai, she looked at me, her demon black eyes telling me something else. She exhaled and walked out.

'You let her....' I glared at Darcy. New plan, find out what is wrong with Cyraila before she kills someone.

Something isn't right, nothing feels right. I kept having this ominous feeling about XJ9's new attitude, it was off and cold, too cold. I couldn't concentrate as the campers did their presentation, she wasn't there yet and I could see how worried Lyiris looked as she tried to call her. I don't remember doing anything wrong, I don't remember saying anything either.

Or could it be......no, it can't be, she don't know.

'Okay, which group is Black Fire?' Ivan asked turning his phone upsidedown. Lyiris raised her hand, still dialing the number.
'Oh! Noona!' Ivan squealed, before Shane could hold him, he had ran to and hugged her.

'Ivan, cut it out,' she huffed trying to push him away. He clung to her tight.

'I've missed you,' he whined.
'You forcefully hugged me ten minutes ago, get off! Don't make me break your arm....okay, good boy,' she patted his head. He squealed and left her. 'Now get lost.' She spat. He ran back to the chair.

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'Our wife is beautiful,' he whispered to Shane. Shane knocked his head, he screamed and slid down the....why am I watching this!

'Ready!' Jin-Ju shouted, skipping to the microphones. I saw XJ9 walking behind, her hood over her head. She didn't even spare me a glance, why! 'We're singing in English, enjoy.' Jin-Ju winked at Jet, causing Seo-Jun to break his pen. I wonder what's wrong with them. The other cold twin sang first, her eyes never leaving XJ9, maybe she's curious too.

(Lovelies, please skip this part, this song have been ringing in my head for days and my fingers have been chanting to me "Bunmi are you mad! Post it!" so I had to type it out. Ignore this part, biko.)

I always say what I'm feeling
I was born without a zip on my mouth

Sometimes I don't even mean it
It takes a little while to figure me out

I like my coffee with two sugars in it
High heels and my jewellery dripping
Drink and I get all fired up
(Hey hey hey)
Insecure but I'm working with it
Many things that I could get rid of
Ain't about to give it up
I made a few mistakes
I regret it nightly
I broke a couple hearts that I wear on my sleeve
My momma always said "Girl, you're trouble" and
And now I wonder, could you fall for a woman like me
And every time we touch, boy you make me feel weak
I can tell you're shy and I think you're so sweet
Spending every night under covers and
Still I wonder, could you fall for a woman like me
(A woman)
[Cyrai and Ji-Seon:]
Woman like me, like a woman like me
La-la-la woman like me, like a woman like me
La-la-la woman like, like a woman like me
La-la-la woman like me, like a woman like me
And baby, just be mine for the weekend
We can get a takeaway and sit on the couch
Or we could just go out for the evening
Hopefully end up with you kissing my mouth, eh eh
You got them blue jeans with a rip up in them
My hair with your fingers in it
Love it when you turn me on
'Yoncé with a little bit of
"Love Drunk" in the middle with it
Get down to our favorite song
I made a few mistakes, I regret it nightly
I broke a couple hearts that I wear on my sleeve
My momma always said "Girl, you're trouble" and
And now I wonder, could you fall for a woman like me
And every time we touch, boy you make me feel weak
I can tell you're shy and I think you're so sweet
Spending every night under covers and
Still I wonder, could you fall for a woman like me
Why is she singing so plainly? What exactly is wrong with her.
(A woman)
[Jin-Ju & Ji-Seon:]
Woman like me, like a woman like me
La-la-la woman like me, like a woman like me
La-la-la woman like, like a woman like me
La-la-la woman like me, like a woman like me
Yo, woman like me, yes a woman like me (Oh)
Soon as I brush up on him I could tell he like me (Oh)
You know all the mandem, a try to swipe me (Kyuh)
Knotted up, he could afford to ice me (Hh, rhrr)
Tell 'em it's a bad Trini bitch inna your area (Uh)
But the more bad bitches, then the more merrier (C'mon)
Baddies to my left and to the right a little scarier (Uh)
Rude boy, tell me, can you handle all this derrière? (Da derrière, rhrr)
Uh, a million I'm getting my billy on
Greatest of all time, 'cause I'm a chameleon
I switch it up for every era, I'm really bomb
These bitches really wanna be Black fire, can't be Gray Vixen
Apple, cut the cheque, I want all this money
Raven rocks, she grip the tech, and leave all this bloody
I-It's the Queens, it's Black Fire, skated on 'em, sorry
Our voices are silky (Swish), a-all this curry (Mhm)
Woman like me, like a woman like me
La-la-la woman like me, like a woman like me
[Jin-Ju, Ji-Seon and Cyrai}
I made a few mistakes, I regret it nightly
I broke a couple hearts that I wear on my sleeve
My momma always said "Girl, you're trouble" and
And now I wonder, could you fall for a woman like me
And every time we touch, boy you make me feel weak
I can tell you're shy and I think you're so sweet
Spending every night under covers and
Still I wonder, could you fall for a woman like me
(For a woman like me)
Woman like me, like a woman like me
(Na, na, na, na, na, a woman like me, like me)
La-la-la woman like me, like a woman like me (Oh, woman like me)
La-la-la woman like me, like a woman like me (Uh, na, na, na, na, na)
La-la-la woman like me, like a woman like me (I said)
(A woman like me)
Cyrai dropped the mike loudly and walked out, I would have followed her but instinct kicked against the idea.

Jin-Ju (Apple)
I rubbed my eyes sleepily, I was press but couldn't get up at all, I love my bed. The pressure increased so I had to sit up with a yawn. I dropped my leg from the side of the bed, slipped my flip-flops on and stood up. I yawned and stretched as I plodded to the bathroom, so tired. After doing my stuff there, I came out quietly so I won't wake Cyrai but someone passed our window. I gasped and went on my knees, they were four shadows outside. I was beginning to panic, they were moving around very quietly. I crawled to Cyraila, I touched her bed, it was empty!

'Oh God,' I breathe and crawled to Lyiris' bed, I tapped her bed... Empty! I crawled over to Ji-Seon, soft panicking sobs leaving my mouth. 'Ji-Seon, wake up.' I cried in a whisper.

'What happened?' She yawned.
'The....' The door burst open, I screamed and rolled under Ji-Seon's bed. Ji-Seon was fast enough to roll down the bed before the silent bullets hit her.

'My arm,' she winced, she took a bullet there. I heard a grunt, I peeped out to see Lyiris. She swiftly, like literally swiftly grabbed one and used him as bullet shield. With a swift move, she lifted and threw the human-shield at the remaining two, the force knocking their bodies down. Lyiris quickly whipped out a silencer from her belt and pointed it at them.

'Stay down or I'll kill you,' she growled.

'We can't,' one replied, a girl. 'Our orders is to terminate you Ivy, or die trying.'

'Wrong decision,' Lyiris smirked, she turned to her side swiftly and threw a knife towards the direction of the second window and gave the first one she knocked out who had stood up a hard roundhouse kick that sent her flying and crashing into the wooden wall. The knife made a loud slash sound as it cut through the air before a squishy sound followed. She shot the remaining two right into their brains, it was horrible. I was screaming into Ji-Seon's palms, she covered my mouth. 'Come out,' Ji-Seon crawled out, I was too shaken to scream again. 'Out Jin-Ju!' With fear, I dragged myself out, a girl was at the floor of the second window, a knife in her throat.

'I took a bullet,' Ji-Seon groaned in pain while I sobbed.

'Hold on,' Lyiris walked to her, took her arm and heartlessly cut out the bullet, Ji-Seon didn't mind though. I ran to the bathroom, opened the toilet cover and vomited. I coughed as I threw up, I can't handle this. 'I'll handle the bodies, you get Jin-Ju out of here to the place I showed you. Seo-Jun will be waiting for you guys there....' Seo-Jun? 'I need to find Cyraila.' What have we gotten ourselves into! Seo-Jun?!

I stared at the lake calmly, the wind blowing against my hair and skin. It was peaceful here, it felt like home. I've taken my time to train myself beyond my limits, to finish what I had in mind, every single one of them and their generations will pay. I felt him behind me, I smiled.

'I can see you got my message and is boiling with hate,' I turned around smirkingly.

'Isn't that what I was raised to do, hate?'

'And it indeed suits you,' he grinned. 'They all don't deserve to live, for killing your parents.'
'I know, I will eliminate them one after the other,' I stride closer to him. 'All who betrayed her, had my father killed. General Gomez, Mico Danelaw, Richie Carter, Amelia Gray, Constance McGregor, Victor Dante, Justice Dale and Lord Martins. I will kill them, their children and anyone who stands in my way....'

'Including your boyfriend, he is Lord Martins grandson after all.
'He will pay for what his greedy grandfather did to my family with his life, boyfriend or not. I am Bane's Blade, I do not love, I do not feel or smile or care. I am made to kill, conquer and destroy and that is what I will do to all those who have hurt me. And when I'm done with them, I will come for you. Get your robot killer ready, you will need her to protect you when I'm ready for you.'

'You cant touch me Cyraila, I made you, I created y....' He coughed, blood spluttering out of his mouth as horror filled his eyes. I threw his heart on the ground.

'Your biggest mistake,' his body dropped to the ground. I walked two steps and found myself crashing and destroying three trees. I grunted, that actually hurt. I rolled out of the way before she crushed me with her feet and stood up. 'Hello mechanical sister, I've been waiting for you.' I purred. She growled.

'You killed father!'

'And I will kill you to!'

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