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Bane's Blade-Chapter seventeen


Bane's Blade-Chapter seventeen

Genre: action, romance.

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

Cyraila (girl from dump)

'Bane, father gave us both a purpose, a reason to live....' She started her stupid preach. 'We are designed for one thing, to kill and destroy, to conquer....'

'That's where you are wrong, no one can design or make me because I'm not a fucking machine like you!'

'That makes me better, I don't have to be easily swayed by emotions, I'm perfect.'

'And I'm sure you wish you had this,' I hit my chest with a smirk. That certainly hit a nerve, because she predictably slid across the floor, snapping her right leg out to trip me. Since I didn't expect her level of speed, I stumbled a little. She took advantage of my little tumble and take a hit, her left fist slung my way, I made sure to dodge her punching attempt.

I straightened myself and went back into position after receiving no hit. I wasted no time in throwing a punch, starting off with a right hook, which happens to be my weaker side. I used it to create a distraction so I could throw a proper left hook and get a good hit. For whatever reason, it was like she was expecting me to do this and completely dodged my left hook attempt. She barely dealt with my right hook punch, as if she knew I hadn't intended to use it to get a hit.

Or maybe she really did know. Of course, father had all my moves recorded, it has been installed in her head.

'What is it Bane, feeling unlucky?' She taunted, her annoying smirk teasing me. I grinned.

'I'm always prepared, try again.' I used my hand to gesture her to come, my own smirk on my face. She was definitely annoyed by that. She charged at me again, her aim to bulldoze me but I moved out of the way, used that as an opportunity to elbow the back of her head before she staggered to the other side. I turned around sharply and watched her as she steadied herself, and got back into position as she slipped into defence mode. I knew very little about her fighting style yet she knew so much about mine but that was what I had been doing for days, developing a new fighting skills. Risky but what choice do I have.

I caught her gaze and winked at her as she glared at me, annoying my opponent is fun.

She charged again, swung her right fist at me, I dodged it by ducking and managed to get two fast jabs in her stomach area and backed up before she could do anything. Her body was all metal, strong one. She stormed toward me throwing calculated punches my way. I dodged and blocked as much as could, however she landed a few punches because of her speed. She's very fast, I thought while wiping the blood from my busted lip. Before she could get another punch in, I did an uppercut, getting her right in the jaw before tripping her up. When her head slammed against the hard floor, I got on top of her and started throwing punches from all angles. She was able to block most of them except the ones on her sides. I had my legs firmly wrapped around her to ensure she couldn't flip us, all I had to do is to just keep punching until she's too weak to get up or yields, but I knew it wouldn't be that easy.

She headbutted me. It completely took me off guard and made me stop throwing punches for a second. She used that opportunity to throw an uppercut my way and throw me off her. I rolled onto the hard ground, wincing from the pain in my jaw. I got up before she could do any more damage. My jaw and forehead throbbing were painful reminders that she was able to get a few good hits on me. It's been long since I felt so much pain. She raised her leg to kick me and since I didnt have time to dodge it, I got ready to block it. Unfortunately, she managed to close the distance and throw a hard punch in my ribs.

I doubled over clutching my chest from the pain, not forgetting to back up before she could do anything else. She was already going for another punch, but I dodged it before it could touch me and roundhouse kicked her, making her stagger back. She seemed to have recovered fast as she was blocking most of the series of punches I threw at her after. She kept throwing hits and jabs at my ribs that were already throbbing in pain. I quickly crouched to the ground and sweeped my right leg to trip her up, bringing her down to the ground.

She landed onto the ground on all fours giving me the opportunity to knee her in the face. I pull her up to her knees and bring my knee up to her face but a gasp left my mouth as I felt it in my stomach, she stabbed me.

I quickly jumped back and head for a tree, I jumped on the nearest branch of a tree, and analysed my wounds. I was bleeding and it wouldn't be wise to remove the dagger which I knew was poisoned, the effect of the poison was already affecting me. Human is a bad thing to be or maybe just the right amount of poison; overdose., I hissed from how much it stung. She was already charging towards me when I looked up, making me climb the tree to strategies, my climbing was too slow, she would get to me soon and that would be bad. I calculated the time she would reach me and quickly spun around, fast enough to hit her hard on the chest. A loud wheeze left her mouth, before she doubled over, falling off the branch and tumbled towards the earth. I watched her hit the ground hard, with a loud thud. I jumped down immediately, landing in a crouch beside her. I wanted to move but a sharp pain surged through my stomach to my brain. I knew I was going to pass out any minute from now so I intended to use my psychokinesis but her next move knocked me off immediately.

She punched my head and removed the dagger, a loud hiss left my mouth, I coughed out spluttering blood. She slammed me down, straddled me, my arms trapped under her thighs. She smirked triumphantly. 'Who won now?'

'You haven't won yet bitch,' I smirked back, despite myself. She screamed furiously and rained blows on my face, my vision was blurring out already and I was disconnected from my mental connection because of the pain. I wasn't going to die so easily, not without dragging her along. She punched my ribs that had already taken a lot of beating. I groaned and squirmed, the pain was unbearable, I was sure all my ribs had been broken. I could even feel one rib bone scratching the surface of my left lung. If she punches my rib cage anymore, it would puncture my lung.

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I already had a hard time breathing but I had to risk it, she had no brain so telepathic waves won't help. She raised her hand to plunge it into my chest but I screamed, my psychokinesis throwing her away. I coughed and tried to stand up, I was definitely out of what breath can hold. She stood up again, in a flash she was near me, lifted me up and threw me against a three. I smashed into the tree, knocking it down like I did the first one.

'You can't beat me you human! You are soft and vulnerable. You have no one to help you, you are all alone.' I laughed maniacally, her eyes flashing with confusion and anger as I annoyed her.

'You really think I'm alone,' I smirked, licking my lips daintily. 'Think again.' Before she could retaliate, a blue nuclear blast pass through her chest and head, she exploded into pieces. I shut my head immediately, a breath of relief leaving my mouth.

'XJ9,' I whimpered as he touched my ribs, the pain was intense. 'You are badly beaten up....'

'You are late,' I coughed. 'What took you so long to get here?'

'I didn't receive your text on time, I'm so sorry.' Yes, I sent him a text three minutes before father came, I can't kill him because I will regret it but I will kill his grandfather.

'I'm still gonna kill your grandfather, you know that, right?'

'First,' he huffed, carrying me up carefully. 'Survive and then we will discuss this.'

'Cyraila!' I smiled at the sound of Lyiris' voice, she's also late. 'Fuck! Are you okay?' I didn't reply, I shut my eyes and let myself slip into the darkness.


Cyrai was sweating, her body jerking violently, she was in great pain and slipping away. Turns out Shane knew about their Mafia work, he was like their doctor and brother who was always trying to make them change. He was trying miserably to save Cyrai, a doctor was beside him but nothing was working. I groaned in frustration and looked at the syringe in my hand, she made me vow to never use it on her but I can't let her die.
'Back up,' I sighed pushing Kris away gently. 'Give me space,' I whispered.

'We are trying to s....'

'Trust me,' I smiled at Shane, he nodded and they left her. I reluctantly injected the liquid into her neck, a loud gasp left her mouth before she went still. 'Kris, get me the strongest chains you have,'


'We'll need it.'

Three days passed, neither Kris nor I left her side, I injected her twice a day, good thing Dr. Jane gave it to me for emergency. The effect however would be very great, I knew that. We were in a very deserted house, for security, Seo-Jun had taken over finding Cyrai's mother.

'When is she going to wake up?' Kris asked tiredly.

'Can you take those hits and survive it? Patient K....' Cyrai's eyes opened sharply, a thick black eyes glaring at the ceiling. 'Don't!' I shouted, dragging Kris back. She screamed, struggling to set herself free.

'What is going on?'

'Just stay back,' I held him close to the door. I was sure she wouldn't break free but I was wrong. She snapped the chains free, my jaw sagging. She's stronger. She jumped down, her murderous eyes landing on us. 'Cyrai, calm down, it's me, Lyiris Shindler.' She stride menacingly to us, her face void of emotions.

'X....' She ran fast and slammed Kris's back on the wall, her hand on his throat. He gasped for breath, holding her hands.

'Cyraila! Stop!' She turned her head and hissed at me.

'XJ9, it's me Oppa,' Kris said under his breath. 'Stop it before I poop in my pants or die because I'm too sexy to die!' Her grip on his neck loosen as she tilted her head. 'Don't just stand there and look cute, I'm dying!' She dropped him, staggering back with a painful grunt. I let out a breath of relief, that was close.

'Why do I feel so much pain?' She gasped, reeling backwards to the bed.

'You got beaten up,' she closed her eyes, trying to remember. She groaned again, her nose was bleeding, she haven't healed well. She laid back on the bed, pushing the broken chains away with one hand and holding her ribs with the other.

'I feel like crap,' she groaned. Kris was already with her. 'I'm still gonna kill your grandfather.'
He sighed. 'Later,'

I flipped through my book, I wasn't focusing on it though. I sighed and shut the book, I need my daughter. What if she's dead? What if she's not living well? I promised her father I would protect her but I've failed. I used my finger to wipe the tear away from my eye, I'll find you.

'Mistress,' I looked over at the intercom, my legs were crossed. I sighed and pressed the button. 'Mistress, someone is looking into Peyton Dane's life and of course, yours.' I furrowed a brow nonchalantly and chuckled.

'Who's he or she? Detective?'

'Strangely anonymous, the identity is hidden but their connection is strong, very strong.'

'So why tell me if you have no clue?'

'I'm sorry Mistress,'

'Send me everything, I will handle it myself.' I stood up with my book and glass of juice at the tips of my fingers and carefully dropped the book. I slipped my shoes on and sauntered to the stairs, I jogged up lightly until I was at the foyer. Sighing again, I walked to the computer room, where I do all my work. I opened the door and walked in, the room lights turned on automatically. I took my seat, dropping the glass on the table and checked my mail. Everything I needed was there, I chewed the gum in my mouth quietly, starting my tracking.

I must say, whoever they are is good. It took me three hours to track the person down, not directly but somewhat. The signal was pointing at 10 positions in the whole of Korea. I stared at the red dots thoughtfully, should I visit all place or......I leaned forward and connected the dots, I smirked as I stared at the middle of the star it formed.

'Checkmate,' I zoomed closer using the satellite until I saw a kid? He was typing on his laptop and talking to a girl with pink dyed hair. I activated the voice.

'Are you sure about this Seo-Jun?' The pink haired asked.

'I just have a great feeling that Ruth isn't dead. According to the news and all, she was a very deadly and great assassin, The Dark Mistress. She can't just die easily....'

'Cyrai's mother was an assassin?' I jolted up from my chair, did they say mother?

'I believe so, she looks exactly like her father, only the Korean version of him, so it was easy to guess. The gray eyes are from her mother. They are recorded dead but I believe there is more....' My daughter is looking for me! I quickly saved their location, I'm coming baby.

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