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Bane's Blade-Chapter Nineteen


Bane's Blade-Chapter Nineteen

Genre: action, romance.

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

It was very early in the morning, we were ready to go, guess how? Lyiris' mom was going to take us with her limo and then we fly in a private jet. The twins home weren't far so the limo was the only cool thing they would enjoy because I'm sure they have never rode in one even if their parents are rich. Our things had been tucked into the booth, Jin-Ju was with Seo-Jun, making out at his car. Ji-Seon was still indoor looking for her special bra again. Cyrai was somewhere with Kris and me, trying to peel wailing Ivan off me while Shane laughed.

'Noona, please don't leave me, you have to stay, stay with me noona...'
'Ivan, I said I will come back, please let me go already!'

'When! Oh when! Please don't leave me alone! I finally got my sister back, please don't leave me...'

'Calm down! Please calm down!' I shouted. I sighed, what do I need to do? I ruffled his hair. 'Ok, little brother,' he raised his head which was on my chest. 'Listen to me,' he pouted. 'I love you, you are my brother and I will never leave you.
 I promise to call, text, comment on your pictures and post and if necessary, send you letters. I also promise to come check on you in person every three months, is that okay?'

'How long will it take for you to permanently return?'

'I don't know, I really don't. Maybe one to two years....' He burst into tears again.

'If you weren't Ivan, I would have been really surprise,' Shane murmured. 'Where's Suki?'
'Hey hey,' I cupped his cheeks. 'I'll be back, I promise. And I will check on you every two months if that is better,'

'You really promise?'

'With every strand of hair on my head,' he whimpered and hugged me tighter.

'Okay, do come back.' Suki ran in panting.

'I'm here, what's up?'

'Your boyfriend won't let her go,'
'Come on Ivan, come here.' She said with arms wide apart, Ivan ran to her. I sighed with relief, straightened my dress and looked at Ji-Seon who was sauntering to us.

'Found it?'

'Yeah, who threw it into the toilet?' I
shrugged. 'Now I can't use it anymore,' she complained and dragged herself away, cursing under her breath.

'Now now Ivan, she said she will come back, right?' Suki whispered, leading Ivan away.

'Three months ago, Ivan would jump on my back so I won't go out without him, Ivan is really clingy.' Shane said with a chuckle.

'Mommy's boy?' He nodded. We stayed quiet, both staring at Jin-Ju as she laughed while Ji-Seon grumbled. 'I'm sorry,'


'I'm sorry, for everything I've done to you.'

He chuckled. 'What did you do to me? Break my heart? Treat me like trash? Don't worry,' he waved dismissively. 'I'm over it. I guess I was too forward and pushy, too demanding. I should have thought about the fact that you are not the kind of girl to just accept things so easily, that you are a very serious girl. I'm sorry if I made you feel bad about it, it's my fault. I'm just sad that you are leaving, we might never get a chance to actually try this dating thing or maybe, just maybe, both of us dating isn't part of our destiny.'

'Yeah, maybe,' I said quietly looking down at my feet, I raised my head again and smiled. 'But hey, maybe one day when we meet in the future, we can try it.'

'If I'm still single and searching,' he smirked. I wiggled my brows at him.

'Yeah, if,' I walked closer to him. 'But, there is one thing I will do,' I grabbed the collar of his shirt. 'No strings attached.' I slammed my lips on his, wrapping my arms around his neck. He kissed me back immediately, like he was dying to do that since. His tongue moved smoothly in my mouth, sweeping through every corner of my mouth with delight and joy.
I slipped my fingers into his hair, massaging his scalp, he groaned pleasurably, deepening the kiss at every scalp scrape. It would have been better if we were in a bedroom. I broke the kiss and looked into his eyes, he's cute but too goody goody for my liking. His future girlfriend will be lucky to have him.

'Thank you,' I slipped my hands out of his hair and made to push back, that was when I realise he was holding my waist. I smiled and wiggled away.

'Hope to see you in the future Shane Jetty, see ya ' I winked at him and walked to the limo majestically, the end of this chapter of my life.

Oppa didn't come say his goodbye so I went looking for him, it was easy tracking him to the lake. He sat there staring at it, I couldn't see the expression on his face, his back was turned to me. He was smoking quietly, I walked to him, a little smile on my face. The water was sparkling, like a night sky. I sat down beside him on the big log he was sitting on. I couldn't bring myself to speak, I knew what was wrong, it was bothering me too. I bit my lower lip, staring at one of his hand on his knee. I swallowed my saliva nervously and gently slipped my hand Into his and placed my head on his shoulder.

'Oppa,' I whimpered. 'You're sad.'
He chuckled. 'Why won't I be sad, we are breaking up even before our relationship started, that hurts.'

'I am sorry, I cannot leave you hoping that I would return to you, I might never come back. I don't know when I will return because when I am gone, I will not call, text, or reply your emails. I am going into isolation, going into a sleep to retract as much as the fluid that have been inserted into me. Mother said her experts can remove half of it, I need that or I will die before I even dream of clocking 40.'

'How do you mean?
'From the day I was born until when I left, I was fed with chemicals upon chemicals. It is a miracle that I am still breathing without complications but how long will that last? I need to purge my system clean. I don't need all these force powers, I just need to be normal for my sake. That will be after I finish my mission, I know you cannot wait for me until then so we must break up.'

'And if I decide to wait?' He asked earnestly. I chuckled and shook my head

'Trust me, you cannot wait for me, I know that.'

'I will still wait, I will try. Even if I waver, mess around, I will still wait.' I smiled.

'I do not know but when I do return, if you still think our relationship can work and if our connection still remain strong, then I will try it. However, I am not making you a promise, not a single promise.' I said articulately. He sighed and nodded.

'It still hurts tho,' I took the cigarette from his finger tips and threw it into the lake
'If you weren't just smoking, I would have kissed you.'

'If doesn't stop us, we can still....' I stood up and ran away. 'Ya! XJ9!' I giggled as i ran very fast. I got there just as Lyiris Shindler was entering the white limo. I jumped in beside her gigglingly.

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'What happened?'

'Hurry! Go!' Mom's not here, she didn't come with the men. Friend Apple and Raven got in too, the limo drove off immediately. Don't worry Oppa, I will return but I know my star with yours is different. Your part in my life was to help change me, give me a reason to not turn bad when I found out who killed my parents. You helped me finish my first battle, now this chapter of my life is over, time for a new one.
Hopefully, we will meet again.

Ji-Seon (Raven)
'Welcome back Miss Yoon,' the maids greeted us as we walked into the house, we waved them off politely, well, Jin-Ju did.

'Jin-Ju!' Jin Ae (the original one between Ji-Seon and Jin-Ju.
Remember they are triplets but don't pay attention to her, she's not important.). 'My baby girl!' She picked Jin-Ju up and spun her around easily, both shrieking. If Jin Ae was to be a bad ass, she would be female Hercules. She's really strong with the same honey blonde hair as ours, bright blue eyes and slightly muscular body. I believe it's a fair share from our father who is a hell of a hulk. She's beautiful tho, not that identical like us but you will know without blinking that we are triplets.

'Unnie, put me down!' Jin-Ju shrieked laughingly, Jin Ae put her down and grinned at me. I groaned.

'Come on, you know you want it,' she teased spreading her arms for a hug and wiggling her brows.

'I'll pass,' what the heck, she hugged me anyways. She dropped me down and patted my head. 'You know I'm older, right?'

'Tch! Duh!' I rolled my eyes. 'Aigoo! Look at my sisters, you are all glowing so brightly! Ya! Seo-Jun have been giving you the right nourishment, eh?' She wiggled her brows suggestively. Jin-Ju went crimson.

'Unnie, don't be like that. It's not what you think...'

'Oh it is what you think,' I laughed.
'Ji-Seon!' She yelled distraughtly.

'Don't be shy Jin-Ju, the only thing that will surprise me is if Ji-Seon falls in love again, am I right?' She asked with a laugh, slapping the arm I took the bullet.

'Ayeeeee, gently,' I slipped away and ran to my room, she's very smart. We settled in back into our rooms, Jin-Ju gave her the gist excluding the mafia or everything about Lyiris and Cyrai. It was evening already, our parents had returned, it was hard convincing Jin Ae to play along but we did.

'So you guys separated because your group members wanted to spend some time with their newly found mother?' I nodded. 'And you both left because of our own issues?'

'Yes,' I sighed. Someone knocked, obviously a maid. 'Come in.' Our favorite maid walked in with a tray of cookies.

'I thought you girls would need some snacks, are the drinks I sent earlier to your liking?' I nodded. 'Okay,' she dropped the tray on my bed. 'Your father requests your presence, Jin-Ju and Ji-Seon that is.'

'Tell him we are busy and if he wants to talk to us, he can trek here.' Jin-Ju said smirkingly.
'Excuse me?'

'Tell your boss that we are busy, we don't have time to attend to him.' I added. She looked at Jin Ae.
'Tell father to come meet us here if he so pleases or leave us alone and deliver it the exact way we said it.'

'Girls, your father?'

'Sperm donor,' we corrected simultaneously. She shrugged.
'I just hope you all know what you are doing,' she walked out of the room. Hopefully. Ten minutes later, our parents stomped in.

'Ji-Seon, what is the message you sent to be delivered to us?' Mother asked first.

'If you have brains to understand, you would have understood the messages we sent.' I said calmly, typing on my phone nonchalantly.
'Ji-Seon!' Mom yelled. 'You are talking to your parents!'

'If I remember correctly, you both said we aren't your children by will,' Jin-Ju scoffed. 'We are tired of both of you telling us what to do and how to live our lives so since you want to be childless, we are leaving, decided to be orphans.' They stared at us in shock.

'You are the worse parents we have ever seen, cursed once.' Jin Ae added.

'You ungrateful children! What haven't we done for you!' Dad yelled out this time.

'Mwo? You ask?' Jin-Ju asked standing up. 'You are the fucking reason I'm ill! The fucking reason I can't spend three hours without throwing drugs into my mouth! Look at Ji-Seon! Daughter of the great Yoon family! Rebellious and doing drugs just to fend for us!' She screamed at the top of her voice.

'No! I want to tell them! When last did they give us money! Took us out or even asked after our well being! She left me under the snow....' She sobbed. 'That was mean,' she said almost inaudibly. 'You both deserve to be childless and that is what we are going to do. We are leaving. Maybe now you can get pregnant and bear the son you both want so badly but ha! You can't get pregnant again and your husband lost his manhood.' She laughed amidst her tears.

'Get out of our room!' Jin Ae yelled.

'Out! Out!!!' Jin-Ju screamed jumping out of the bed and rushing to them. 'Get out!' She screamed pushing them out.

'Jin-Ju, stop screaming,' I called out pulling her back. She gasped and slumped motionlessly immediately.

'Jin-Ju....' Mom called in panic.
'Don't touch her!' I yelled at her. 'Jin Ae, get me her inhaler!'

The doctor told us that she would be okay, we made sure mom and dad stay out. Mom surprisingly cried, that is their own problem.
'Pssst, you can get up now,' i whispered. Jin-Ju sat up immediately, Jin Ae's eyes widened. 'Yes, she was faking it.'
'B...b...b...b...ya! You almost gave me an heart attack!'

'Mianhae,' Jin-Ju giggled.

'And you!' Jin Ae hit my arm. 'You knew!'

'I sort of figured it out when she went motionless. If there's one thing I know about Jin-Ju after all my life, she's the hardest human to kill. She's like a cat with a hundred life, she would gasped for more than ten minutes if it was real and if screaming could actually kill her...'

'She would have died a long time ago from too much squealing and jumping since that's what she does best.' Jin Ae completed. She rolled her eyes and laughed. 'You are both crazy.'

'Honestly, I don't care what happens after this,' I sighed. 'We are going to move on anyways.'
'Maybe Cyrai's mom can help me open my own boutique,' Jin-Ju said thoughtfully.

'I just hope she will be okay because extracting something that have been in her all her life will be very hard, it can kill her.' I said with sincere worry.

'Lyiris told me that they are going to try flushing than extracting. She didn't take in much so she's okay but Cyrai and the other few girls that got injected a lot will get their blood purged and changed.
Definitely, what have been tampered will remain, they will still be strong, fast etc but not like before. At least they won't die.'

'I doubt Cyrai's abilities will change, she will remain like that because I believe her powers are from her physical skills, not the enhancement. Maybe the enhancement helped but I think it is in her blood, her lineage.' I added.

'I have a good feeling that she will be fine, they both will. Call it intuition or hope but I know that they will be fine.' Jin-Ju smiled. Jin Ae just stared at us like we were running mad or have grown three heads each. She don't need to know anything.

I really hope they will be back though, Black Fire must come back together.

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