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Bane's Blade-Chapter Fourteen


Bane's Blade-Chapter Fourteen

Genre: action, romance.

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

Kris (leader of K-I-S-S)

XJ9 stared at the park with distaste, her lips pressed into a straight line, her eyes darkened like she would kill everyone present. Her shoulders were tensed, I could literally see the hair on her arm standing in alert, what exactly did that General did to her? I let my eyes travel down to her soft palms which were clenched into a fist, I wonder how soft her palms actually are, always gloved. I risked getting a broken nose and touched her shoulder, her head snapped to my hand with a deep growl.

'Babe, you okay?' I whispered.
'Don't freak out or break my nose, I'm worried about the way you are reacting, you are seriously tensed up.' She closed her eyes and inhaled, her shoulders relaxed before she opened her eyes with a warm smile.

'Mianhae Oppa,' she apologized lowly. 'The first time I came to somewhere like this, I ki.....' She shook her head. 'Mianhae, what are we doing here?'

'To have fun, what else?'

'Why must we have fun?'

'Because it's fun,' I slid my hand down hers, her eyes watched my movement with a glare but I didn't care much, I slid it down until my fingers were laced up with her slender gloved ones. 'Shall we?'

'You know you are touching, right?' She asked with a very deep voice, like she was holding herself back from snapping my neck. I shrugged, she whipped her hand away but I grabbed it back. 'Oppa,' she cried. 'Don't make me hurt you...'

'Hurt me,' I whispered. 'I dare you.' I challenged, looking deep into her eyes which was whirring with emotions, my heart beating very fast at the glow in her eyes.
She sighed and finally looked away, lowering her head down with red cheeks.

'You are manipulative,' she whispered. 'And cunning,' she raised her head back, her lovely bright smile gracing her lips and eyes twinkling with excitement. 'I like that.'

'Well then, let's have fun!' I pulled her to the cotton candy cart, the man is skilled in making blue and green cotton candies, how? I don't know. 'Good afternoon,' I greeted, leaning on the table. 'Four cotton candies please.....hmm, wait, give me the one of each flavour.'

'Big or small scoop?'

'Taste, she's not a fan,' I glanced at XJ9 (Cyraila) who had her head tilted to the side, mesmerized by the cotton candy mixer.

'Ah! A newbie,' Ahjussi exclaimed. 'I'll get the special,' he was mixing the candy well. XJ9 slipped her hand off mine and held the counter, bending down to fascinate over the mixing.

'Whoa! Oppa, what is this?'

'It's a cotton candy mixer,' I looked around, don't want her to embarrass herself.

'Fascinating,' I pulled her up.
'Chill, don't embarrass yourself.'
'Oh, mianh....ya, you are making me say too much sorry, I hate that.'

'You love me,' I grinned. She rolled her eyes.

'I love you so much I'm jumping with joy,' she said sardonically. I held my chest dramatically, a gasp leaving my mouth.

'Aigoo! My heart! You have broken my heart so badly, aigoo! I can't breathe....' I slid down her body to my knees, holding her waist tight.
 'Why? Why why why?! I love you so much....'

'Oppa, stand up,' she said sheepishly, her cheeks red. 'You're embarrassing me.' I stood up with my giddy grin, I had a half mask on.

'Say you love me,'

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'Anieyo,' she said shyly, looking everywhere but my face.

'Say it,' I whined, shaking her. She kicked my shin, that was harsh!
'Aaah ai! Do you want to kill me? I can't walk again....' I sat on the floor and folded my arms.

'Oppa,' she whispered, looking around. 'You are the one embarrassing us, please....'

'Do you love me?'

'You are crazy, stand u....'

'Here's your order,' the man stretched three candies to her. I stood up and collected one from the confuse girl.

'Psst,' she whispered. 'How do you expect me to eat wool? Sheep wool?'

'Cotton candy,' I corrected, licking my fingers which I know is dirty.
'Ya,' she said frowningly. 'I can't eat...' I shoved the whole blue candy into her face. She huffed abs screeched before moaning. 'Mm, Oppa, this taste nice...' She stretched the other two to me and got to work, eating the ones on her face.

'Initiated,' I smiled paying him his money.

'Thank you,' I shrugged and walked ahead, trust her to follow while still eating from her face.

'Oppa, why is this thing so sweet?'

'It was made with breast milk,' I looked over my shoulder, she had stiffen with mouth open and twitching eye. I turned around and laughed, 'kidding!' She rolled her eyes.

'Gimme,' she wiggled her fingers with puppy eyes, asking for the other ones. I handed them over to me, her lips puckered up. I chuckled and brought out my honkies to wipe her face, the remaining ones on her face. She hummed a rhyme as she eat while I wiped her face. Her cheeks were too soft, urging me to suck on those delicate skin. Her lips wasn't helping, my eyes refused to look away from those moving plum flesh. I want to kiss her so badly, too badly.... 'Tada!' Her squealing snapped me back to reality. 'I finished it.'

'Oh, that's nice,' I murmured disappointedly. 'Time for the Terror Train, you ready?'

'What is that?'

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I wasn't expecting her to shriek so loud, my ears hurt. The good thing was that she was holding me tight as she shrieked and laughed in excitement, she was enjoying the ride. Spooky things kept jumping out but that only made her more enthusiastic and more... More..."shrieki
ng." Her head was on my chest, her hands tightly wrapped around my torso and her legs entwined with mine. It was worth it.

The train finally pulled to a stop, my ears ringing. She gasped like she have done the last ten times.
'Again again again!' She squealed shaking me.

'Babe, we've been in and out of the ride ten times, don't you want to try something else?'

'No, train ride!'

'Then I won't ride with you,' I held her hands to unwrap myself but she whimpered softly. 'Come with me?'

'But scary train,' she whined. I removed her hands and stood up, she'll follow. I jumped down from the train and as expected, she jumped down as well, almost tripping but Superman to the rescue! 'Gamsahamnida,' she said under her breath. I could feel her fast pacing heartbeat, is it for me?
'Then, videogames we go...' She gasped and dragged me back, pointing to a stand. It was a stand where they shoot arrows or fire bullets to win a prize. 'What prize do you want?'

'The helmet, sister Lyiris will love it.'

'What is there that you like?'

'The hat, is it weird that I want the hat?

'I can buy you a better....' I paused when I saw her pouting face. 'Alright,' I took her hand and led her to the stand. 'I want that helmet and hat,' I dropped some money on the counter. 'Give me the gun.'

'You sure?' The woman asked with her fake grin. I took the gun myself.

'Oppa, can I play for the helmet myself? I wanna feel proud that I won something for my unre....alistic sister. May I?' She was asking but the bow and arrow was already in her hands. I smiled at her, I know she can handle that.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, ,5, 4, 3, 2....shoot!

I aimed at the moving car and shot it thrice, XJ9 was surprisingly finding it difficult to position the arrow in the bow. I dropped the gun, walked behind her and slide my hands from her arms to her wrists. She shuddered slightly, her breathing pausing.

'Let me help you,' I whispered into her ear. I know what I'm doing in public is shameless but I can't help it. Her hands were shaking, I guided her hands into stringing the arrow, letting my lips tease her ears by whispering words into them. 'Now release the arrow,' she released it immediately, the arrow hitting it target. That was too much of a clean shot for a rookie. She jumped away from me, her body still trembling slightly as she tried to catch her breath. 'Babe, why are you sweating?' I smirked.

'N.....n....n...n....' She stammered and gulped, does she know her face is freaking red? Damn! I'm good.

Cyraila (the dumpster baby).
I don't know what got into me, I pretended not to know how to shoot an arrow but I certainly wasn't expecting what he did. It was like time stopped for me, my heart is still beating ferociously, my stomach still unsettled. My face was heavy, hot and sweaty just like my palms. I sat on a bench in front of an abandoned metal stand, rubbing my sweaty palms against my skirt. I need to punch a wall, or get my face ironed. Oppa returned from keeping the hat and helmet in his car, the evil manipulator who won't let me breathe.

'Here,' he dropped a bottle of cold coke on my laps, right on top of my gloves. 'Are you okay?' He knew I wasn't, foxy nitwit. I nodded anyways and slipped my gloves back on after putting the bottle down. 'Won't you drink that?'

'I don't drink coke,'


'That thing is filled with too much acid, it cooked Lyiris' chicken once and then she used it to wash her toilet.'

'And it washed?' I nodded. 'Whoa,' he flung his bottle away and stared at me with that smile again, I'm still trying to adjust my heart here!

'Look away,' I murmured, pushing his face away. He seized my hand, daintily slipped off the glove and kissed the back of my palm, his eyes never leaving mine. This is too much touching and reaction. My heart skipped as he kissed up the back of my palm to my wrist, forearm, elbow, arm and then to my shoulder. In public? 'Oppa,' I breathe, something was itching at my throat. 'Stop, please...' Oh my God! What is this! He forced my face to his, gazing into my eyes with a very strange look, like I an hypnotist.

My lips parted a little, my mental function was shut down. He was compelling me with his charms and I was falling for it, I was helpless. He shifted closer to me, his hypnotizing eyes dancing down to my lips as his hands took comfort in caging my waist and lower back. He lips came closer, i couldn't breathe, not well again. His soft lips brushed against mine, my eyes instinctively going shut.
Where is friend Lyiris? What is happening to me?

He nibbled on my bottom lip, causing a great wave of impatient and desperation surging through me. Without any control, I raised my hand to the back of his head and initiated the kiss, wowing myself with how stupid I was behaving.

Nevertheless, my other hand slid into his hair, letting my fingers reside in his rich lock and his tongue drive me into more desperation. I knew I had lost my will power, did he use what humans will call magic?...no, it was just me. His lips tasted like honey, honey and chocolate – heaven on earth.

"Bane!" That voice in my head snapped. I didn't listen, I couldn't listen or care. Soft sounds left my mouth, neither of us cared where we were sitting, it was isolated anyways. He broke the kiss first, both of us gasping as he smiled. I was dazed, that was pretty unexpected.

'And that's how to kiss,' he whispered huskily. I opened my mouth to speak but my eyes caught a bullet flying towards his head. I pushed us both down, dodging the silent bullet. 'Fuck!' He exclaimed when the bullet hit the other side. 'Quick!' He quickly pulled me behind the metal stand. 'Not now,' he groaned searching himself for something.

'Friends of yours?' I asked removing my hairpin, it's more than just a pretty thing.

'Nope, don't move and....crap!' Bullets were firing at the stand, I could hear people screaming and running. What happened next surprised me, he hit biceps and boots and a black light glow before metallic armour built along his hands, legs and one side of his face. 'Please don't freak out,' he pulled out two guns, they didn't look like guns at all. Before I could react, he had rolled away, shooting all his bullets could reach. I was still in shock, what is happening?
My phone chose to vibrate that moment, I brought it out and checked the message from Lyiris.
"Guess what sweetie, your boyfriend is the grandson of Korea's greatest Mafia Don, Lord Martins. His father is clean but your boyfriend is not, got some serious shit going on in his life and K-I-S-S is just a cover. He's a glorified hitman, a bad ass killer and same goes for his friend, Seo-Jun."

"How did you find out so fast?" I typed back.

"Have you forgotten who I am?" I shoved my phone back in, the bullets were starting to get through. I pressed the pin and it transformed into a boomerang, I threw it without aiming but I always get my shot. It hit the men firing at is, too bad I didn't bring my weapons and don't want to expose myself yet. The firing stopped as he shot down the last man and blew his gun.

He ran back to me, dragged my hand and ran off with me as his armour disappeared.

'Who are they?'

'Some men from my rival's side,' he said.

'Rival?' I breathe.

Okay, Oppa isn't normal and many including father is after him, this is about to change things.

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