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Bane's Blade-Chapter Fifteen


Bane's Blade-Chapter Fifteen

Genre: action, romance.

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

Kris (leader of K-I-S-S)

I glanced at her as I drove along the road, she was quiet, no expression on her face at all. I wondered what's going on in her mind, what she thought of me. She didn't look like someone who appreciate human death, even if she's tough. I sighed again, somebody had to die for us to live, either us or them.

'Babe?' I asked reaching out for her hand which was folded into a fist, I took her hand and slowly slipped my fingers into hers. She turned her head to look at me, almost mechanically, her eyes void of every emotion. 'I'm sorry if this part of my life terrifies you,' she returned her gaze to the road.

'If you are me, you will know that what you think is terrifying, it's what I consider as minor. I am not terrified by what I see, but,' she looked at me again. 'I am curious to know how it came about.'

'Humph,' I looked back at the road, though my hand never left hers. 'Would you tell me about yours too?'


'I can't tell you Cyraila, I don't want to endanger your life.'

She laughed, almost amusedly and incredulously. 'Do you know who I am Kweo Min-Jun?' She asked loudly, with amusement still lacing her tone. 'Do you know what I'm capable of doing? Don't test my ability dear, you won't like what you'll see.'

'I'll take that as a bluff but I'll tell you anyways,' I wiggled my hand on the wheel and arched my back. 'My grandfather to my great great great grandfather were Mafias, deadly ones with despicable history and....shit.'

'Keep talking,' she squeezed my hand, encouraging me to go on.

'Unfortunately, or fortunately, dad was way too soft hearted and weak to continue so grandfather let him off the hook with a vow that the moment he bears a son, the son will be handed over for training to continue the rotten legacy. Well, since I'm literally the only son, here I am.'

'That's harsh, and you don't have a say in it?'

'Not when he's concern,' I murmured sadly. 'I already promised myself that the madness will end with me, either when I die childless or end this whole thing when he dies. They probably recognized me because of my black mask, I'm known with it. Black tycoon and the mask held my symbol.'

'Black tycoon? Your father named you?' I nodded. 'My father named me,' she sighed resting back on the chair. 'I'm not sure he's my father but I still feel a little sense of loyalty towards him, like if he comes out now and give an order, I'll obey.' I was confuse, what does that mean?

'Mind shining some light on what you are t....' Something hit the car, bullets. 'Seriously Nicholas! You ain't giving up!' I yelled in frustration. The car was bullet proof so I didn't have to worry much. I stepped on the gas, trying my best to outrun them. I used the wing mirror to check how many cars were after us, three.

'The guys from before?' I nodded. I rocket pass cars, swaying side to side to shake them off but the stubborn men won't leave. 'Missile!' She shouted, I swayed the car out of the way, the missile collided with another car. 'Now they are firing missiles! Don't they know poor defenseless humans are going to get affected!' She yelled angrily, her dark eyes had returned.

'We need to worry about ourselves more,' I said swaying the car away from the next missile.

'Got any spare pants?'

'Backseat, why?'

'Don't look back, focus on the road.' She commanded, taking off her seatbelt. She moved over to the back, I glanced back but focus on not letting us get killed. I used my other hand to dial Seo-Jun's number.

'Kris, I've been trying to reach you. I saw the news about gunfire at the park and I know you are the target, you okay?'

'Got some of them on my trail, I need help, missiles are involved.'

'Crap! How would I shake Jin-Ju off? She's still here and not falling asleep anytime s....'

'Just drug her or come up with a excuse because if I die, I'll kill you!'

'Okay, I'll meet you at the place, try to make them chase you....'

'Cyraila!' I shouted. 'What are you doing?!' She was climbing out of the passenger door. She winked at me before sweeping herself over to the rooftop. 'I'll call you back...' I hung up and stuck my head out of the window to look at her. 'What are you doing?! Are you crazy!'

'Somebody have got to do it,' she said. 'I'll be fine.' She wore my faded blue Jean short and my mask.

'C...' She jumped, landing on the blue car behind with ease. Even a monkey can't ace that landing!


I jumped from the blue car to the green, avoiding the stupid bullets which won't affect me much by the way. Two more cars were in my way before I could get to the black ones. I crouched down before leaping into the air with a spin, my feet bashed against the roof of the first black car.

'How did she jump that far!' One of them shouted.

'Just shoot her down!' Shoot who? Me? They wish.

I flung myself into the window, kicking the guy at the driver's seat. I elbowed his face and ducked the bullets fired, and shot all of them with the gun I found in Kris's car. I opened the driver's door and pushed the driver out, love the way his body rolled over and got crushed by another car. I set the car on reverse, stepped on the gas and jumped into the white car driving by.

'What was that!' The owner shouted. The black car drove backward, collided with the other black car and exploded. One left, they realise I was a bigger threat to them than Kris driving away because one came out with their missile gun and aimed it at me. I shot his head, then the front tyres.
'Woman, sway to your left.' I commanded, she obeyed and drove to the left, the car making a loud screeching sound. The other black car spun around until it tilt over and somersaulted into a parked gasoline truck. Kaboom!
It's been years since I did such. I smiled with satisfaction, they are kids. The woman driving was screaming in horror, it's not like she's the dead one. I rolled my eyes to the black and pink Retro driving my way.

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'Get on,' Lyiris instructed. I flipped into her bike, landing with my hands so the bike won't lose balance. 'What do you think you are doing?'

'Saving my ass, why?' I asked, flipping over to my feet.
'Don't you know this is bound to drag attention from some people? You fucking jumped over two cars!'

'How long have you been watching me?'

'There,' she pointed to a highway. 'I just hope you are ready for what is coming next because I'm not.' I didn't reply her, I seriously risked our exposure because of a guy. Nice going Cyraila.

I parked the bike beside Kris's car, we were at a deserted warehouse, very quiet. Cyraila jumped down and ran to Kris immediately, he was a little bit shocked. They spoke in whispers before he pulled her into a comforting hug, what the hell is going on! This is too much....

You are jealous.... My subconscious accused. You have been trying to make her a better person for so long yet all of a sudden, a guy just swoops in and achieve what you have been trying to achieve. That makes you angry, jealous.

'I'm not jealous,' I sighed.

'You shouldn't be because she deserves to be happy. What if you can't do it, what's wrong if someone else can. What should truly matter is that she now have a reason to believe she's not a killing machine, she has hope. Lyiris, be happy for her and try your best to keep them together, they are great for one another.' Stupid subconsciousness and her great advice, I hate her. I removed my helmet and hung it, how was I suppose to relate with him when I'm this jealous. To think he's not the normal guy I prayed he would be.

'Why can't we ever have anything normal,' I sighed, getting off my bike.

'Shane's normal, and he likes you.'

'Don't even go there,' I huffed. 'He's a secret admirer and he remains that way.'

'But he's cute, won't it be nice if you explore your affectionate side more? Get to know him better?'

'I'm fine on my own, I don't need any guy in my life.'

'Or do you now? Come on Raila, give it a try. What's the worse that can happen.'

'Weakness, death and not for me, him. Plus, don't call me Raila, she's dead. This girl is Lyiris, not Raila.'

'Whether you run from it or not, you still remain Raila to me. I'm your subconscious, I know who you truly are from the inside and I know that a guy break is all you need. Explore new angles, try em and see.'

'Alright, I'll think about it.'

'Dummy, you already are.' I shook my head and paid attention to Cyraila who was explaining to Kris and Seo-Jun, didn't see him there.

'....and literally I did and still somehow see myself as a machine, a killing machine. Not until friend Lyiris over there came and forced me to believe otherwise. We later escaped but with what I just did, father will know I am here and come back for me.'

'Whoa,' Seo-Jun breathe in awe. 'My father once mentioned you to my brothers and I, the ghost assassin. They have been looking for you for years but finding you is difficult. You once operated here in Korea.'

'Thrice, target, three politicians and their entire families, wiped out,' Cyrai said guiltily, rubbing the side of her arm. 'I've killed so much and deserve to get hang for my crimes, I can never be redeemed.'

'Says who? We are all sinners, who cares about redemption. You have stopped killing for them, that's what up.' Kris whispered, her cheeks cupped up in his palms. She smiled, a true genuine smile.

'Don't you think you should search your origin? Know who you are?' Seo-Jun suggested. My eyes widened.

'No! Don't even bring that up!' I yelled, my voice echoing back to me. 'She must not find out who are parents are, they are dead.'

'Because the woman who raised and changed me from a normal child to a drugged killer warned me never to or become someone the world will fear. I don't know why but until I am ready to take it, I will not find them.' She looked at me over her shoulder.

'So what now? What do you calculative side shows Cyraila?' I asked sarcastically. She lowered her head sadly, sliding his hands off her face.

'I don't know,' she muttered. For the first time in her life, she was stump. 'We just have to wait and see and be ready for anything.'

'I guess so,' Kris looked at his wristwatch. 'Seo-Jun and I need to go clear something, I will be back before dawn.'

'Promise you won't die?' She asked poutingly, seriously now?

He smirked. 'I still have five more lives to spare,' she sighed and nodded. 'I'll see you tomorrow, promise.' And what I wasn't expecting to see or dream of happened, he cupped her face and kissed her. She didn't punch him, stiffen for a while before kissing him back.

'What the fuck....!' I yelled in my head.

'Wow, taunt me.' Seo-Jun said plainly and walked to the dark purple car I didn't see there before. I was more shocked by what I was seeing.

Cyraila is kissing a guy!
Kris is more dangerous and cunning than I guess him to be.

She broke the kiss and stared into his eyes, like some crazy love sick puppies. This is so disgusting. 'I'll be waiting for you,' she whispered, brushing her lips on his again. 'Don't make me wait that long...' I turned away from their second kissing scene, why don't I feel good about Kris? All of a sudden, I don't like him.

'Again, jealous.' I rolled my eyes back to them and away to Seo-Jun who was driving off. Jin-Ju is going to get herself involve with someone like him? She's too pure for..... I pause my thought, anybody can be somebody. Something crossed my mind, it was better that way.

'Bye Oppa!' Cyrai's shriek made me turn back to her, Kris was driving away. She twirled around with a smirk. 'Ready for the answer to the question you asked? The one in which I was "stumpified"?

'You weren't stump?'

'We have 14 to 16 days or less for father to find us.'

'In other words, 14 days to come up with a plan.'

'We aren't running away Lyiris Shindler, I do not care anymore. Let him try whatever, I will be ready for him.'

'He might release Dark Blade if you don't comply,' I said worriedly, dark blade is the other chick as strong as Cyraila. Cyrai might be stronger but only by a slight chance and her psychological power. Dark Blade is an android designed for just one thing, to kill and we know androids don't have a heart.

'Do not worry about me friend Lyiris, it is my cross to carry. Something else is coming, I don't know what it is, be good or bad, but that thing will either help or destroy.' I nodded, no need to ask questions.

'I'm telling the twins, they both need to know who is staying with them, so they will be alerted.'

'Do not speak to them about Kris and the other guy, it is not your place to tell.' Wow, she agreed easily.

'Alright,' I looked at the sky. 'You kissed him back? Why Cyraila?'
'As much as my body wants it, my heart yearns for it. I am not completely manipulated by his charms, at first I was but now I have seen what he can do, I will be careful. My instinct says to go with the flow and that I must abide to.'

'Let's get our ass out of here, we need to have options drawn out.' She nodded and walked to me, she's up to something secretive, I can feel it.

>>>>>>>>>>>> Narrative <<<<<<<<<<<<
In the middle of a dimly lighted room, a woman paced as she muttered to herself, her hands folded behind her back. Her rich salt and pepper hair falls down her face and shoulders in a neat asymmetric long Bob, the locks bouncing with every step she took. The door opened, two tall board chested man dragged a woman in, a pale looking red haired.

'Oomph,' she grunted as she hit the floor she was thrown at, right at the feet of the pacing woman. 'Don't you know how to treat a woman you arrogant bastards!' The red haired shouted at the men, looking over her shoulder to glare at them.

'Peyton,' the other woman barked. The heart of the red haired skipped, her eyes traveled up the long legs of the furious woman before her, until her eyes met with a pair of big gray eyes; very familiar ones. 'Peyton Dane, wife of Louis Dane, right?'

'Y.....y....y....' Her eyes were intimidating, the red haired couldn't speak.

'Nineteen years ago, my sister, the woman who made you, you and gave you everything was arrested for being an assassin. She was pregnant and after she bore the child, the baby was given to you. Where is that child?' Never did she expect such a day to come, her throat dried up immediately as fear clouded her. 'I repeat Peyton, where is my niece!!!'

'I....I....I threw her away....'

'You did what!'

'I'm sorry! I was tired, confuse, disturb and scared. I had to throw her away but I went back, I went back for baby Jewels, I swear I did but she was gone by the time I got there.' The red haired wailed. Series of anger bolted through the woman's veins, her gray eyes turning black.

'After everything I did for you! I took you in when you had no one! Fed you, clothed and train you yet in my hard moment, you abandoned me! Threw my daughter away!' The woman screamed manically. Red haired eyes widened in horror.

'Do you think I will die so easily? Do you think I am that easy to kill! You sold me out, gave my secret away and my husband died. I have stay hidden enough, gathering everything I lost and preparing now I want my daughter.'

'I will never betray you Ruth, I swear....'

'You ratted me out to your boyfriend who was working with my enemies, he got info from you. I don't have strength to talk,' no wonder her gray eyes was familiar, the dark mistress of death was alive. 'Throw her into the furnace, for throwing away my princess...'

'No! Ruth please, I beg you!' The red woman screamed, holding Ruth's legs in tear.

'You have nothing to live for, no husband and no kids. Let me end your miserable life,' she glared at the men. They dragged the pleading woman away, no care at all. Ruth turned and walked to her set of computers, she hit a red button, a bright green light invading the screens of the computers. 'This is Mistress, I'm calling out to all my agents. Cut off every mission, end it and make one mission your priority. By whatever means, you will not eat, not sleep or be free until my daughter is found. I will send you all the info, no one must rest until Jewels Wayne is found!'

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