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Bane's Blade-Chapter Eleven


Bane's Blade-Chapter Eleven

Genre: action, romance.

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

Cyraila (girl found at the dumpster)
Oppa parked his shiny black car at the place where he brought me to, he kept glaring at my shoes. I looked at my shoes and back at him, aren't we getting out? We've been locked inside his car for almost an hour with him just staring at my shoes. I sighed, I'm tired.

'Oppa,' I called tugging at his trousers. 'Aren't we going out yet?'
'Can I ask you something?' He asked still glaring at my shoes.
'Must you wear shoes?'

'Excuse me?'

'Isn't that shoes like seven inches tall? It makes you taller than I am.'
'My calculation says with the heels, I reach up to 6,3, that is 2 inches shorter than your original height. I do not understand how I'm taller than you are. I'm 5,9 and you are 6,5 and with the heels which is 4inches tall by the way, I am 6,3 but yet you maintain your height and those heavy boots levels your height to 6,6. Oppa, isn't that tall enough?'

'No girl should be that tall when it comes to me. A girl must be at least 7 inches shorter than I am.'

'That is a very foul logic,'

'Take off your shoes, please.'

'Then what am I suppose to wear?'
'Hold on, I bought Suki new sneakers as bribe but you can take it for tonight,' he stretched over to the back of his chair and rummaged through the pocket. He positioned himself again and waved a pair of white and pink sneakers. 'Not too tall, not too short. Wear it, please?' I stared at him plainly. 'XJ9, please,' he pouted. He twinkled his eyes cutely with puckered lips.

I looked away, my heart was thumping again, I need to see a doctor.

'Baby love,' he purred.


'Yes! I'll change it for you!'

'Don't touch....whoa!' He snatched my legs, the force made my head whip the window not too harshly but that was rude. He took off the shoes after placing my legs on his laps, he grinned as he stared at my feet. 'Oppa, this is uncomfortable.'
 He nodded and dusted my left foot, I smiled, my cheeks heating up again.

'Your feet are soft but hard in a way, how many blocks have you broken with this feet of yours?' He asked smilingly as he slipped one shoe on. 'You should feel my own feet, baby soft. If I kick a bed, I'll be paralysed for ten years.' I chuckled and looked at his face, his smile is pretty and he had really nice eyes. He's like one of those pooping crying machine only taller with no crying.

He sang softly as he tied the shoe lace, something like a nursery rhyme to help him remember how to tie the lace. Analysis proves he has memory loss, forgets the littlest things in his life.

'You take it under and over like....'
'Oppa,' I called softly.

'Hold on, don't break my concentration.... Put your finger in the middle,'

'Can't you tie shoe laces without the rhyme?'

'Done!' He dropped the leg and dusted the other. 'Sorry, I forget things a lot.'

'Why? Did you fall as a baby?'
'I don't know, not everyone have good memories. I forget little things, not major.'

'But I don't forget things, I never forget things.' He slipped the shoe on and chuckled.

'Who am I and who are you?'

'Cyraila Shindler and you are Kweo Min-Jun, Kris as known.'

'Are we the same people?' I blinked, I understood what he was trying to tell me.

'No, we are not the same.'

'Good,' he started his rhyme again as he knot the lace. Why is he distracting me like this? I need to focus. 'There,' he dropped my leg down. 'Now I feel much better.'

'What about my original shoes? It does not belong to me but friend Apple,' he picked up the shoes and shove it where he picked the sneakers from. He opened the door.

'Don't move,' he shut the door and ran over to me. I didn't like the idea but it felt amazing. He opened the door and bowed. 'Milady?' He stretched his hand to me.

'Must I take it?'

'Normal human beings will,' I am normal. I took his hand, I am normal. He helped me out even if I didn't need it and shut the door. 'There, beautiful girls are also normal girls.' Why is he using that speech? I looked around, where are we?

'Are we in a club? Isn't that place unsafe for your identity?' He nodded and pulled down a white mask that didn't cover his mouth. 'Won't that drag more attention?'
'Not if we blend in,' he dragged his hood down properly. 'Come,' he pulled me along. The last time I came to a club, it was on a mission. Things like this remind me of father, I really don't want to remember him.

He showed the bouncers a gold card, they let us in without any search. I walked beside him, not minding the fact that he was holding my waist and my stomach was churning. I was on high alert, anything can happen.

'Why are you so tensed?' He shouted into my ear.

'Nothing,' I looked at the people, all drinking and smoking. He took me to the bar, he waved the gold card and smirked. The barman came to us, a bright smile on his face.

'What will I get you?'

'Babe, what do you want?' Oppa asked me.


'You have to try drinking something, it'll be fun.'

'Oppa, I do not want to get drunk,' he smiled lightly.

'One bottle of Banyuls and Maucy, with a glass and a glass of Spätlese Riesling wine, lemon topping.'
'Okay, anything else?'

'Yes, cube please.' The barman nodded and went to get it.

'I just said I don't want alcohol,'

'You said you don't want to get drunk, that's the difference. One glass won't kill you, would it?'

'I am not allowed to drink alcohol, it is against my programming.'

'Programming?' He asked with a weird expression.

'Kidding, wasn't that funny?'

'No,' he looked at the barman who was returning. I need to keep my mouth shut.

♪ I see you coming,
I'm shooting with all my heart
Now you're gonna have a sweet, chewy dream
I've waited for today
Justt for you
I see you,
A little closer
I hear you
Don't run away
Starting from tomorrow,
You'll keep thinking of me
Don't be surprised,
cupid shot him
Show me your fallen in love face
(Show me)

Everything looks different in just one night

Hey cupid has shot my heart
Turn around now shot my heart
Hey cupid has shot my heart
Ah hah ah hah
Hey cupid has shot my heart
Turn around now shot my heart
Hey cupid has shot my heart
Ah hah ah hah....♪ Oppa and I sang simultaneously as we danced on the bar. He was drunk, I wasn't but it was fun like he said. I wasn't singing, just moving my lips and swaying my body along with him. I don't know the song but he do. We played cards with some guys and pool at the upper casino, Oppa and I won. Then some guys challenged us to a drinking challenge and in other not to look suspicious, I drank. Oppa and I won but that is why he is drunk.
It was fun, much more fun than I have ever had before.

♪ You're like the person
I saw in my dream
Is this the love that
I've only head about?

My heart has been stolen, oh my baby

I see you, Are you like me?
I hear you, Are things weird?
When you walk over to me,
The world goes in slow motion
I feel it, oh cupid shot me
Show me your fallen in love face...♪ he sang on. I laughed, that's enough.

'Oppa, time to go home. I ought to be the drunk one and not the other way round,' I dropped the microphone on the counter and carried him down. He was still singing and dancing, I had to drag him outside and forced him into the car.

'Unnie,' I huffed and straightened my waist. 'I love lollipops,' he licked his lips. 'They taste like my head.' He giggled and laughed.
'Sure thing Oppa,' I tied him with the seatbelt. I walked over to the driver seat but that was when I saw her, my heart temporarily stopped working. I quickly got into the car, what is she doing here?
Agent 5 is a very skilled agent, mistress of explosive. If she's here, then this building is certainly getting bombed.

Why? There is no one here that is worth father's time. He must be doing it knowing it would attract me, father knows I'm around or to get to who owns the club.

'Oppa, who owns this club?'
'No, I want to drink, dance and go mad!'

'Oppa,' I shook him. 'Who owns this club?!'

'Eomma, Appa, two pretty people.'

'Your parents own this club?'

'Appa,' he giggled. Damn! I struck his neck so he'll pass out and got my bag. I brought out the clean white gloves and wore it before wearing my mask. I took off the top I was wearing leaving my black bra. I slipped on the see-through jacket I carried and took off my shoes. I wore the heels Oppa took and walked out.

This is going to expose me, maybe.
I ran inside until I found hefe on the roof, setting the bombs. She was very meticulous about it.
'Hey, what are you doing?' I asked with a deep voice. She looked at me.

'Kid, you should go back in there, for your good.'

'Why do you wish to bomb this building agent 5?' She froze, her mouth fell open.

'Who are you?'

'A ghost,' I shrugged. She laughed.
'Who sent you? Some rookie agency?' I didn't answer, but rather threw a dagger her way in response. She caught it effortlessly, and threw it away with a laugh. Little did she know, I had already thrown another just as ahe caught the first one, her eyes widened as she clocked the other dagger.

She managed to bring her hand up to block her face from the weapon, but the dagger cut straight through her hand. I didn't waste time, and I kicked her hard in the chest, hearing a sharp wheeze force its way out from the impact. Since she was at the brick end, her body tumbled over to the other side. She was hanging down now.

'Still think I'm a rookie, Sam?' I asked with a satisfied smirk. It's been long I killed someone. She couldn't use one of her hands well, making her growl in frustration. Her dark quizzical eyes lingered on me, wearing a helpless expression.

'Who the fuck are you! Do you know who you are dealing with!' I smashed her hand with my heels, she screamed and let go, falling off the four story building. Dead. I turned around and walked out, what does father have with Kweo Min-Jun's father?

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