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Bane's Blade-Chapter Eighteen


Bane's Blade-Chapter Eighteen

Genre: action, romance.

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

Jin-Ju (Apple)
I massaged my temple deep in thought, we were back at the cabin...well, a whole new cabin since the last one kept giving me nightmares. I always thought I was a crazy bad girl like Ji-Seon but now I know I am just a chicken. I still haven't stabled myself from what happened, I fucking saw people die right before my eyes and that ain't a pretty site. Now imagine me finding out that because of annoyance and his brothers constantly bullying him, Seo-Jun joined a mafia gang so he will be strong too. That will explain how he was able to fuck his brothers up. Honestly, I've lost the zeal to continue singing, I just wanna go home and hide under my pillow.
'We need to come up with a song for the competition, it's next week.' Ji-Seon tells Cyraila who was flipping through a large book. She nodded and hummed.

'We can figure it out later, right now I must focus on this.'
'What are you doing?' Lyiris asked.

'I snatched this before we left base then, it contains all the locations of all the Alpha houses, the names of girls involve and their true origin.

'I'm quitting this competition, I have better things to do now. I must return to them, give those who wish a chance to return to their families, become normal again. But those who wishes to stay will stay and help me complete my task.'

'Cyrai, we've talked about this, just forget about those messed up fuckers that killed your parents....'
'I know, I remember what Dr. Jane said,' she said in a low whisper. 'My new mission is to help, to redeem myself for the lives I've taken even if it won't make any difference but will make me feel less guilty. Instead of being assassins to kill, we shall be secret agents seeking out the truth, helping the law force and taking care of every corrupt personnel allover the world. Be it the government or normal civilians, we won't kill except if the situation calls to. We won't be the Palace of Hade, but Аом aus Giustizia,'

'The what now?' I asked confusedly.

'The combination of a Russian, German, and Italian words, it means House of JUSTICE.'

'Hmm, I see.' Lyiris smiled.
'So you want to quit?

'I have to,' Cyrai sighed. 'I can't handle both lives....'

'Kris does,' I chipped in. 'You love music Cyrai, do you really think quitting is good? For you?'
'We would have made a great group, we are all gorgeous and all.'

'But what I must do takes time, maybe after I have finished assembling the girls and completing my task, I will return.'
'We won't have this lit opportunity then, straight popularity,' Ji-Seon pointed out.

'If working my way up to the top then is what I have to do, then it's fine by me. Honestly, after everything that have happened, I just wanna go home and rest.' I sighed.

'If we go back, dad will marry us off!' Ji-Seon yelled, Cyrai chuckled. 'This is the only way to make our own legitimate money, I'm tired of selling drugs.' She said softly.

'You are no longer children Yoon triplets, you are 19 and have the right to so whatever you want. Being married off at your age is bad but I believe that your parents look down on all of you because you don't stand up for yourselves. Believe it or not, without the three of you, their inheritance will go down the drain if none of you obey them, if you all rebel. They know that you are the only children they have, pushing you guys give them joy. You all should rebel against them and see what they would do and you are always welcome to come live at our previous harbour.' Cyraila said calmly.

'That's true, I never thought of that, they do need us.' Ji-Seon said with a very excited grin, her eyes flashing with excitement
'And Jin-Ju have a rich boyfriend....'

'Seo-Jun is not my boyfriend,' I snapped. 'I can't handle him for now, just need to sleep and think this through.'

'Okay,' Lyiris smiled. 'If we ever need to get back to music, we already have the connection and we will walk towards earning our own fame then. Now, we all must go back and settle some few things, agreed?'



'I still want to sing but okay,' Ji-Seon shrugged. 'So, Black-fire is off for now?' We nodded. I smiled and stood up
'We better pack our bags and say our goodbyes,'


I walked into Seo-Jun's room quietly, they weren't teaching anymore but still staying in camp. His room was empty, I walked to his bed and picked up the book on it. The book was apple-green with curvy edges, yellow and red flowers and heart. I opened the book still standing, letting my eyes roam through the book. It was a story, Seo-Jun writes?

Just a little smile
Wow, I chuckled and read the preface. "Living is one thing, having every needed material things in your life is another but having the right person is the main thing. The right person can be your mother, sister, brother, friend, frenemy, girlfriend etc who will impact something good in your life, like give you a reason to live well or give you joy. My important person gave me a reason to smile, a reason to laugh, a reason to embrace humanity and everything it throws at me; my person is Yoon Jin-Ju."

I cupped my mouth, I wouldn't ask how he knew my last name but that was so sweet. My eyes watered, that was seriously touching. The story was about me. I quickly flipped to the first chapter.

"I always thought my life was perfect, I believed that all I was doing had no wrong but I never knew how far from right I was. My name's Lee Shin by the way, run a family business alone, a really large one......" The book got snatched.

'Oppa! Give it back!' I cried, turning around to take the book.
'No, you weren't suppose to see this yet, I'm not finish.'

'Let me read it first....'

'Not yet, please.' He pushed pass me to his wardrobe, I watched him carefully as he kept the book in a box. I will surely get it back.

'So, I changed your life?' I asked sheepishly, blushing slightly.
'Yes, you did but don't let it get into your head.' I cupped my mouth again and giggled.

'Thank you,' I squealed and hugged him, burying my head into his chest. 'Thank you,'

'I should be telling you that,' he whispered. We stayed that way, our heartbeat and our breathing moving in perfect melody.
'Oppa,' I called softly.


'I'm leaving,'

'What!' He pushed me off a little, holding my shoulders. He looked into my eyes with widened eyes. 'How do you mean? Is it because of me? What I do? If it's that, I will stop, I promise....'

'Aniyeo,' I shook my head. 'Not that, I need to sort things out with my parents....'

'And your singing career?'

'Putting it on hold, doing this is important. I need to settle things with my parents, and think about something important but I will return when the time comes. Hopefully I have a place here already?'

'Yes, when you are ready to become an idol, we are here for you.' I nodded blushingly. I bit my lower lip sheepishly, I really need to think but what am I thinking about? I have two friends who are assassins and a bad ass sister, one more won't hurt.

'Oppa, I'm leaving tomorrow, hope that is okay?'

'It's fine, but only if I can do one thing....' He left his words hanging and walked to the door, he locked it. I laughed nervously, my face going crimson.

'Oppa, what are you locking the door for?' I asked nervously, stepping backwards as he strides to me with a smirk.

'I don't know,' he shrugged.
'W....w....w....gajima!' I yelled crossing my hands over my chest. I squeaked as I fell on the bed, he quickly pinned me down. 'Oppa, please,' I pouted, my eyes watering again. He leaned closer to my face, I was quivering with fear.

'Gotcha,' huh? He laughed and fell on the bed, laughing seriously. I sat up and stared at him flustered, my heart still tryna stable. 'You should have seen your face!'

'You were so freaked out, ha ha ha....' I frowned and punched his arm.

'That was an expensive joke! You almost made me faint!' I yelled huffily.

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'It's funny,' he laughed.

'No, it's not!' I climbed out of the bed with my butt, I almost thought he was gonna..... I secretly wanted him to but he disappointed me. I tried to open the door but it wouldn't open, where's the key? 'Come open this door!' I yelled, dragging the door and shaking it. 'Ya! Kim Seo-Jun come open this door!' I froze when I felt his breath against my neck.

'Going so soon,' he purred into my ear. Again, my heartbeat accelerated, my breathing coming out in short wheezing breath. He pulled me back against his chest, his right hand around my waist and left hand playing with my hair as he sniffed it. 'Stay, at least spend the whole day with me.'


'Shhhhh, geokjeongma.'


'Don't worry, I won't do anything you don't want me to do except if you want me to do it,'

'There's no....no....arch! Stop manipulating me!' I wiggled against him, trying to get away from him but he only pressed me against him more. I whimpered while he chuckled.

'Keep wiggling, you are entertaining me,' My eyes widened, I probably looked like a fish. He laughed and let go of me, ruffled my hair and opened the door while I still stood still. 'Geez babe, you are too easy to mess with. Stop acting like a virgin,' he pushed me outside gently. 'Wait outside, I'll dress up quickly and meet you there. We are going on a date.' I shook my head, snapping out of it.

'Date? Like a real date?' I asked chirpily. He smiled and shut the door. I squealed, jumping as I spun around, then Ivan came out of nowhere and joined me. We squeaked together, running outside and colliding with Suki and Shane.

'Where's the fire?' Suki laughed.
'I don't know, she was squealing so I squealed too...why were you squealing anyways?' Ivan asked looking at me twinklingly.

'I'm going on a date,' I whispered shyly.

'You and Seo-Jun weren't dating this whole time?' Suki asked smirkingly. I pouted in thought, we were acting like we were.
'No, were we?' Shane shook his head amusedly.

'You guys think you weren't?' He asked amusedly, check the couple pages that have been opened for you two.

'But he didn't ask me out....'

'How many times have you guys kissed? Hold hands? Sit together?'
'He holds her hands every time, they sit together at lunch everyday and as for the kissing....' Ivan trailed off, looking at me for answers. I blushed, remembering the day I came with Cyrai who later left with Kris, we did share a kiss once and it was like the heaven blessed me with his lips.
'None,' I lied.

'Hmm, that's odd.' Shane said looking at the sky, he pulled me up to my feet. Suki helped Ivan up. ''Where's Lyiris? I really need to talk to her but she's nowhere to be found.'

'She's busy and you will probably not see her again....,


'Is this what you are wearing to your date?' He asked eyeing my dress. I panicked, what was I thinking! This dress sucks!
'I'm going, tell him to pick me up!' I shouted and ran back to the cabin, I can't look horrible. I burst into our cabin and screamed when I saw six men in a fancy claret suit with cream epaulette, buttons and shoes. The pockets and inner shirts were cream too with their faces like stones.

'Don't scream,' one instructed showing me his gun. I gulped and shut the door quietly, my body trembling. A woman was standing at our wall, trailing her fingers on the winking picture of Cyraila. Her long salt and pepper hair flowed down her shoulders to her back in it asymmetric bob cut glory. Her body was slender, curvy but slender.

'She's beautiful, just like her father,' is she crying? 'I always prayed that she was living okay, if only I was in the right position to search for her.' She turned around with a smile, her lips were deep red or maybe that's lipstick. Those glassy eyes....so familiar.

'Who are you?'

'My name is Fern, Fern Hamilton, originally Ruth Lee Wayne but that's dead.' She walked to Cyrai's bed and sat down.

'Your eyes are familiar, you are beautiful,' I said sheepishly. 'Very beautiful, are you Korean? You look like one.'

'Korean and Australian descend, you are Jin-Ju, right?' I nodded, sitting on my bed. 'Where's she?' She asked caressing Cyrai's bed. 'She loves gray just like her dad, that was one of the reason he fell in love with me, my eyes. I love black, she took it from us.'

'Sorry, who are you?' I asked puzzledly. The door opened, Cyrai walked in with Ji-Seon, they both froze at the door. The woman stood up, a bigger smile on her face.

'Jewels,' she sobbed.

'Who?' Ji-Seon asked confusedly. The woman rushed over to Cyrai and hugged her, Cyrai just stood erect and confuse.

'I'm so sorry my baby, sorry I left you, sorry y....' She wailed, the men walked out immediately. Cyraila pushed her off gently and arched a brow.

'Why do I have your eyes and why do I feel like I know you?'

'Look,' the woman said moving her hair to the side. On her neck was a pretty little mark, like a diamond like star or something. Cyrai moved her own hair to the side, the mark was there. 'Your original name is Jewels Wayne, I am your mother.'

'That is not possible, I am made to believe that the woman who endured the excruciating period of nine month and tolerated the exquisite hours of child bearing for my sake is dead.'

'What?' She asked confusedly, glancing at all of us. 'I understand the me being dead part because I made that happen but what's with the long definitely of mother?' Cyraila looked down sadly.

'You are not dead? Why was I made to believe that you died?'

'Because the government wanted me that way so I abided by it. Ruth Lee Wayne is dead but Fern Hamilton is alive. I changed my face but I am not dead, I have been looking for y....' Cyrai hugged her back, surprisingly breaking into a sob.

'Jin' Ji-Seon whispered, tugging at my hand. I whimpered and followed her out. Great, I'm going dressed like this.

Mother hugged me as I cried, for the first time since I can remember, I was crying. So many years I'd wish she was alive, maybe if she was alive then, I wouldn't have to be me now. I felt peace knowing she's alive, I won't have to live with the hate of seeing the people that planned her first death.

'Eomma, your daughter have lived really badly, very very badly. For years she was made to believe that she is a machine created to end lives like humans were roaches. I never liked it but I couldn't do anything to stop it, not until Lyiris saved me. I don't....'

'Who did this?'

'Father, he's dead now, I killed him.' She pulled me back and wiped my cheeks with her thumbs.

'Tell me everything,' I sniffed and took my time in explaining every single detail to her, not one information left out. When I finished, she sighed and ran her hand through her hair. 'That have always been in my family lineage, I wanted to avoid that life for you but I'm guessing I'm too late. I will help you assemble your girls and then take them under my wings so you can have a better life, live normal.'

'Normal is a million miles apart from me mother, this is who I am now.'

'Trust me, I have a very large empire yet no one knows what I really do in person, you can live that too as long as we are helping justice prevail. Is that okay with you?' I nodded, hugging her back. That is absolutely fine by me.

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