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Who Am I-Episode 5


Who Am I-Episode 5

®️ Kingwax Oluwatosin

An hour later, I was on the road out of town. I could afford any discreet life I ever wanted. Harry had ensured that. As I drove on, I reminisced.
Harry got me a new identity and even surprised me by marrying me. I became a citizen and no longer an illegal immigrant. To me, I needed nothing else, even though I always knew that you cannot scrub off a leopard’s spot. When the poo hits the fan, I would still have to be referred to as a Mexican.

Things were going on well between Harry and I, except Dave, who was bent on blackmailing me if I do not honour our initial agreement of constant sex after he helped me avoid jail. I tried to make him see reasons why it won’t be possible- for one,

‘I am now married to your best friend, Dave. You should see that.’

But he refused. ‘You’re now a saint or what, b*itch?’ He retorted when I tried to talk to him.

After much pressure, I gave in. I stole some money off Harry and gave to Dave to buy a small cottage in my name, far away from the city. That became our sex haven. I couldn’t risk using my credit card around. And from what I realised, I may not be able to escape Dave for a long time. So, it is only normal that I invest wisely.

Anytime Harry travelled for business, whicj H constantly does, it was always Dave’s turn. Three years after that, Dave wanted it all. He said he could get me a new identity and I could stay unnoticed at the cottage for life. I declined.

Then he upped his blackmailing game and showed me the sex tapes he’s been secretly recording, most of the years. He promised to show it to Harry. I called him bluff, until one day, I got home and met Harry at the ballroom with seven of his friends. They weren’t playing poker as expected. Harry said they’ve been waiting for me. You hardly know when Harry was angry because he smiled every time.

Right on the big screen, my sex life with Dave was unfolded. He wasn’t mad, but he said he could make them all go away, only if I agree have sex with all of his friends. I tried to explain, but that was the beginning of the beating. He tore my passport and promised to send me back to jail, along with Dave, who didn’t file the evidence against me. That was the beginning.

Harry and I still went out together as happy couple, and his friends would never acted like they bleeped me last night. But once we were back at the house, I became the sex slave, until Dave agreed to help me if I agreed to move into the cottage, deep within the woods and become only his. I had no choice.
“I ‘m no doing this anymore.” I told Harry, one night, hike he and his friends were waiting for me.

“You’re kidding, right?” Harry emailed with open arms.

His friends chucked behind him.

“Please, Harry, forgive me.” I pleaded. “Please.”

“Give me one good reason, why I should?” Harry asked. For once, his a frown and an angry face.

“I am your wife!”

“Oh, no. You’re not.” Harry smiled. “Did you for once believed that I would marry someone who uses a dead lady’s identity?”

I made a confused facial expression.

“Oh, no, dont cry now.” Harry mocked. His friends laughed. “How else could I have gotten you the name Kate, with a social security number, if thr owner of the name and the number is still alive?”

“Harry..” I whispered and tried to reach out to him. He avoided my hand and I fell on the floor.

The laughter rang in my had as I began to sob.

“And there was no marriage too. The certificate was a fake. Our marriage was never registered under the law, b*itch!”

I cried as I allowed my clothes to be removed. I was dragged on the floor and each one of them took their turn. Right there, I made up my mind not leave Harry, but also kill him!

I told Dave and he came up with the use of Hydrofluoric acid and how I can make my troubles go away with its right usage.

A week later, Harry disappeared and that was it. Dave took care of the whole barrel of dissolved Harry, but I took just a little out of it as a memento. For two good years after Harry’s disappearance, I was I was a sex slave to Jose, Harry’s lawyer who promised to ensure that I have a part in Harry’s fortune. Dave asked me to play on until the cash landed.
Jose, on the other hand, stalled his influence for two years before he agreed to help. He helped forged the document that made me signatory to Harry’s account. The total cash was thirty eight million dollars. The bank manager, also Harry’s friend, took a share of ten million. Jose said he had to settle some officials who looked the other way with five million and I was left with twenty three million dollars.

I got home with twenty three million dollars, neatly packed in a big suitcase. But, it was a surprise when Jose phoned to tell me he would be collecting a total of twenty one million, while I should get ready to flee the city with the two million dollars that would be left. I was taken aback by his grediness, but I had no choice. I was satisfied with that. I couldn’t have made five hundred thousand bucks in three years if I had to stick to my old life of crime and embrace prostitution. If I have to live at the cottage- two million dollars is more than enough.

All these while, Dave was privy to everything. I packed my things and was ready for Jose to come, so that I could leave. They had so much on me that I know I couldn’t have ran. They would have turned every tide against me. I called Dave and informed him of the development with Jose and he was very mad.
‘Where is he, now?’ Dave had asked.

‘Who? Jose?’

‘Yes, Jose, you stupid Bleep!’ He shouted. ‘How on earth would agree to that kind of a deal?’

I was always scared of Dave. He always had this intimidating evil plans revolving around his round bald head. He always wore a frown and growls for a talk. Whenever he slaps me, his big fat hand takes all the space on my face such that a slap at a side is a slap in all.

‘I am sorry, I don’t know what to do.’ I shrieked. I know he would certainly beat and kick me as usual as soon as he set his eyes on me.

‘Where the Bleep is he? That’s what I asked?’ He growled.

‘He said he is at the Bank and would be coming to my place in….’

He hung up. The dial tone flooded my brain and i started to cry. For a moment, I hoped I could run away with the whole money, but I was sure I wouldn’t have been able to escape it. Dave would have used the police resources at his disposal to hunt me down! For a moment, I thought about how to pacify Dave. I decided to Kill Jose myself, whenever he shows up. Dave could take care of the body.

But then I thought about it, if Dave had to be the one to help me out again, I would be worse than a slave to him. And I didn’t want to kill Jose without the ability to dispose of the body completely. I thought of the Hydrofluoric acid again but I was quick to discard the thought. The little of Harry left with me couldn’t have done the job and I was scared of showing my face in a chemical shop, buying lots of the stuff. Dave had used his influence to buy it, when I needed it for Harry.

Then another thought struck me; I should make a deal with Jose. I picked up my phone and dialled several times but he wasn’t picking up. I was ready to give him million dollars, if he would help me evade the check point and slip into Mexico with the remaining one million, which I am sure is more than enough for me.
,I called Jose and he agreed. I was elated. That would better. I could escape Dave and this haunted life of mine.

Hours later, I couldn’t wait anymore, I became scared and uneasy. More scared of Dave than Jose. I went inside and took my gun. Dave gave it to me after Harry’s death; he said it wasn’t registered. I sat on the sofa and waited for Jose to arrive. I am sure I could handle Jose if he tried to be smart. With his small framed body, an ugly face and a voice like a chicken, I could do him in with a blow. He is just a rich idiot, like Harry. Always using their influence to intimidate others.

My phone rang and Jose said he just left the bank, he’s on his way. I was glad. I waited. My phone rang again and Dave said he’ll be around soon. My heart skipped many beats. I would wish that Jose be here on time. In order not to waste time when Jose arrived, I took one and a half million dollars from the money and when to hide it inside the cistern in the upper room. It took just one cistern to comfortably hide the hundred dollar bills of 1.5million. I disconnect the water supply. I was sure Jose would count the money to confirm it was less than five hundred thousand.

I called Jose, over and over, but he didnt pick my call. I knew there was trouble. He may be planing against me. I held on to my gun and moved towards the living room.

As I went back to the living room, a car pulled into the lawn very fast and stopped with a swampy screech. It threw grasses and soil into the air like a confetti as it swerved sideways to stop. I knew it was Jose, and it didn’t look good. I had to save myself now, I told myself as I ducked by the curtain, pointed the gun towards the doorway. I was prepared to shoot anything that came in through that door.

I aimed at the door way and prepared myself for him. But instead of Jose, Dave came in with his bulky body and a frown. My hand began to shake. For once, I saw it as an opportunity to shoot him. I wasn’t sure I could have shot him if I had to face him directly. I aimed and squinted as he looked around the exclusive sitting area, oblivious of the danger around him. I aimed at his back and was ready. Slowly, determined, my hand moved as I squeezed the trigger, ready to pull…

…To be continued

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