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Who Am I-Episode 19


Who Am I-Episode 19

®️ Kingwax Oluwatosin

I went for the money, tore some of them away from the plastic bag and carried it beside the dead body. I took the lighter. Without much ado, I made myself some camp fire, burning the whole cash away, while I warmed up my hands. I laughed as I threw in more notes into the fire and watched it burn- providing a life-saving fire with the very thing that I would have killed to keep. I laughed at myself. By the time I started to hear voices, I had burned up to five million dollars.
I quickly stood up, dragged the dead body over the ashes. I packed some ice and lay on the floor, eyes over me. I played dead. After some minutes, the door opened.
‘She should be dead by now.’ I heard Harry’s voice.
‘You finally killed her.’ Fredrick said.

‘Well, she left me no choice. Go, go see if she’s dead. She can be a real bittch, sometimes.’

‘Okay, Boss.’

‘No, not you. Let Fredrick do that.’

‘Bleep you, dad.’ Fredrick said and I heard him step into the freezer.

He came over to me and kneel. My intention was to grab him, but I would be shot dead right away. So, as soon as he bent over to listen to my heartbeat, I whispered in his ears.


I believed he jerked. I couldn’t say because my eyes were wide shut, but I heard Harry asked what the problem is.

‘Is she ****in alive?’

‘I… I don’t think so.’ Fredrick said.

“Well, be sure. Check again!’

Fredrick put his ears on my chest again and took the chance again.

‘Please, help me.’

Fredrick stood up.

‘So?’ Harry asked.

‘She’s ****in dead.’ Fredrick said.

‘Great. Now, take some boys and go plant her into the soil. Plant her by the apples, so that everyone can have a taste of her. What do you think, son?’ Harry laughed. I could hear his voice trail away.

‘Hey, you. Get the truck around.’ Fredrick ordered.

‘Yes, boss.’

‘You, come help me grab her legs.’

I was put in the truck and driven for sometimes. I opened my eyes after a while, and there was Fredrick, looking at me, smiling.

‘It’s okay.’ He said. ‘You’re safe now.’

‘Thank you.’ I whispered. Tears rolled down my cheeks.

‘I’m sorry.’ Fredrick whispered.

The car stopped at some time, and Fredrick ordered his guys to get as far as they could- away from him.

‘I’ll do this myself.’

‘Yes, Boss’. The two of them chorused.

After they had left. Fredrick helped me down.


‘It’s okay.’
No, it’s not. I killed your Mom.’

‘Listen to me Fredrick,’ I held his hands, ‘I need to get my son back. Please.’

‘I think you should leave, now that you could. My father is gonna kill you.’

‘Harry is your father.’

‘Listen, it’s a long story. Noone’s supposed to know. And that was how discreet we have been. But, you need to leave now. You can take the car. I will ring the base to bring a new one.’

‘I can’t be safe. Harry, your father will hunt me down.’

‘You’re dead and buried. Unless you didn’t stay dead. But for your sake, I hope you would take this chance and leave. Forget about Terry…’
‘David. His name is David and I can’t forget about my son!’

‘Then, you left me with no choice, Cindy.’ Fredrick said and brought out his gun.

‘You’re gonna shoot me?’

‘I should have. You have proven too stubborn. I am sorry.’

I chuckled. ‘I thought we had a thing going on back there.’ I sniffed as I fought back my tears.

‘If we didn’t, you would be dead by now.’

‘Please, I don’t want the money. Get me David and I will leave forever.’

‘That is impossible, Cindy. You know. My Dad loves Terry, let him be. He is currently in one of the best schools. He’s going to be a great boy. You can’t give him what my Dad could. Please, just leave, now!’

It was apparent that Fredrick won’t bulge, so, I decided to take the deal.

‘Promise me that you will stay in touch.’ I said.

‘I promise.’ Fredrick whispered. ‘When I get back to Mexico, I will find you.’

‘Do me a favour.’ I said.


‘Ring the base for a new vehicle, give me your phone to keep. At least, you would know how to contact me.’


‘Please! Do this for me.’ I pleaded and he agreed.

He called the base and rang them for a new vehicle. He then wiped the phone and gave it to me.

‘Take the vehicle and proceed north. There is navigator that would direct you out of this barren land. Okay?’

I nodded. ‘Thank you.’ I whispered.

I got myself into the vehicle. Removed the SIM from the phone, removed the battery and smashed the phone.

‘What the fucck, Cindy?’ Fredrick was confused.

I started the engine and engaged the gear, ready to roll.

‘Get ready to trek back to base, Fredrick. I got a son to retrieve.’ I said and turned the car around.

I headed back to base. From the mirror, I saw Fredrick tried to run after me for a while before giving up. The new vehicle would be on the way, but I was determined to get to my son before words got out.

…To be continued

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