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Who Am I-Episode 17


Who Am I-Episode 17

®️ Kingwax Oluwatosin

‘Take me to Jacob.’ I said to Harry.
He smiled and shook his head. ‘You may just shoot me, here and now. Taking you to Jacob would bring the same result.’

‘Listen, I need to see…’

‘All you need to do is get your money and leave in one piece.’

‘So, that I can live the rest of my life, glancing across my shoulders?’

‘Take the money. Jacob’s job was done. I won’t be pursuing this any longer!’

‘Yeah, I wanted to believe you. You faked your death; convened with your friends to dupe me of the same cash and ordered them to kill me!’

‘And somehow, they let you live. By the way, the last time I heard, you wanted me dead. Your stupid lover, Dave, only loved the money more.’

‘Start the engine.’ I got serious.

‘Listen, take me money and…’

I cocked the gun.

‘Fine!’ He started the engine. ‘But, let me assure you, you won’t leave the place alive.’


He made to use the seat belt.
No.’ I said. ‘No seat belt.’

‘Well, for one, I would like to be safe. You may want to come seat here,’ he invited me to the front’s passenger’s seat, ‘if you would like to use your seat belt too.’

‘Oh, I got a seat belt right here too, at the back. But, no seat belt for you.’ I said and used my seat belt.

‘Please, be fair.’ He chuckled.

‘I know the drill, Harry; if you use the seat belt, you can gas up the car as fast as you want, slammed on the pedals and destabilized me. But, now, you try it, you are goner.’

‘Let’s say for once, you are right, but, you forgot the air bag.’

I was getting inpatient, so I fired a shot through the windshield.

‘Okay, okay, b***h!’ He said and we started the journey to Jacobs.

My mind was on Fredrick, I needed him dead. Harry is not a threat- his money always do the dirty works. I was cocksure that Jacob was Fredrick. Using Harry as a hostage, I would have my way.

‘So, you are Escobar.’ I chuckled. ‘That’s funny. I could never guess right.’

‘Yeah, I am.’

‘So, you sell drug to make money.’


‘But, you are Escobar. What’s the story about Fredrick owing a drug Lord some…’
They’re stories. Just like you called it. Jacob came up with the script.’

‘You mean, Fredrick?’

‘Listen, b***h…’

I pressed the muzzle of the gun against his head, from the back, ‘Call me b***h again.’

‘You won’t kill me. You needed me to get to Jacob.’

‘That depends. Getting to Jacob is a secondary mission. I got the money, remember. So, call me b***h again.’

He was silent.

‘That’s smart. Now, Jacob is Fredrick, right?’

‘The talk about Fredrick is all that clogged your head. No, Jacob is not Fredrick, and I don’t know who the f**k Fredrick is. If you are angry that he conned you, f***ed you and left you foolish, you should the drop the idea of getting to Jacob because you’ll be dead. And I can assure you, since Fredrick ordered the guys not to kill you, as against the Services I paid for, as against the instruction that Jacob issued, then he’s probably dead by now.’

‘So, he was never killed when they got my money.’

‘No. But he would be dead by now. For not following Jacob’s instruction.’

‘You’re lying, right?’

‘F**k you Kate.’

‘My name is Rosa.’

‘Of course, we already know that. Rosa, the prostitute with a kid.’

‘What? You know about David?’

‘Oh, so, his name is David- now we know.’ He smiled at me through the front mirror.

‘Stop the car.’

‘Are you serious?’

‘Stop the f***in car!’ I shouted and he slammed on the breaks.

‘What now?’ He chuckled. ‘So, you are not so tough, after all, ugh?’

‘If you touch my kid…’

‘Well, if Jacob does, that’s you and Jacob’s problem. But I only paid for you and not your kid. But you probably talked too much to the Fredrick guy.’
‘If you touch my…’

‘You are not listening, are you? Listen, let me go. Take the money, get to Mexico. Get your kids and be invisible.’

‘Oh, I would never be. You already know I was trying to get to Mexico.’

‘What the f**k do you want?’ Harry shouted angrily.

‘Take me to Jacob. I need to be sure that I am safe.’

‘I can tell you want you want to know. No, if you go to Jacob now, you can never be safe- even if you escaped unhurt.’

‘I am willing to take that chance.’

‘Okay then,’ Harry started the car, ‘to Jacob, it is.’

He drove within the city until we were out of it. We went through an untarred road for a rather long journey until we emerged at a lone building. Harry stopped the car.

“Here we are. Jacob’s.’

‘This is the place?’

‘You heard me. Can I leave now?’

‘No, I need you to get me in and out, safely. Just need to be sure that my family is safe.’

‘Jacob is a psychopath. If you tell him that’s what you want, he will make you suffer for it, and you won’t even have it. Do not forget, words already reached him, what you do to his guys.’

‘Get out, Harry.’ I said.

I held him by the collar and dragged him towards the place. I was behind him, gun tugged at his back.

‘You should know this, you just killed yourself.’

‘You wish.’ I said and pushed him along.

Immediately the guards saw us from afar, they rushed over and aimed at us.

‘Stay back!’ I shouted. ‘I just want to meet with your boss.’

‘Well, Ma’am,’ one of the guys who held his gun at us said, ‘you are holding him.’

‘Harry? No, I wanted Jacob.’

‘That is Jacob, you b***h.’ The other one said.

Harry chuckled, wickedly. ‘I gave you a chance, didn’t I?’

‘You are Jacob?’

‘I am everyone, Kate. I am Jacob. I am Escobar!’

‘But, Pete said…’

‘Pete was a hired gun. He only knows as much as he was told. Now, you see that?’ Harry said.

‘What? See what?’

‘That.’ He pointed to the red dot on my shoulder. ‘My sniper got you already, you might want to let go.’

I looked around and couldn’t see the sniper. But the target was right on me. I dropped my gun, knelt and raised my hand.

‘You can come out now.’ Harry said as he readjusted his shirt.

One of the guys came out, smiling. He had a small device in his hands. He gave it to Harry. Harry smiled and turned to me.

‘See, you are not smart after all. This is what got you.’

He blinked the small device all over me. It wasn’t a sniper. I was devastated. The guys laughed at me.

‘Seize her.’ Jacob ordered. Or was is Harry? ‘Put her in the cell.’

‘Boss, are you serious? You forgot what she can do?’
No, I know what she can do. If she tries anything, shoot her. But for her sake, I hope she would behave- I need her to see something before she died.’

…To be continued

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