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The Wedding - Episode 9


The Wedding - Episode 9

Theme: Can I Love You

© Sherry


A few months later
Rose had given birth to beautiful baby boy, or bouncing baby boy.

The fact is, he has Nigel's blue eyes and brown hair and a perfectly pointed small nose.

In the past few months, Rose has learned to live with her stigma, Nigel's never going to take her back and the punishment she got is loving him each day.

She can never get him out of her head, instead of forgetting him she keeps thinking about him.

Maybe because of her son, she sees Nigel each time she sees Little Angel as she named him.

She placed him on the bed and went to the living room to sit with  Cathy. Angel is about six months old now.

Cathy: is your big boy asleep?
Rose: You can't imagine how many songs I had to sing, Angel is so stubborn.

Cathy: he takes after his father (Rose sighed) speaking of his father, look at this.

Cathy hands Rose a new she checked the front page.

"Handsome Multi Billionaire Nigel Owens gets married to his former PA Selena Bryson...."

Rose dropped the newspaper heartbroken, how can this happen to her? He moved on, he doesn't care about her anymore.

Cathy: I saw this yesterday, I didn't want to show you but I thought you'd like to know.

Rose: No it's okay... I'm just... How could he do this to me? I still love him and...

Cathy: (hugs her) it's okay darling,  you need to forget about him. Especially now that he's gonna be moving to Florida, according to what his new wife wants.

Rose: I have his son, Angel. How am I going to tell him about his father?

Cathy: (disengages) Showing Angel to him will only worsen the situation, he doesn't believe you. You need to be patient and keep praying, for God to change his mind.

Rose: And here I was thinking my baby could bring us together but I was wrong.

Cathy: Don't worry yourself much girlfriend, you're gonna find a good man who will love you with all his heart. I'm not saying you should forget Nigel, but you shouldn't worry yourself too much. Be strong for Angel.

Rose:(nods) I know Cathy thanks so much for everything.

Cathy: You're still my naughty bestie... Have you eaten anything?

Rose: Not yet.

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Cathy: Stay here... Don't worry I'm going to serve you myself.

Cathy leaves dramatically making Rose laugh.

Rose: (Thinking) I just don't understand how I fell so hard, I didn't love you this much before but now I do a lot. Wherever you are Nigel, I just hope you're happy.

Nigel and Selena Bryson came down from the limo and went inside the huge mansion. One of Nigel's properties, which is quite bigger than a palace with so much maids and guards..

Nigel has been in hell the past few months, he's been sleeping with whores and his PA.

He just couldn't forget Rose, he hadn't seen her anywhere in San Francisco. Not that he wants her back, he just wants to keep making her pay.

Selena is happy she finally got Nigel Owens, her long dream.
She's been sleeping around with him, until she finally got pregnant  and he had to marry her.

Although Nigel wasn't sure about the pregnancy, he still married her just to make Rose jealous.

Wherever she is she'll see the news, he will conduct a DNA test later.

Selena flaunts herself around as the lady of the house, after checking the whole house she and Nigel retired to the bedroom.

Selena:(sits on the bed) I love your taste my love, this house is so beautiful.

Nigel: I knew you'd like it, well enjoy now cause this is your house also.

Selena: I know my love (helps him unbutton his shirt) I'm going to do so much better than her.

Nigel: Please don't talk about that woman Selena.

Selena: I'm sorry darling... I shouldn't have mentioned it. I'm just so happy I married the man I love so much.

Nigel: I love you too (thinking) which will be much better if I can just forget that witch.

Selena: come darling... Let's go take a shower, you look tired.

Nigel: Yes go I'll join you shortly. I want to make an important call.

Selena: (Kisses him) I'll be waiting (she goes to the bathroom but stands at the door eavesdropping after turning on the shower)

Nigel: (dials a number on his phone) Tell me.

Mr Lonnie: She's here in Florida Mr Owens but we don't know where exactly.

Nigel: Keep investigating and tell me what you find out.

Mr Lonnie: Of course Mr Owens.
Nigel: Good night Mr Lonnie.

Mr Lonnie: Have a lovely evening sir (hangs up)

Nigel: I'm going to find you Rose.

Selena: (thinking) not under my watch Nigel, what she couldn't do I will do better.

Nigel drops his phone and goes into the bathroom to join Selena.

Mr Lonnie Powell is the private investigator he hired a few weeks ago, he's helping in finding Rose's location.

He wants to know if she's given birth to her baby so he can execute his plans.

Most importantly, he wants to see her face because he still loves her. Although love can be so annoying at times, how can he still love such a traitor and liar.


CR fast food restaurant
Rose, Cathy and three others are so busy, there's a lot of customers today.

She served so many people before going to attend to her baby who just woke up, the restaurant is owned by Cathy and her.

Rose: (carries Angel) My darling, my love you're awake. Don't worry my love mummy's here now okay?

She feeds him and carries him out for a walk.

She bumped into someone on her way out, he's a very cute guy. And he's dressed in a suit, he looks like he's new around.

Rose: I'm so sorry...

Guy: No miss the fault is mine for pushing a beautiful creature like you.

Rose: ummm... Thanks.

Guy: I'm new around here, do they have good snacks and stuff here?

Rose: Yes... My friend and I own this place.

Guy: Good then... I'm Harry Dillard... I'm a lawyer incase you need one.

Rose: Rose Gonzales... And I don't need a lawyer (Angel cries) shhhh.... It's okay my sweetheart.

Harry: I see you're in a hurry (brings out his card) incase you still need a lawyer later.

Rose: (collects it) Fine... Excuse me.

She leaves the restaurant and takes a walk around the neighborhood, she spent some time out before heading back to the restaurant.

Her phone rings in her pocket,  she adjusted her baby to take it forgetting she's crossing the road. A coming car almost hit her.

Rose: You stupid driver! Were you trying to kill my baby and I?
The driver comes out to apologize only to discover...

Rose: Nigel?

Nigel: Rose....


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