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The Wedding - Episode 8


The Wedding - Episode 8

Theme: Can I Love You

© Sherry


Rose felt her world crumbling, her father would go to any length to destroy her just because she refuses to destroy someone else.

Nigel brings out his phone and played a voice recording by my father.

Fred: My daughter wanted to marry you because you're a billionaire, I thought that was all.
Until I heard her planning with her ex boyfriend to take everything you have, didn't you see how bad she treated you at the beginning?

She decided to change to make things easier, she has been seeing her lover behind your back. That baby she's carrying is not yours, hear the rest from her boyfriend.

My daughter is evil and I don't want her to ruin someone's life, I still love her so much.
He played another recording from Kelvin, her ex boyfriend.

Kelvin: Rose and I have been seeing each other since you got married, she still loves me. She only wants your money, and that baby she's carrying is my own. I'm just tired of this and I want to live with her and my baby.

He stopped playing and faced her.
Nigel: what do you have to say for yourself?

Rose: That's not true...

Nigel: (Scoffs) more lies, I want to know something. were you planning on duping me or not?

Rose: That's not how it happened.

Nigel: Yes or no!

Rose: Yes (Nigel laughs) I was gonna tell you about it, it's not true. My dad had me do it and when I refused he decided to frame me, Kelvin is also lying. I have not been seeing him except for once and we didn't do anything at all. My baby is yours, I love you.

Nigel: (walks upstairs and begins throwing her things down) Leave my house you whore! I'm going to send you the divorce papers today, I don't ever want to see you again!
Rose rushes to the staircase on her knees and holds his legs.

Rose: please don't do this to me, I'm very sorry. This is a set up I was gonna tell you, I love you please!

Nigel: Stop telling me that! Leave and never return!

He pushed her off his legs and goes up without turning around, Rose rolled down the stairs and fell unconscious.

Nigel went to his room and called security to throw her out, he is so angry and heartbroken.

He wanted to surprise her by coming home early only to be surprised, he's been living with a snake all these while. She's going to pay for this, he's going to make her suffer and wish she was dead.

The security threw Rose out in her unconscious state, she woke up and found herself at the gate. She cried in pain, she was bleeding and cramping. A taxi passed by, she stopped it and painfully grabbed her bag inside, she goes to her friends house.

Cathy opened the door only to find her friend half dead lying on the floor, she quickly called her doctor and dragged her in.

The doctor came and checked on her, then prescribed some drugs and left. Rose woke up few hours later and finds herself in Cathy's room.

Cathy: Sweetie you're awake, thank God.

Rose: My baby, what happened to my baby?

Cathy: Your baby is fine. The doctor said it's a minor issue and you should rest a lot.

Rose: (sighs in relief) Thank God.

Cathy: What happened?

Rose: (Sobbing) He kicked me out.

Cathy: What did you do?

Rose: it's a long story Cathy.

Cathy: I'll go bring you some food so you can eat something and rest .
We'll talk about this later.
Later in the evening, she told Cathy everything that happened.

Cathy: Why would your dad do such a thing? That's so evil, what are we going to do now?

Rose: I will keep begging my husband to forgive me, I just pray he does. I've hurt him a lot and I deserve what I get.

Cathy: And if he rejects you?

Rose: I can't stay here with my shame and pain... I'd leave  this city.

Cathy: You know I'm moving to Florida next month, you could come if it doesn't work out. Get a new life and take care of your baby.

Rose nods with a weak smile.
The next day she goes to Nigel's company to beg him, he forced her to sign the divorce papers and throws her out.
Rose begged for almost a month but Nigel made it clear he wanted nothing to do with her anymore, she broke his heart. Now he's going to change and do what most billionaires do, fuck bitches.

Even his family wanted to settle them, he threatened to disown them if they interfere.

Rose decided to leave and go face her misery.

She and Cathy left for Florida, she got an apartment and decided to start a small coffee business with the money she had gotten from Nigel before.

In her heart, all she wishes is for him to forgive her and maybe take her back. At least accept her son even if he doesn't take her back


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