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The Wedding - Episode 7


The Wedding - Episode 7

Theme: Can I Love You

© Sherry

The next day Theresa went to the mansion to visit Rose and also convince her to do whatever Fred wants.

She sits on the couch waiting for Rose while a maid brought her a glass of juice.
Theresa: When is she going to meet me?

Maid: My lady's taking her bath, she said she'll join you in a few minutes.

Theresa nodded and the maid left, she took her time in viewing the house.

The mansion is one of the biggest, and is very cozy and well furnished by world class interior design. There's no doubt Nigel Owens is a multi billionaire, millions shouldn't matter to him..

But he's gonna lose everything once Rose agrees to finish her mission.

Rose comes down elegantly in a red dress with her hair straightened up, she wore a shiny little diamond earring and a diamond pendant necklace.
Rose: Hello mom

She hugged her mom and sits beside her.

Theresa: You look elegant.
Rose: Thanks mom.

Theresa: I am here to discuss what you told your dad yesterday
Rose:i know mom and I'm not changing my mind... Nigel's gonna die if I do this to him, I save lives not end life. Besides I'm carrying his child and I'm loving him... I'm learning to. I can't do such a thing anymore, don't you understand mom.

Theresa: Fred is a very short tempered man and you know it, he'll hurt you if you don't do what he wants after you've agreed to.

Rose: I couldn't care less mom, I'm going to explain everything to my husband and beg for his forgiveness before dad tells him anything.

Theresa: You're stupid and stubborn Rose, don't say I didn't warn you. You're my only child and I want you to have a good life, there are so many people who would love to marry you.

Besides you will take your own share of the properties enough to take care of your baby.

Rose: No thank you mom, but I can't do it. I want my child to be with his father, I don't know why I agreed in the first place. I only regret saying yes to dad but I don't regret saying yes to Nigel Owens, I guess this is our destiny.

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Theresa: You are a stubborn child and a bastard indeed, don't come running to me when it happens and don't say I didn't warn you.

Theresa takes her bag and gets up, she walked to the entrance angry and assume that she's lost her daughter.

Theresa: You're dead to me Rose. Nigel's father and your father did a business and he took seventy percent of what was supposed to be shared equally. Who is evil now?

Rose: You know dad lies a lot mom, have you ever tried to hear the other side of the story?

Theresa: Does that matter now? Don't ever call me your mom unless you do what Fred wants. Bye Rose.

Theresa slammed the door and entered her car, she drove off in high speed and anger.

Rose sighed and walked back to her room, she takes her purse and goes out. Her guilt can't let her stay home, she decided to go to the company.

It read as she stepped out of her car, she walked elegantly into the building as all eyes are on the beautiful woman walking in.

She goes to the reception to ask for directions to her husband's office.

Receptionist: How may I help you miss?

Rose: Mrs... Mrs Rose Owens, legal wife of Nigel Owens. I want to see my husband.

Receptionist: Sorry ma'm, his office is on the fiftieth floor which is the last.

Rose smiled and walked to the elevator, she went to the last floor and goes into the office without asking the secretary Ariana who's having a crush on Nigel and hates Rose.

Ariana: Wait miss you can't just barge in here.

Rose: And who the hell might you be?

Nigel smiled happily and hugged her, he's glad to see his wife visit.
Nigel: it's okay Ariana, you can leave.

Ariana: Yes sir

She left in anger, Rose smiled at Nigel and kisses him.

Rose: I missed you so much.

Nigel: I've only been gone for hours baby, how's our son doing?
Rose: Hey we don't know if it's a boy yet, I want a girl.

Nigel: No a boy first to be the head of the family.

Rose: Time will tell... I want to talk to you about something.

He takes her to the couch and pours her a drink.

Nigel: You look tensed... Is anything wrong? Have I done anything again?

Rose: (laughs) No silly.

It's actually about me, I need you to promise me that you won't be mad at me.

Nigel: Alright I promise.

Rose: (Sighs) There are some things that I've been trying to do that you don't know, my f...

(The telephone rings)
Nigel: Wait a minute darling.

He picked up the call, he had to meet with a business partner in Spain for a business trip.

He was just informed and he had to leave in two hours because of an important business deal, he told Rose who doesn't seem happy about it.
Rose: How long are you going to be there?

Nigel: Just three weeks baby cheer up, I will make it up to you by taking you out before I leave

Rose: What about our conversation...

Nigel: You have plenty of time to tell me when I return..

Rose: You don't understand...

Nigel: Relax my love, I'm going listen to everything when I come back.

Rose: Okay... I'll be waiting for you.

He hugged her and took her out, he bought a lot of things and they had more fun. She saw him off to his private jet and went back home still worried, the sooner he knows the better.

"I hope he comes back soon... I don't want trouble, help me please God"

Two weeks later

The past two weeks felt like torture for Rose, she could hardly sleep well because of all the threats she received from her father and Kelvin.

One more week to go before Nigel comes back and her fate is decided, she has missed him a lot. In his absence she has fallen in love, she didn't realize it was even before she started treating him well..

She heard a car horn and drive inside the compound, she looked through the window and saw Nigel coming down.

She runs down happily, she met him at the entrance and hugged him.

Rose: My love! I've missed you so much... You came earlier than expected what a great surprise!
He didn't reply, he looked different and cold, a look she's never seen before..

Rose:What's wrong?

Nigel: Tell me the truth Rose...
Her heart beat rose, he has never called her by her name. What could be wrong?

Rose: I don't understand...

Nigel: When you married me... Was it out of love or money?

Rose: Why are you asking me such a question?

Nigel: You never loved me! You married me so you can dupe me and take advantage of my love for you!

Rose: That's not true, who told you that?

Nigel: (he pushes her) Just because I'm nice and gentle doesn't mean I'm stupid or weak. You lied to me, your father told me everything.

Nigel: And I have proof that he's right.

Rose: No way...


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