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The Wedding - Episode 17


The Wedding - Episode 17

Theme: Can I Love You

© Sherry


Nigel rushed Rose inside the hospital. He waited at the ward while the doctors attended to her.

A while later the doctor came out smiling.

Doctor Ray: There's no cause for alarm Mr Owens, miss Rose is doing fine. I think it was just a mere shock. She's resting now.

Nigel: (Sighs in relief) Thank you doctor, can I see her now?
Doctor Ray: Yes you can Mr Owens. The ward is that way, the second on the right

Nigel: Okay.

Nigel leaves and walked inside the ward to see Rose. She's sleeping as the doctor said, he wished he could kill the person who tried to steal his son.

He sits beside her and holds her hand.

Nigel: My beautiful Rose, I miss you so much. I wish the devil had never gotten between us my darling, I've never loved any woman the way I love you. I'm sorry for hurting you and everything I did, I hope you can forgive me.

Be strong for Angel. He needs you. I need you.

Rose: (Opens her eyes) Nigel... Where am I?

Nigel: You're in the hospital Rose, you passed out.

Rose: My baby. Where's my baby?
Nigel: He's with Cathy, don't worry. I hired five bodyguards to watch over you girls and my son.

Rose: (sighs) Thanks Nigel. But what were you doing at the park?

Nigel: I came with Selena.

Rose: (sits up) Well... Shouldn't you be with her now?

Nigel: I wanna be with you Rose, because you're the only one I see as a woman.

Rose: But Nigel...

Nigel: I'm not gonna leave you alone Rose, you're mine. And I'm getting you back.

Rose: What are you talking about
 Nigel? You're married. How can you be married and still do this?

Nigel: Do you love me Rose?

Rose: Well...

Nigel: Just say the truth Rose.

Rose: Yes, I love you.

Nigel: Then I'm not giving up on you. I'm going to fight for you and get you back. I know I took long but it's never too late.

Rose: What about your wife?

Nigel: She knows I love you. I only married her for the baby but it's gone now. I want you Rose, and I'll have you.

He turned to leave but Rose dragged him back and hugged him.

Rose: I've been wanting to hear that for fifteen months. I love you. I want to fight for our love, but now I'm scared.

Nigel: You don't need to be scared of anything Rose, we're gonna conquer this together.

Rose: Please don't leave me again Nigel

Nigel: I'll never leave you again Rose, I promise you.


At the police station

An officer received a call from a strange number. His name is Martin.

Martin: This is Officer Martin, who am I on to?

Voice: Officer, I have a great offer for you.

Martin: Who are you and what do you want?

Voice: $5million

Martin: What for?

Voice: For a small job.

Martin: Let's meet and discuss.

Voice: Very good, I'll text you the address. But don't try to deceive me or its dangerous.

Martin:I'm a man of my word.
Voice: Good. Expect my message.

He hung up. Martin received a text and left the hospital to the menu. A lonely park.

He saw a masked man waiting for him.

Martin: I'm here now. What's the job?

Man: It's simple, just kill the boy you shot at the park.

Martin: What about the money?

Man: I've sent $3.5million to you, you get balance after the job is done.

Martin: Consider it done. He will be dead in two hours.


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