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The Wedding - Episode 15


The Wedding - Episode 15

Theme: Can I Love You

© Sherry


The next day...

Selena got home still pretending to be sad, she goes to the room and wears the invisible rubber pant that was given to her.

She made sure no one was around and she suddenly started screaming, Nigel and Jean rushed from where they were to check on her.

Nigel: Selena! What is wrong with you?!

Selena: My baby... help me please my baby, it hurts a lot (she starts crying)

Jean: Call the ambulance Nigel.. we need to take her to the hospital, my gosh she’s bleeding.

[He called the ambulance and they helped her downstairs, the ambulance arrived in no time and took her away. Nigel and Jean drove to the hospital following the ambulance... they waited impatiently at the reception]

Nigel: This is all my fault

Jean: Stop blaming yourself for everything Nigel, it’s nobody’s fault.

Nigel: You don’t understand Jean, I was never there for her. I neglected her and my child and now look what happened.

Jean: If you will just calm down Nigel, you will understand that this would have happened whether you neglected her or not. Besides you stay with her every day, you only go to visit angel once in a while.

Nigel:(Sighs) I really want to be with Rose and my son yet I don’t know how to do it.

The doctor walked to them, they quickly rushed to him with questioning looks.

Jean: How is she doctor?

Doctor: I’m sorry... She has gone through a lot of stress, she lost the baby.

Nigel: Damn it! Where is she now?

Doctor: She’s currently resting at her ward... over there (he leaves)
Jean: You should go see her, I have to go inform mom at home.

Nigel quietly goes to Selena’s ward, she was lying with tears in her eyes which really made Nigel feel guilty. He doesn’t love her yet he should have given her some attention, ever since he saw Rose no woman mattered to him anymore.

Nigel: Selena... I’m sorry.

Selena: My baby is gone, I can’t believe it. I just wanted to raise a family with you even though you didn’t love me, I had hoped that I would hold my baby in my arms very soon but now I can’t (she started crying again while he consoled her)

Nigel: I’m sorry Selena, it’s all my fault. Please don’t cry, I’m going to make amends for everything from now on... I’m sorry.

Selena: Please don’t leave me(She smiled to herself for a job well done)


Rose sat down in her new office arranging the files of the patients she is to attend to, a nurse comes in with Angel.

Everyone in the hospital loves the baby and his mother, it also helps in concentrating on her work.

Rose: Tessa

Tessa: Your baby is really adorable, I want to quickly attend to a new patient so I decided to bring him back.

Rose: Thanks Tessa (Collects the baby) Awww my little angel, let’s go out for a walk.

Tessa: (Smiles) I’ll be back for him (leaves)

Rose: Let’s go out my dear.
Harry comes in the office just as she was about to leave.

Rose: Harry... when did you arrive?

Harry: I’m sorry I didn’t knock but it was open and I’ve been watching you and your baby for a while now, I really love the bond between mother and son. That’s why you’re my dream woman Rose.

Rose: (Blush) Harry the things you say.

Harry: I mean every bit of them... So how is work going?

Rose: Great... Nice place and good people reside here ( Looks at his hands which are behind him) What are you hiding?

Harry: Oh... I was actually passing by and I decided to say hi and drop this.

He gives her a very beautiful rose flower, she smiled and collected it.

Harry; A Rose just like you... but not as beautiful as you.

Rose: Thanks Harry... I’m speechless.

Nigel already came out of the ward where Selena was admitted  and was on his way to the cafeteria when he saw someone holding a baby in one of the offices.

That’s because the doors and some other parts are made of glass and can be blocked if the person wishes, he looked well and smiled when he saw that it’s Rose.

His smile dropped when he saw Harry, he clenched his fists and barged inside.

Rose: Oh my God Nigel why can’t you knock?!

Nigel: What are you doing with this Jerk?!

Rose: Harry is my friend and I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t be with him besides it’s my life.

Nigel: Get out punk! I want to talk to my woman.

Harry: The last time I checked you don’t own this hospital or Rose so you can’t order me around.

Rose: Harry please... please excuse us, I will talk to you later.

Nigel: (Scoffs) Talk to him later.

Harry: If you say so... bye Rose
(Harry left a little angry)

Rose: (Drops Angel And faces Nigel) Listen to me Nigel, you don’t own me and I’m not your woman. Harry is my good friend and I like him, stop pestering me.

Nigel: You’re the mother of my child Rose and the woman I love, I can’t stand seeing you with anyone especially him.

Rose: I am not your property Nigel stop claiming me, what are you doing here anyway?

Nigel:(Sighs) Selena had a miscarriage.

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Rose:(Gasps) That’s terrible... How is she doing now?

Nigel:(Smiles) Now you care about her?

Rose: I’m human and I’m not heartless... I’m sorry for your loss, shouldn’t you be with your wife now?

Nigel: Yes... I was going to get some food but I saw you talking to that jerk with my son.

Rose: You can leave now Nigel, I’m all good.

Nigel: Do you really want to move on with him?

Rose; I don’t know yet, but wherever my heart leads me I will follow. I’m gonna stop hurting and make myself happy, I deserve this much.

Nigel: I can make you happy, I always made you happy didn’t I?
Rose: Yes but that was before you found out I wanted to dupe you from my very own father.

Nigel: I wanna believe you Rose, I wanna let go of the past and love you.

Rose: You’re Married Nigel (turns her back on him) Please leave.

He walked towards her and hugged her from behind.

Rose: Let me go Nigel this is an hospital.

Nigel: I don’t care... I missed you so much, look at how you’re trembling. Does my touch affect you that much?

Rose: Please let me go Nigel (He kisses her neck) just stop.

Nigel: Are you sure you want me to stop?

He turned her around and grabbed her by her waist.

Nigel: You’re not saying anything which means you don’t want me to stop, you’re mine Rose.

Rose: You think I’m that easy right
(She pushes him off and goes to open the door)

Leave right away.

Nigel: (He walks to the door) Yes I’ll leave... for now (He quickly kissed her and let’s go)

Voice: What is going on here?!

Rose: Ke...Kelvin?

Kelvin: Hello baby...


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