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The Wedding - Episode 10


The Wedding - Episode 10

Theme: Can I Love You

© Sherry



Rose: how could he do this to me?
Cathy: you need to be strong for Angel.

Nigel: I'm going to find you Rose.
Selena: (thinking) Not under my watch Nigel, what she couldn't do I will do better.

Harry: this is my card incase you need a lawyer.

Rose: (collects it) Okay.

Rose: ...Are you trying to kill my baby and I?
Episode 10
Nigel: Rose (moves close to her as she moved from the road cuddling her baby) It's been such a long time.

Rose: ummm... Yeah.

Her heart is beating hard against her chest, his eyes are just so beautiful. She is very nervous, he's very happy and angry he saw her.
 He looked at the baby who is smiling at him, the baby has all his features.

Angel raises his hand at Nigel giggling.

Nigel: I see you've given birth to your baby

Rose: Yes I have... I heard you got married.

Nigel: You've got a problem with that?

Rose: No I better go now.

Nigel: (he holds her hand) What's his name?

Rose: Why do you want to know? After all he's not your problem.

Nigel: He's my son and I demand to know his name

Rose: You're not the one to make demands regarding my baby, and you don't think he's your son so forget it.

Nigel: You're coming with me right now.

Rose: What? No way you can't just order me around.

Nigel: How about I just carry you? No one's gonna dare to stop me.

Rose: Where are you taking us?

Nigel: You don't have to worry, I don't need you. I just want to confirm something.

Rose: Angel is your son Nigel, why don't you just believe me?

Nigel: coming from the woman who tried to ruin my life.

Rose: I didn't try to Nigel, why can't you just see it. If only you'd let me explain what really happened, you'll know I never betrayed you. I still love you Nigel, I never slept with my ex and Angel is your son.

Nigel: Oh please Rose, follow me to the hospital now and let me confirm that. As for whatever you said I have no interest in your explanations.

Rose: Why do you hate me so much? I love you so much.
Nigel: And I hate you.

Those words pierced her heart like a hot dagger, she reluctantly followed him to the hospital.

Doctor Fernandez took their sample and did a quick DNA test, they waited for four hours before the results came out.

Rose called Cathy to update her, she then followed Nigel to the doctors office.

Angel is already sleeping by that time.

Fernandez: The results are out Mr Owens.

Nigel: Let me see it now.

Fernandez gives the results to him, he stared at it too shocked to believe it.

Fernandez: Miss Gonzales, their sample matches. Your son is also Mr Owens son.

Rose: thank you doctor (she gets up and leaves the office but Nigel caught up with her)

Nigel: Hey you can't leave like that.

Rose: What else do you want Nigel, at least you know the truth about your son.

Nigel: And I want to be with my son I deserve it.

Rose: I have to be home early to feed him, he's very hungry now and I'm not holding anything to give him food so please excuse me.
Nigel: Let me take you there
Rose: What?

Nigel: it's my only chance to be with my son, I just found out he's mine today how do you think I'm coping.

Rose: Fine... Because of Angel.

Rose directs him to her house, he gets down and followed her in. C
isn't home yet, she dropped Angel in his cradle and goes to prepare his food.

Nigel:Nice apartment you've got here.

Rose: You know where I live now... You can come visit your son anytime you want. (thinking) At least you accepted your son even if you don't want me anymore, I'm happy.

Nigel: I need to go now... My wife must be worried about me.

Rose: Yeah... Goodnight.

Nigel: Say hi to our son for me.
Rose: Yeah

Nigel: I'll make sure to come over tomorrow (he leaves and Rose closed the door and fell on the floor crying)

Nigel doesn't love her anymore and here she is falling apart, if she only knew how she has just renewed the love in Nigel's heart.

Nigel regrets not accepting the child and now on his second day of moving to Florida he finds out that the child is his. But she keeps saying she loves him, part of him wants that to be true also. Rose Gonzales is never going to get out of his mind, he sighed as he went home.


He got in the mansion and met Selena watching a TV program, she quickly hugged him when she saw him.

Selena: Hey what happened, I've been calling you and you're not picking up. You took so long in checking the company that I got worried.

Nigel: I ran into Rose.

Selena: (pretends) What? She's here in Florida?

Nigel: Yes and I just met my son today.

Selena: She has a son already? Oh I remember she was pregnant when she left but how do you know he's your child

Nigel: I had a DNA test done and it was confirmed plus the boy looks just like me

Selena: (sits) So what are you going to do now?

Nigel: I don't know...  I'm so overwhelmed by the idea of being a father.

Selena: It's simple, she hurt you a lot and still pretends like she's the victim here. How about you take custody of that boy?

Nigel: Wait What?

Selena: Think about it my love, she doesn't like the idea of you getting married so she may try to deny you the right to see your son frequently. Besides what if she eventually runs away with another guy and takes your son too.

Nigel: You're right, besides I've had plans for that baby before. I'm going to do it, she can't hurt me and expect me to watch her being happy.

I'm going to make her suffer.

Selena: (smiling) Yes my love.

She watched as Nigel went to call his lawyer, she quickly called someone.

Selena: It's done... He's more frustrated and stupid than I thought. He's going to make her suffer that she wouldn't even want to come close to him, that way we won't be disturbed by her.

Voice: Well-done my dear, I knew I could count on you. We must get what we want from him

Selena: Yes... I will have his full attention so don't worry.

Voice: Alright goodnight.

Selena: Goodnight

She hung up only to see Nigel before her, her heart skipped a beat. What if he heard her? Then she's doomed.

Selena: my love... You're back already.

Nigel: Yeah who were you talking to?

Selena: My friend Lola, she called to wish me a happy marriage. (sighs) I'm going to need it.

Nigel: Hey look at me, Just because she's here doesn't mean I'm going to leave you for her so stop worrying. And it won't stop me from loving you okay?

Selena: Okay

She smiled inwardly and hugged him, Rose is just going to be an obstacle. And since Nigel is still angry and wants revenge, this is the best way to make them hate each other.

If Nigel should still be seeing her with the baby, he might end up leaving Selena. Because she knows he's still in love with Rose, and his love for her will just stop him from wanting to give her anything even if he doesn't leave her.


Rose got a mail from a man the next morning, a court summon.

Cathy: Who's that girlfriend?
Rose: A court summon.

Cathy: Court summon for what? (collects the paperwork) what?
Rose: Nigel wants custody of Angel.

Cathy: Is he out of his mind? How can he do that to you?

I mean he just knew the boy like yesterday and now he wants to take her away from you?!

Rose: He's not going to stop till I'm dying, I thought he loved Angel. I never said he couldn't see his son, a child he rejected and I still allowed him into Angel's life.

Cathy: You're going to deal with him okay? We just need a lawyer and some other things..

Rose: I know a lawyer.

Cathy: Then call him, the hearing is next week and we need to hurry
Rose: Now I'm the one who doesn't want to see him again, I won't forgive him for this.

A knock came to their door, Rose went to open and sees Nigel with two police officers.

Officer: Miss Rose Gonzales?

Rose: Yes... What can I do for you officers?

Officer: We have a court order to take your son and give to Mr Owens till the hearing date.

Rose: What? No way! What sort of stupid order is that? (Faces Nigel) how dare you try to take my son away from me!

Nigel: Do your job officer.

They pushed Rose aside and went in, they collected the baby from Cathy and took him out.

Rose runs after them but didn't get them so she fell on the floor crying.

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